Big Hands

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photo: SexArt

Stretch me. Prepare me.

He handed me the coffee and I noticed how his hands wrapped completely around it, dwarfing the cup. Then a few days later at the gym with the 75kg kettle bell, its handle almost disappearing in his palm. I studied his arms. Solid, muscled, veins running down to his fingers. Such a big hand must mean a big cock, I thought, and rubbed myself that night imagining him moving inside me.

Another date night led to a kiss. Not a chaste peck, either. He pressed me against the door and held my face in both his hands, thumbs curved around my cheeks as his mouth descended on me. He took his time. It was the most thorough kiss of my life and I stared at him, shaking, when he pulled away.

“You like that, baby?” he murmured, brushing my hair from my eyes. So gentle, too. Big but gentle.

“Yes,” I whispered. “Just…never been kissed like that before.” He pulled me close and we headed up the stairs.

“Mmmmmm. Well, I think there’s more things you haven’t had before. And I’m going to give them to you.” My knees trembled. I’d been told empty promises so many times but he was different, I could tell. His very presence exuded confidence and strength. My pussy throbbed eagerly as we reached my hallway and he leaned in for another kiss.

Inside, everything moved naturally, like breathing. Unlike other guys, he didn’t demand I suck his cock within the first five minutes. Quite the opposite in fact. He undressed me slowly with lots of sensual kisses…mouth, neck, shoulder…even to my breasts, which I had never had before. I moaned, shaking under his touch, as he pushed me back on the bed with those big hands at my ankles.

“You…you’re still dressed,” I whispered, pointing out the obvious. My eyes locked on his bulge.

He smiled and adjusted himself. “That I am, sweetheart.” He seemed unbothered, running his hands all over my front. Warmth and tingles spread over me, then down to my incredibly swollen pussy.

“MMMMMMmmmm,” he breathed. “So gorgeous. So sweet.” Even his eyes were heating me up. I stared at him, open-mouthed. “Stay like that, baby. Keep your legs open.” I propped my knees up and he slowly disrobed, gazing at me the whole time. He started to drag off his underwear and it caught on his cock, making it pop out and sway in front of me. I stared again, my mouth watering. He knelt on the bed next to me, gently placing my hand on his cock.

“You like, sweetheart?” he asked, hand cupped over mine and slowly moving it in a stroke.

“It’s amazing. I knew it would be good but not this good,” I whispered, hypnotized by the warmth of his cock and his hand. He carefully leaned over my spread legs, opening me with his fingers, rubbing, caressing…I looked down and saw my pussy disappear under his palm. Then one finger was inside me.

“Aaaahhhh!” I cried, frantically. “That’s so big! Ahhhhhh!” Now two fingers. I had never felt this invaded before in my life. Somehow I loved it; my pussy was sopping wet. I spread even wider for him and reached down to his hand, holding it in me.

“You’re stretching me,” I whispered. “That feels so fucking good!”

He grinned and began to move his fingers in and out, curving them upward onto my spot, slowly at first then more rapidly. Wet sounds splattered out and I kept my hand on the back of his, urging his movement.

“Of course I’m stretching you, baby. Have to get you ready for my cock, right?” I nodded, desperately grinding on him now. So thick! And it was just his two fingers. He leaned in, kissing and whispering.

“Cum on my hand, baby. I want to feel you. Then I’ll stretch you more.”

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