Mother Earth Wants Us to Love Her

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photo: Viv Thomas

Where sustainability meets sexuality

Have you ever had sex with the Earth?

Once, I saw a video of a man excavating a little trench for his penis — and penetrating the Earth with his cock there.

That was a novel way of planting some seeds!

Like everything, the Earth has an energetic frequency — an energetic identity — that we can tune into and sense.

We call her Mother Earth — but is that all she is?

Perhaps it’s time for us to stop seeing our planet as a nurturing Mother Earth and regard her as she truly is: Lover Earth.

A parent loves us unconditionally. However, with a parent, we can only grow so much.

It is with our lovers that we grow into our full selves. With our lovers, we learn to love the shadow parts of ourselves we thought was unlovable.

We come to love ourselves, through loving another.

Humanity has many shadows currently, many things we are doing to our lover that we shouldn’t — if we want her to stay with us.

When we love unconditionally, we love the life force that makes up the energetic imprint — the core essence — of the being we love.

When we love unconditionally, it doesn’t matter what our lover does, or how they look.

I came to be a Lover of Earth — and so from now on, I shall call her Lover Earth, not Mother Earth.

I love her valleys, her oceans, her skies, her forests, her winds, her frosts, her deserts, her lifeforms, and the pulsing core of lava inside her.

She nurtures me as all kind lovers do. Nurturing is not just the prerogative of the feminine, which is why we call her mother. The awakened Divine Masculine nurtures, too.

The shadow masculine does not nurture — it destroys. And we confuse the shadow masculine with the Divine Masculine.

Calling her Lover Earth means she can be any sex. Not just feminine. The awakened Masculine nurtures us by his protection — allowing us to bloom freely into who we are.

How I make love to Lover Earth is like this.

I breathe in through my fingers and toes.

Breathing in through my fingers and toes, I become aware of the core of my physical being — my Dan Tien in my womb.

I breathe in through my fingers and toes, and then out through my genitals and womb.

My genitals and womb start to feel like an “eye” that sees and feels the world with awakened sexual energy.

I trace the line from my tail bone to the top of my skull along my spine with my attention.

Now, I breathe in through my fingers and toes, and as I breathe out, the energy travels up and down along my spine to my genitals and Dan Tien.

Now I drop my awareness down into the Earth.

Just like we can feel inside of our bodies, we can also put our attention inside the Earth.

At this point, I may start touching myself on my clitoris. Or, I may penetrate myself. Often, I do penetrate myself when making love with Lover Earth as it feels more grounded than the “airy” sensations of just touching my clit.

I will be breathing in through my toes and fingers, and out through my genitals, whilst being aware and connected to Lover Earth through my heart now, as I place my attention on her.

Something strange can happen when I do this.

I can go from feeling very aroused, to feeling as if the sexual energy has gone.

It hasn’t gone. I have simply placed it into Lover Earth.

I will keep doing this until I orgasm, which may take a long, slow time to build up, as all the sexual energy is going to Lover Earth rather than being pent up in my body.

And she has a vast, vast body that can soak up all the sexual life force I can give her.

Afterwards, I feel very grounded and connected. Lover Earth whispers to me her secrets and dreams.

She tells me she wishes more people would make love to her like this.

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