Master Shango and his Women

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Black Master Olu Shango had finished his lunch nearly an hour ago and right now he was having his dessert. Dessert, however, consisted of him seated on the couch in his living room naked while Franca, the Italian wife from the previous night, knelt in front of him with the top of her dress lowered to present him with her jiggling tits while she had a mouthful of his cock. Olu had a glass of wine in one hand and the TV remote in the other and was flicking through the channels in front of him while at the same time paying attention to the slut as she slobbered over his erection.

Some minutes later his front gate opened and the Pajero jeep drove into his compound and stopped beside his front door. Amir told Megan to go inside, that he was expecting her. She pushed open the front door and stepped into the house. Megan was expecting Shango would be waiting for her as she entered but instead she heard the unmistakable sound of a woman panting and moaning like crazy. She went in the direction it was coming from, towards the living room.

Megan stopped and gasped, bringing her hand to her open mouth at the sight of the naked woman with a bronze complexion seated with her back to Olu, her open legs astride his and her tits jiggling and bouncing each time she went up and slammed down on him. Sweat dotted her face; her eyes were animated, focused on Megan but not actually seeing her. Her mouth hung open, exhaling her groans as she rode the thick black cock that was between her legs. Olu wrapped one arm around her mid-section and pulled her back towards him; his dark eyes saw Megan and he smiled at her.

“Hello, slut,” he said to her between his grunts. “I see you made it . . . Get the fuck out of those jeans and bring your white ass over here now!”

Megan’s eyes were transfixed at the sight of the woman expertly riding her Master’s cock. She saw the white cream pouring out of her pussy, staining her Master’s shaft and rolling down his balls. Megan kicked off her sandals first then took off her t-shirt in one smooth motion, her tits bouncing out with her erect nipples staring pointedly in front of her. Next her fingers worked the buttons of her jeans and pushed them down her legs, revealing her stark naked body.

She went to join them, kneeling in front of them and bringing her face some inches closer to the woman’s crotch with Master Olu’s cock still jammed between her legs. This close she could inhale the woman’s sweet-smelling fragrance. Megan couldn’t help herself, she leaned her head forward and stuck out her tongue and licked the woman’s pussy juice off the thick rod she was impaled on. Franca stood up and Olu’s cock slid out of her and hit Megan’s forehead. She took his cock into her mouth and sucked at its knobbed head vigorously, cleaning off every trace of cum juice that was on it before reluctantly returning it into the woman’s awaiting cunt. Megan stood up and leaned against the woman, sharing an unsteady kiss with her. Franca held herself up, still kissing Megan, and that was when Olu, holding her waist, began pistoning his prick high up into her cunt, fucking her with as much fast pace as his thighs could muster.

“AAAAhhhhh . . . Shit!” Franca breathed hotly into Megan’s mouth. “Master! Ohhh God, Master, you’re gonna make me cum again . . . Your cock feels so fucking good!”

She screamed out her last words and Megan had to hold onto her to stop her from falling off him. Her whole body was shaking from the pressure of Olu’s cock slamming at her from underneath. Megan sucked on her breasts while Franca unleashed a shriek that brought along her impending climax. Olu’s cock-slamming frenzy drew to a stop; he too was gasping heavily as he lowered Franca off him and allowed her to crumple to the floor. Megan couldn’t have been happier. She dove at her Master’s cock, wrapping her hand around his lengthy shaft and rolling her lips around its head. She held his cock inches in front of her face and licked around its bulbous head, inhaling his potent masculine smell as she pushed her mouth down on his cock, sucking it as if it were the last day.

Olu pulled himself up from the couch, held Megan’s face in both hands and fucked her mouth steadily while Franca lay in a fetal position with her hands stuck between her legs still moaning as she massaged her clit.

“Get up here, slut!” Olu pulled Megan to her feet and as if she could read his mind, she jumped upon him and he caught her, balancing his hands under her buttocks as she wrapped her legs behind his backside. She grunted as she felt his cock push inside her and start fucking her cunt at a grinding pace. Her tits pressed against his chest, her hands around his head, their tongue slid into each other’s mouth and they breathed into each other’s face while he continued heaving and pulling her back and forth on his cock.

