More Sexy Fun at the Office

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Ed and Aly had been working together for about six months. They enjoyed each other. They had flirted almost right from the start. They had cubicles right beside each other. That made it easy to see each other frequently through the day as they went about their business. After a couple of months of flirting, suggestive notes and murmurs across the cubicle wall they had crossed over to physical fun. One day they had gone into the stairwell and Aly had given Ed a blow job. It was so naughty. Their fun shouldn’t be happening at the office but they didn’t care. They didn’t know if anyone had guessed what they were doing; no one had made any comments even remotely referencing them, so they just carried on. One evening a few weeks ago when they both worked late they had ended up having sex on Ed’s desk. That was crazy but so much fun.

Aly worked on different projects than Ed and had now been given an office on the other side of the floor, but they still saw each other as they went about their day. There were times that Ed would just come and sit in her office to chat and take a break from his endless phone calls and paperwork. Aly always enjoyed the distraction.

This afternoon Ed had come in and seemed to be in a bad mood which was strange because he was usually happy and didn’t let things get to him. He sat down and started to complain about what had happened in a meeting earlier. Aly listened and could certainly commiserate with him. She knew the players and knew what could happen when the pressure started mounting on a project. She felt bad for Ed; there wasn’t really anything she could do but letting him talk about it seemed to help. Aly asked questions and tried to find the positive points, and reminded him that it would get better and it was just a bad day. The stress would subside in a few days when they met their deadline.

After a little while Ed got up, thanked her for listening and as he turned she lifted her top to show him her lacy bra that made her tits look so good. She knew that would cheer him up and as his eyes almost popped out of his head his whole face lit up with a big smile. He was surprised she did it because the door was still open and really, anyone could’ve walked by, but she didn’t care. Well that certainly made his afternoon a whole lot better. He went back to his desk smiling and kept thinking of those tits he enjoyed so much. He wanted to touch them and squeeze them.

Two days later Aly was sitting in her office turned away from the stack of files on her desk. She was staring out the window watching the traffic go by on the street below. She needed a break. It was the middle of the winter and the weather and the lack of sunlight was getting her down. She couldn’t bear to look at another client file. It seemed to be the same thing again and again and although she liked her job, today she just wasn’t in the mood for it.

There was a light knock on the door. As she turned she saw Ed standing in her doorway looking good. She looked him up and down and couldn’t help that her gaze lingered at his crotch. Her mood immediately brightened, and she had a thought. She told him to come in and sit down. She got up and went to close the door behind him. They started chatting about their day but the whole time Aly was thinking about Ed’s big thick cock. At the same time Ed couldn’t help but look at Aly’s tits. To him, she had the perfect breasts and the bras she wore made them look amazing. She caught him staring and she smiled.

The door was closed and the blinds on her inside windows were drawn so she started to undo a couple of buttons on her very tight blouse. Her cleavage made him instantly start to get a hard-on. She very conveniently leaned right over her desk and he couldn’t help himself, he reached out and touched! That’s what she wanted, he knew that, she gave to him so freely. He slipped his hand between her skin and her bra, cupping her breast. He was so turned on. She knew he would be. She wanted that cock to get hard. She wanted to have that cock.

After a couple of moments, Aly got up and so did Ed. He pushed her up against the wall and kissed her hard. His hands were all over her, he couldn’t resist her body. He unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, tugged the lacy material down to expose the silky flesh of her breasts and then sank his face into them. He bit down on her nipple and she let out a little whimper; she knew they couldn’t be loud as she didn’t know who could be passing by in the hallway.

After a few minutes of letting him suck on her tits she started going after his belt, she needed to feel that cock. Quickly she got his pants undone to unleash that beautiful cock. He was still devouring her tits, but she wanted some of her own. She managed to get his cock out and feel the smoothness of him. She ran her hand up and down his shaft. She was enjoying the feeling of him biting at her nipples and for a few minutes she just squeezed him and stroked his cock, her thumb playing with his head — but she wanted more.

Aly wrangled free from him and she sank to her knees, taking a good long look at that big thick cock. She turned him around so that he was leaning against the wall and then she opened her mouth wide and took him in as far as she could. Ed almost let out a loud moan but caught himself before it left his lips. Oh, she was so good at giving a blow job. Not only did she expertly move her lips and tongue around his shaft but the fact that she enjoyed it so much made it so much better for him. She worked his cock in her mouth, twirling her tongue around him, playing with his head and then taking him in as far as she could. He loved it when she played with his head, just pursing her lips and sucking hard on it. That almost made him cum. She started massaging his balls as well and soon he was building, thinking he would cum at any moment; but then she slowed down and just went up and down on his cock.

She enjoyed bringing a man to the brink and then bringing him back down. It gave him the prolonged pleasure of building up again. She knew they probably didn’t have much time before the phone would ring or some other interruption happened, so she started him going again. He loved every second of it. She started going faster up and down his shaft, flicking at his head. She took his cock in her hand and pumped him while she sucked.

No, it didn’t take long to bring him right back to the edge. His hands were tight fists with all the tension in his body. He was desperate to get a release. In another minute he couldn’t hold it any longer. His fist went to his mouth to try to suppress the sound he was sure he would make. With one last jolt of his body, his hot cum filled her mouth. She drank it down with satisfaction and as she released his spent cock, she looked up at him with that devilish smile he loved so much.

Aly wiped the corner of her mouth with her thumb, and stood up, straightening her skirt as she did. Ed took her head in his hands and kissed her deeply.

They always had fun together and they were both happy with whatever their time together brought. From sitting around talking about work or their sexy fun, work hours always went by faster when they were together.

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