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My New Year started off so innocent. Family dinner, ball drop via TV, not a drop of alcohol. I have a light healthy breakfast at 3am and decide to hit the gym.

My favorite new toy in the facility is this yoga trapeze that holds you up in the air while you stretch. I hang upside down on it, letting my weight ease my strained back. I twist gently to get my obliques. Then, I look over to the door and see a beautiful familiar face. It’s my overly silent, deathly sexy fuck buddy, Ally.

She has a towel over her shoulder and a naughty look on her face, walking slowly towards me as I hang upside down. She kneels on the floor and grips my hips, softly teething my thighs through my tights. I reach the ground, balancing myself on my hands as she pulls my pants all the way off. I am stuck, exposed, wet, and excited. My body curls into her, as her tongue slowly swirls around my clit. My thighs rest over her shoulders as she takes full advantage of my vulnerable position.

It’s after hours, but we have so many gym rats in this town, there’s no telling if we are truly alone in the building. My nerves are shooting in every direction as my pussy quivers on her lips. I feel every swipe of her tongue and hear every little noise, fearful that someone will catch us.

She has me scaling the edge to my orgasm, thighs shaking, sweat dripping up my face, biting my lip hard to keep from screaming. I’m so close to cumming! At this point, I don’t care if anyone sees. I rock my hips back and forth, fucking her mouth until I race to flight, soaring through my climax like a newly freed bird. Blood rushes to my head. I’m dizzy and disoriented, my heart racing like a stampede.

She lets me down on the mat and lies on top of me. Her plump beautiful breasts press mine, her soft lips kissing me seductively. Her gentle bites refuel my lust as I grip her ass tightly.

I reach between her legs to feel her pussy. Her wetness is soaking the crotch of her tiny shorts. I pull her up to my face and suck her pussy right through the cloth, flicking my tongue rapidly between the indentation of her lips. I yank the seam of her shorts aside to expose her pussy, and squeeze my fingers inside her while my lips clamp tight around her clit.

Her body shivers as she moans softly. I suck her clit harder, pulling her body as close as I can. I nearly drown between her thighs, shoving my face tightly to her wet pussy until I can’t breathe. She falls forward. The pulses of her climax thump all over my lips and chin. Her body quivers in release as her palms scrape the mat.

Ally crawls down to face me and licks my face clean of her wetness. I kiss her wildly, then she lifts off me. She smiles as she walks away, heading to the showers. I am still on the floor, in shock, floating in the sexy haze of my morning quickie. I didn’t even know she worked out in this facility, but now that I know, I’m coming here more often.

I finish my stretches in my overly wet yogalicious pants and go to the shower room. That pretty ass is calling my name even louder now that my pussy’s nice and warmed up.

I lock the door behind me to make sure we have no interruptions. Then, I slowly undress, following her sweet scent through the steam. The vision of her body is amazing! I lick my lips and admire the view of her gorgeous curves, soaking in suds and cascading water.

I push her body up against the wall and pin her arms above her head, pressing my breasts to hers. We kiss ferociously. I lick and suck her soft lips as wildly as I do her pussy. Going up and down on her, not knowing what I want to eat first.

I kiss her neck and lick all the way down the middle of her body. She took her piercing out this time but I don’t need it as a guide. I lick and suck her clit like it’s mine! I’m on my knees with her legs wrapped around my neck. I press the back of my tongue to her clit and suck her pussy softly, as torturously slow as possible, knowing she is going to cum at any moment.

She grips my hair tight enough to hurt as I softly suck her clit. I reverse her rush to get off, making her take every little lick in stride to her awaiting climax. I dip two fingers in her slot, curved to her G-spot. Then, twist my tongue softly around her pussy. Her breath hitches. Her hips start shaking uncontrollably. Her pussy swells on my lips as I twist my tongue just a little harder. With a loud cry, she cums in a torrent of pulses all over my face. Her pussy gushes wetness all over me as I softly kiss her throbbing clit.

She pulls me up to kiss her. I can still feel her pussy thump on my thigh. I dip my fingers inside her again, not planning to make her cum, but just playing with her channel. She tightens. We continue kissing. The soft slides over her lips making me hungry for more.

I press my hand to her neck and flick my fingers harder. She gasps in my mouth as I kiss her softly. I press my palm to her clit and fuck her faster, flexing my calves up and down to get deeper. I ram my fingers in her tight wet hole over and over again until her legs shake so badly, she collapses as she cums again.

I dry off and get dressed, thinking she was satisfied. Boy, was I wrong. Ally waits until I am fully ready, then pulls me back in the shower with her. She undresses me roughly and pushes me against the shower stall facing away. She grazes her breasts over my back and reaches around to play with my pussy. My cheeks press the wall. She tilts my head to the side to lick and bite my neck as she fingers me hard and fast. My legs quiver as I draw closer to climax. Suddenly, she bends me over so I’m touching my toes. She dives her tongue inside me from the back while her thumb circles my clit. I shut my eyes tight, my body tensing. She slides her tongue to my clit and sucks it hard. Her nose, penetrating my pussy as I cum all over her face.

My legs give way and I lie down on the ground. She joins me and wraps her arms around me. We are both soaked inside and out, holding each other on the shower floor. We kiss gently in a steam cloud of lust, without a care in the world. Although, later, I do have to drive home naked with a bag of wet clothes in the back seat. No matter. It’s still pretty dark for 5am. And I can ’t think of a better way to spend the first day of the year, than being pulled in and out of yogalicious pants.

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