He lowered himself down to the thick carpet on the floor, still holding onto her. Megan now lay on her backside with Olu on top of her; his cock hadn’t once slipped out of her pussy. He raised himself on his arms and picked up the pace, drilling his cock harder inside her. Megan’s legs automatically locked behind his calf muscles and she moaned loudly as more and more he punished her cunt with his dick. She moved her body to counter his rhythm. Olu came down on her, his arms encircled under her head, and moved only his hip muscles, driving his shaft in and out of her.

A while later he dug his hands underneath her ass cheeks; Franca was now behind him, delving her tongue between his ass crack and coming down to lick at the stretch of flesh between his balls and his asshole while his cock went on slipping inside Megan’s fuck-hole. She clutched her fingers on his shoulders, her heart beating frantically as sooner than she’d expected, she too climaxed, just like the other woman. Shango saw the way her body shook and writhed under him as well as how her pussy seemed to bite at his cock and saw he’d made her cum with satisfaction. Now his climax was a short moment away. His face hovered inches from hers.

“You’d love for me to cum now, don’t you, you dirty slut,” he growled at her, sweat pouring down his face and staining hers.

“Yes! Yes!” she panted. “I want you to cum in me, Master!”

“You don’t want no other cock in this pussy, do you?”

“No, Master,” she cried out with joy. “No other besides you.”

“Not even that pathetic cock your husband carries . . .”

“Not even him, Master!” she answered amidst her panting fervor. “Not even him!”

“Give it to her, Master!” said Franca, pressing his buttocks down, holding open one of Megan’s legs. “Flood that fucking cunt of hers with your cum! Give her everything!”

“Oh yeah, I’m going to give it to her,” Olu murmured, squeezing his face, his rocket a second from blasting off. “HERE IT COMES!

Olu Shango groaned, gave his cock a final thrust inside Megan and held still. Megan instinctively tightened her hold on him with her arms and legs and she shook and whimpered loudly as she felt the rush of his load of cum tear into her pussy’s warmness. Franca was crouched behind their legs and she watched her Master’s cock pump his semen inside the slut, her pussy gulping every spurt until eventually he pulled out of her and rolled over on his back beside her. Franca’s eyes danced between both of them, and frantically scurried towards her Master’s cock. She licked the tiny spurt of semen still pouring out of his tiny slit and licked every remaining trace of Megan’s cum juice off him.

When done with him, she turned her attention towards Megan; pushing her legs apart, she dove her face between the expanded opening of her pussy. Megan moaned from the flickering touch of her tongue over her clit and pressed the woman’s head down on her to insert her tongue all the way between her labia.

“I don’t think I’ve introduced you both,” said Olu, turning to face her. “Megan, this here is Franca. Another slut wife who knows her place, and so does her husband. Franca, this is Megan. A new whore.”

Franca raised her head up from between Megan’s parted legs, her lower face wet with her pussy juice. “Pleasure meeting you,” she smiled.

“Likewise,” said Megan.

Franca went back to licking Megan’s pussy after that. She didn’t come up for air until minutes later when she’d brought Megan to a second climax, still attaching her lips to her quivering pussy even as Megan shook spasmodically from her onslaught.

Franca climbed on the sofa nearest to Olu and lay there, trailing her finger down on his chest. Megan also caressed his chest and his arm next to her, edging herself closer to him and crossing her leg over his thigh.

“I’m afraid of my husband,” she whispered.

He turned his head towards her. “Afraid of what for your husband?”

“I don’t know how he would take seeing me the way I am now. Or what you want me to become. He might get mad.”

“He’s not going to get mad. All white husbands want the same thing — to see their wife getting fucked by a black man. It’s in their psyche, though they choose to ignore it. You might think he’d lose his mind, but trust me, he won’t.”

“You’re sure of that, Master?”

Olu laughed. “I’m never as sure of anything else in this world aside from my understanding of white men and their women. By weekend, he’ll be seeing you as someone different. But there’s some things you’re going to have to perform first. Some things that will send a message to him, guaranteeing to him that you’re a different person now.”

“Tell me, Master,” she brought her arm across his chest.

“I mentioned while we were fucking that you’re never to fuck him anymore,” he said to her. “That’s one of the things you must do.” Olu turned to face her, resting his head on his arm, his eyes looking at her sternly. “Your husband is never to put his little pecker between your legs for as long as the both of you are here. For as long as you’re my slut, all you’ll let him do is eat your pussy and you may as well blow him, but that’s where it stops. If I inspect your cunt and feel that it’s been violated without me, I will get mad at you. And there will be repercussions. Do you hear me, slut?”

