Makeup Sex Worth Fighting For

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photo: SexArt

We always laughed that sex might as well be the punctuation of an argument, how, “the G-spot was easier to find than words.”

But when I brushed my hand across her waist, her cold glare confused my confidence. This was the longest we had gone without talking, and something told me I should leave it alone.

In the distance I noticed her underwear on the floor between us.

She used her whole body to pack the last of the laundry into the machine. From the way she bounced, I knew there wasn’t anything underneath; you could only imagine how hard I tried not to stare. Without a word, I walked over behind her and slid the underwear into her hand. She looked up at me, her gaze unfettered as she poured the last of the washing powder then started the cycle. I was still under a surge of emotions when she suddenly jumped up onto the machine.

Even though we’d done this before, somehow, it felt different. Soon enough my guilt slipped away, once she slid her hand down her shorts; had I misread this all along?

She arched up and her electricity waved into my skin, as her inner thigh pressed against the tip of my cock. I pulled her closer towards the corner of the machine, so only her ass jiggled against the spin cycle. The sight spurred me to kiss her neck softly, nibbling along the length of her collarbone to the middle of her chest. She moaned and lifted her shirt, knowing I’d go further. Hardened before me I trailed from her nipples and past her navel with my tongue. Now that her shorts were off: like an offering to a goddess, I had a taste.

Between her legs felt it so warm. Over time it was harder to not imagine the head of my dick teasing her instead. I copied the shape of her labia and circled into her core as she pushed back onto me. I knew she expected my tongue inside her, that’s why she begged me with the sound of my own name. She was foolish to think I’d forgotten the silent treatment that easily.

Closer, with my tongue, I played her like a glass harp.

I wasn’t going in yet… I wanted her as tight as possible.

The opening of her pussy pulsed and continued to call me in. The air thickened as she squirmed. I flicked and licked back up to her clitoris with the width of my tongue.

“Fuck!” she screamed, slapping her hand down onto the metal. The washing machine roared like thunder. I had brought her in completely, and the best part was: she knew it too. With both my hands, I reached for her waist and kissed her pussy with the entirety of my mouth. I wanted as much as I could have, so that the warmth of my tongue wasn’t missed when I parted her lips, side to side, over and over again.

Her body quivered and her mouth curved. We stayed like this until suddenly, she stopped me — right there. I stood up and we locked eyes; her chest was burning. I thought maybe now was a good time to stop, to talk, but it seemed she had other plans for me.

Her walls felt hot and heavy against my cock as she pushed down to feel me, completely. While we fucked, I’d forgotten where we were and almost climbed on top of the washing machine just to feel her G-spot properly. We rocked loudly back and forth, adding to the sound of spinning laundry. During one of her motions my cock slipped out of place and she giggled before lifting herself slightly, locking the tip into the correct position. Her hair fell with the movement of her body, revealing parts of her in turn.

I wish I could remember, but somehow my palm was firm on her throat. Once she caught my rhythm, we fell deeper into each other, and now I just wanted to be closer.

“Take me on the floor,” she pleaded, spreading under me — her legs in the air.

The second I felt her orgasm swell, I quickly pulled myself out. As much as I wanted her to come, I also wanted her to believe she wouldn’t. Her hands tussled in my hair again as I finger fucked her G-spot, and my tongue flicked her clit.

I wondered if she could feel my lips smile at the sound of her moans getting louder and louder — she was about to come again. She inhaled sharply at me for interrupting her.

When I leaned in to kiss her our hips were closer, and without hesitation she guided my erection between her legs. Every now and then she’d edge closer, pushing me in a little deeper — but I wanted her to beg for every inch of me. My dick wasn’t even halfway in, when she was ready to cross the finish line.

“I want your cum inside of me,” were her words.

It was true, I loved it when we fucked without protection. She knew well the thought alone could make me blow, yet she pulled at my desire anyway. I knew she wanted to come but she wasn’t going anywhere without me.

I lifted her from the ground and sat her on my dick, high above me so I could admire her comfortably. Her hair was wild and her body rolled loudly. I was throbbing, my cock bucking every so often with a strong pulse — and I could tell she felt that one too. Her vagina came down harder than before and sweated against me. With one hand, I flipped her back onto the floor. But the change of pace accidentally sent a rush through me; suddenly I couldn’t hold myself together any longer.

She and I fucked each other until she screamed out of pure pleasure, slapping the ground; almost ripping a hole in the carpet she loved so much — it was clear who had won this argument.

Her body shook and the feeling caught up to me, as I too yelled out of sweet pain. Her pussy tensed and squeezed my cock for every last drop. By then I would’ve become soft, but seeing her legs quiver at my call made me want to fuck even more.

With all of me, I pushed in deeper and my cum squirted out from her pussy — my dick still had her coming. She opened her mouth again but this time nothing came out… her eyes darkened and her head relaxed backwards. Slowly there was no more space between us. I’d finally gotten her over the edge, and thanked God because my dick had nothing else to give.

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