Meeting Minutes

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I should have known better than to accept the conference call this early. Bunny has a flight to catch this morning, but right now she’s still asleep under the covers next to me. We ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms long after midnight last night. As the alarm rings five minutes before 8:00am, I stumble in the dark, hopping over the clothes on the floor, trying to set up my headphones while dialing the office.

Still naked I get back in bed as quietly as possible, feeling the warmth of her body, noticing how the morning sunlight bounces off of the curve of her bare shoulder. The call begins, greetings are given from all participants. It’s my turn to say hello. My voice must’ve woken Bunny up; she turns to face me, eyes still closed. I hit the mute button and keep listening to the briefing. Her hand reaches for me, and her feet entangle with mine.

Bob begins the meeting. We are like a group of mice trying to hang a bell around a fat cat’s neck. But my Bunny is not into the cat this morning, instead her hand wanders down to my crotch and brushes against me. Good thing I muted the call earlier, as I can’t suppress a gasp of surprise. Her hand strokes as if by accident, but when I look at her to investigate, her eyes suddenly open to meet mine with that sparkle of mischief so familiar to me.

As Bob gets lost in the benefits of having said bell attached to the cat, my dick gets lost in Bunny’s mouth. She is blowing me with gusto and all I can do is feel up her ass when she offers it to me. Soon I’m wet and slimy and so she decides to try me.

My eyes can not believe the sight, as I watch the tip of my shaft slowly approach her glistening pussy. Bob’s words suddenly sound muffled and so do the voices of the other mice. Bunny slides down, enveloping my manhood in her wet warmth. She gathers her hair to the side and bends down to kiss me.

While my girl is fucking me this morning, I start forgetting about the cat, the bell and where exactly I am. Bunny sure knows how to take advantage of the morning hard-on and I observe how she bounces and adjusts, looking for the right spot to give her the deepest, most intense sensation per stroke.

“Aahaa!” she giggles with eyes wide open and lets me know she found the right angle of attack.

My hands are all over the place. Starting on her waist, up her belly to her breasts, and then up to her neck. I am trying to find the perfect spot to tie the bell, but instead I find the right way to hold her face in my hands and look at her beautiful morning face. She closes her eyes and frowns in concentration as if she were looking for something inside of her. Her accelerating motion up and down hints that she might be just about to find it.

Bob seems to have reached an epiphany, except that it pales next to the one that my Bunny is about to live through. The motion of her hips on me starts a circular rubbing prelude to her orgasm.

“Don’t stop.”

She orders and I push my hips up to hold her in position and enjoy her spasms. She removes my earphones and we hear a thud as the phone lands on the floor and the cable disconnects. The call goes into speakerphone. “What is it about?” she asks, trying hard to sound as innocent as it gets.

“It is about tying a bell around the cat,” I say.

“My pussy could use a bell!”

I place her on her back on the bed and kiss my way down to my private landing spot in between her legs. Bob and the other mice are now lost in a discussion about which colour to use for the band. Pete thinks it should be blue, while Mark cites the benefits of red. I wonder who cares about cats when I have Bunny’s pussy right in front of me, and I get to work.

Her clit is engorged and vigilantly waiting for me. My tongue’s circular motions around its tip seem to have the right effect, as the moans of its owner get louder and louder. I dip my tongue inside her vagina to gather some of the moisture and go back to focus on the hood of her clit.

My soft sideways motion is met by her rubbing on my mouth. I keep the tip of my tongue centered on the tip of her clit as I look up and see her eyes glued to the site of the action. My Bunny wants to see what is going on. I move my mouth up and show to her how the tip of my tongue rolls over the tip of her clit in slow, warm waves. The look of pleasure in her eyes is indescribable.

I surround it with my lips and suck gently, while my tongue keeps flicking. She rolls back and opens up to me even more while the guys are trying to agree who will be the brave soul to confront the cat. John is the only one missing from the call, so he is the chosen one. I vote for Bunny and making her cum very, very hard.

I rub her nipples in sync with my tongue, and it does magic.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, I am about to cum!”

She pleads and I close my eyes and persevere. In an orgasmic epiphany that follows I realize that if she is the cat, my arms are the ribbon and my head is the bell.

Said bell starts ringing, hitting the jackpot. The walls of her legs grab me. The muscles of her belly spasm, and her hands move down to hold my head in position, taking those last few involuntary rubs. Like chimes on the carillon I can feel the orgasmic waves coming down on her one after the other. My lips feel the pulse of her clit, in sync with the heavenly moans she can’t suppress.

I move up and embrace her as the folks in the call are saying goodbye to each other. She kisses me up and tells me:

“I love the way you hung that bell on my pussy.”

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