“Yes, Master, I hear you,” she said. “But what . . . what if he wants to fuck me. How do I fend him off?”

Franca’s laughter cut into their conversation. “Yes, you can fend him off, darling,“ she purred. “It’s what any woman can do when she has a wimp on her hands. Just look him in the eye, make like you’re not happy with him, and tell him he’s not getting any tonight. It worked well for me the first time I tried it on my husband, Tony. Now, he’s a puppet on strings.”

Olu got up from the floor and reached a hand down to her. “Come with me,” he said.

Megan took his hand and he pulled her up to her feet. Olu told her to gather up her clothes; he enquired about the lube bottle and she searched in the pocket of her jeans and showed it to him. He nodded his head and told Franca to remain where she was and not to come upstairs till he told her to. Franca grumbled but did as he said. Olu led Megan up the stairs and into his bedroom. She dropped her clothes by the foot of his king-sized bed; he took the lube from her hand and stood her in front of a wall mirror by his closet door.

“I know you’ve done this numerous times, but there’s something I want you to know,” he said to her and then pointed at the mirror. “Gaze at your reflection and tell me what you see.”

She looked at herself in the mirror. Saw herself standing naked; her hair which she’d combed in place before leaving her apartment building was now undone. Her skin bore the dryness of sweat and there were drag lines from lying on the carpet. She admired her nakedness and did the same to Olu who stood beside her, her eyes picking out his sleeping cock dangling between his legs.

“I see . . . me,” she answered uncertainly, not knowing what answer he expected from her. She turned to look at him, expecting a reprieve. Her Master instead shook his head at her, though not disapprovingly.

“You’re looking at the flesh, slut,” he told her. “I want you to look beyond what you see and focus instead on what you want to see. I don’t just see you, I see what you’ve been all this time, and what you really ought to be. I don’t want to sound preachy when I tell you this,” Olu appeared behind her, running his hands up and down her arms; Megan got goose bumps from his touch while he spoke from behind her ear. “Your body is a vessel, slut. Something ripe and demanding for a black man’s touch. Don’t you feel the electricity right now as I’m touching your skin? Don’t you notice how strong your body is yearning for me? There’s no magic involved in this. It’s pure, unadulterated chemistry. You’ve been waiting for something all your life and never knew what it was, or realized you’d have to travel halfway around the world to find it, and now you have.”

Megan’s head lolled against his cheek. Her hand came up and caressed his chin while his words charmed her into enchantment. His hand caressed her arm while the other came up and began squeezing her tits, making her moan as his thumb and first finger rubbed her erect nipple.

“There’s nothing more sexual than a white woman’s body next to a black man. Even your husband, if he were here, would attest to that. Tell me, has any white man, including Jeffery, ever fucked you the way I did? Has any of them ever made you cum the way I did yesterday and minutes ago downstairs?”

“No,” she moaned. “No . . . I don’t think so.”

“That’s because all what a white man does with his white woman is make love, Megan. They make love to you and then they turn you into a trophy to put on a pedestal for their friends and colleagues to admire, and that’s it. No excitement in bed unless he wants it, never about what you want, what you desire, or what you deserve.” He flicked his tongue around her earlobe. Megan felt her body shiver as if she were being dipped in a bucket of cold water and she couldn’t help but continue her moaning. “All your husband sees is the woman he’s been married to. But that’s not what I see. What I see is a beautiful white woman who’s also a slut. Who expects nothing but to want and please black men.” Olu’s hand went down and grasped her crotch. Megan gasped involuntarily; her pussy immediately began to drip. “This is your gift to black men,” Olu continued. “This wet hole you have between your legs. You love it when I fill it up with my rich semen. And soon enough, you’re going to be fertile with my seed.”

The surprise of his words caught Megan off-guard. She turned around to look at him, half expecting that he had made a joke. But the look in his eyes told her this wasn’t so.

“Oh yes, Megan. I’ve looked deep within you and I know you’ve been desperate for a child for a long time. You’re either too much of a spilt society woman or maybe your man hasn’t been living up to the task. In that case, you’re in the right pair of hands. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve always wanted to be fucked. I’m going to own your pussy, your asshole, your mouth, and every inch of your body is going to be my sex playground, and then I’m going to whore you out to my friends to make use of you too, and you’re never going to be the same woman you once thought you were. Now come here.”

He pulled her to the bed and threw her upon it. She made like running away but Olu grabbed hold of her ankle and drew her towards him. His palm came down hard on her buttocks and she howled from the contact. He bent her over, planting one foot on the bed, and rubbed the head of his prick against her labia opening. His cock was semi-erect, but in a couple of seconds, blood was pumping through its throbbing length towards attaining its full girth. Like a cobra aiming for the kill, his cock went inside her tightness and pushed through the soft wet walls of her pussy and further buried itself inside her. Megan’s hands grasped the bedsheets and her body grew taut as she murmured a sigh that was as close to love as anything else. The feel of his prick tearing through her pulsating pussy walls was a welcome she never thought she’d missed before yesterday.

“Awwhhhh . . . Uuhhgggg . . . take me, Master! Take all of me!” she reclined her head on her arms.

Olu grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her towards him; his hip muscles thrust his cock harder and harder without mercy, hammering her vagina into submission. He bit her flesh and pulled on her earlobe.

“I’m going to dress you up as a slut,” growled Olu with ferocious hunger. He was like a bear about to rip her in half; he paused to kiss the back of her shoulder. “Going to turn you into the horny white bitch that you ought to be!”

“I can’t wait!” she mewled. She was grunting in hurt from the pang of his cock slamming her cervix. “GOD, I CAN’T WAIT!

He pulled her face up to meet him and they remained glued to each other for a brief moment; his tongue invaded her lips, both of them clung to each other before he let go of her arms and hair and resumed fucking her once more. He climbed on the bed, hunched on top of her. He pulled her up, holding her by her waist as she stayed lying down on her face, succumbing to the abrasiveness of his cock going into her.

When he was ready, he pulled out of her but instructed her to remain as she was. He opened the lube bottle and poured a handful on her buttocks. She remained as she was with her ass stuck up facing him and flinched when he rubbed oil over her smooth rump and then fingered her anus. She made a noise as he inserted his finger further, inch by inch inside her puckered hole, finger-fucked her for a while before retrieving his finger, and lowered himself with his cock down on her awaiting ass.

“Hold on!” he said to her, looking like a surgeon about to perform a delicate assignment. His free hand grasped her ass cheek as he brought the head of his cock to her anus and began to push through.

The pain when it came was unlike anything Megan had ever experienced before. She shut her eyes, opened them, shut them again, opened them once again and repeated the sequence like that. She barely heard herself screaming but reckoned that she was. The room became totally blank for her and it was instead replaced by the sight of a hydrogen bomb going off before her eyes as inch after merciless inch, Master Shango fitted the head of his cock into her anus. She beat a percussion sound on the bed and would have wiggled away except Olu held her in place and kept urging her to go on and take it . . . take that black cock, slut! Just take it!

Take it, she did. In her mind she screamed and hotly eviscerated him with every infamous curse word she could think of. She screeched and hollered out and begged him to stop, but instead Olu slapped her buttocks and told her to shut it. But he took things gently with her, thrusting the round head of his prick and a few inches of his cock into her asshole, using more lube to lubricate her ass. There was pain, but gradually it began to dissipate. It was replaced by warmth. Her hollering voice turned to a mewling one, and surprisingly she found herself responding to his cock fucking her ass. She raised herself on her arms and looked down between her legs at the sight of her Master’s testicles slapping against the underside of her buttocks while he went on ramming his cock into her second hole. He grabbed a fistful of her hair again and yanked her head backward. Megan cried out as she felt more and more of his cock thrust inside her. She couldn’t stop her legs from shaking from the mingled pain and pleasure, neither could she stop the flow of her juice from running down her thighs.

“You like how that cock feels up your ass, slut?” Olu asked the question as he buried an inch more of his prick up her anus.

“Aiiieee . . . Aaahhh . . . fuck! Yeah . . . yeah! It fucking hurts!”

“Don’t mind the hurt, slut. Say you love it. Go on, let me hear you say you love it. SAY IT!

“Ahh . . . I’m loving . . . I’m loving it!” Megan shouted out. “I’m loving it . . . Ugghhh . . . I’M FUCKING LOVING IT, MASTER!

Olu, as if showing approval to her answer, gave his cock another hard thrust into her ass.

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