The Real Thing

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My friend sent me a link to check out this hentai role-playing game he created. Being my typical Asian self, who loves tech-wit in all forms, I was eager to play. Games and videos like this turn me on because it gives me the chance to let my imagination run loose. The graphics are so beautiful. It’s almost like the real thing.

I am not ashamed to admit that I absolutely love hentai futanari. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it’s beautiful busty 3D characters with giant penises. There are tons of fantasies as well; everything from the classic teacher/student to hardcore BDSM. It’s animated, so there are quite a few that display physically impossible sex positions and literal cum showers. All of this, I love!

The one I am playing has this hot blonde that wants to be with a woman for the first time, but also wants cock to go with it. So, she chooses a gorgeous shemale as her date. It’s the best of both worlds. My mission is to make them fuck as much as possible, choosing outlandish maneuvers for every scene.

Mere seconds into the game, I am already getting deviously horny, making the video do a close-up, slow motion view of the blonde seductively sucking her girlfriend’s giant cock.

The dialogue between them is so deliciously dirty! The voices who did the characters sound really sexy, and not the annoying high-pitched squealing from typical hentai porn.

I get to choose the responses between the sex positions, put the frames in order, then let it play. I decide on a 69 oral first, then make the penetration x-ray vision, so I can see the cum shoot down her throat. Then, I make the blonde go into a handstand position, while getting fucked from behind.

All this time, I had no idea my girlfriend was behind me, watching the game from over my shoulder. I was just rewinding to the beginning when I felt her hands press on my arms.

“This is so weird but it’s getting me so wet,” she says with a laugh.

“Me too,” I reply. “I have always wondered what it feels like to have a blowjob like this.”

She goes into the closet a moment and takes out my strap on…

“Care to find out?” she asks lustfully.

I think at first, it’s not the same. I can’t feel anything through the cock. Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out…

She stands me up and undresses me. Then, lets me slip into the harness. The next thing I know, we’re imitating the exact moves on the kinky computer game.

My first thought was a humorous one. “How fucking dorky are we right now, imitating cartoon porn?” But then, I watch her undress, and tie her long lustrous hair in a ponytail, and I become agreeable to the idea. She has this piercing look in her eyes that is screaming, “I’m gonna suck the soul out of your cock…” Who in their right mind could say no to that?

I sit back down on the swivel chair, arms on the rests, a ten-inch rubber hard-on sticking straight up. She gets on all fours and crawls to me slowly, eyes set on mine. The view of her delicate arms and smoldering figure, on her knees, makes my jaw drop. I feel like one of those hungry cartoon wolves, and she’s Jessica Rabbit.

She leans up and trails her hands up my thighs, spreading them wide. She licks the underside of my cock slowly and kisses the tip.

She looks up at me teasingly, then looks at the giant dildo. “I don’t think I can take it all,” she whispers.

“Yes, you can,” I whisper back.

The real game begins. I look down and see her wrap her beautiful lips around my cock, stretched to the max. I am amazed at her skill. She isn’t even using her hands to hold it in position, sliding and spitting on it to get it wet, slurping and sucking it noisily and sloppily. Every little movement is rubbing me the right way, mentally and physically. By the time her throat gets used to the width, taking it halfway, I am squirming with dirty ideas. I want to see how deep it can go, how much she can take.

I stand up, reach for her hair, and hold it steady as I fuck her mouth nice and slow, letting the tip rest on her tongue so she can take a breath every so often. She moans softly each time my cock slides back in, holding my waist as she moves back and forth. I nearly climax when it is so deep I can feel her eyebrows on my pelvis.

I stand her up and pin her against the wall. I spread her legs with my knees and tease her lips with mine as I reach my hand to her pussy. I feel strings of wetness as I spread her apart with my fingers. Her lips are plump and swollen, her cunt aching to be filled.

I aim my cock inside her and slowly slide in and out, testing her depth. As I feel her thrust up and down on it, I fuck her just a little faster, still keeping it gentle, letting her orgasm build.

I reach around and grab her ponytail from behind her neck and fuck her deeply. She is moaning and shivering against me, pinned helplessly with nowhere to go but up and down on my cock.

Then, she does something that I will never forget. She fiercely shoves me off, letting me know to stand back and make room. She stands on her hands and carefully walks her feet up the wall. I step in just in time to catch her legs.

The view from here is unlike anything I have ever seen. Her pussy is just so fucking perfect! Upside down, it looks even more amazing. I hook her legs over my shoulders, dipping my tongue in between her luscious lips, sucking what juices I can. Then, I set her back down and slowly slip my cock inside her. She moans seductively. It’s buried deep in her slot, precisely angled to hit her G-spot. I press my thumb to her clit and graze it, pushing her closer to the edge. I can feel that she is about to burst any second, but I don’t want her to cum yet… not like this.

I kiss the back of her knees and take the dildo out. I stand her back up, then bend her over the computer desk. I spank her ass just because it looks so good bent over, and to keep her orgasm at bay. I have my mind set on having her just the way I want.

Her body tightens. She flexes her calves to keep her ass perched high. I move the monitor over and lift her leg over the desk. I lick a slow trail from her pussy to her ass and aim the head at her soaked opening.

She is clawing at the wood, thrusting her hips up and down, meeting the pounding pressure of my rhythm. I grip her hips, fucking her in long deep strokes. Then, I sneak my hand to her front. I circle my fingers firmly and slowly over her clit. Her flesh feels feverishly hot. She is shaking at this point, cursing and moaning, yearning for release.

Now, I am also at the brink. It’s like I can feel everything I am doing to her. Even without my vivid imagination, I can see it for myself: her wetness, glossing my cock, the tight grip of flesh that rings around the shaft as it gushes her juices out, the view of her perfect ass slapping my stomach, that sexy dip on her lower back, the sound of her voice as she moans, knowing she is about to cum all over me. It’s sheer beauty in its finest form. I lose all sense of time and care. I want to pound her G-spot as if my life depended on it!

The monitor crashes to the floor as I fuck her harder and faster, still keeping my fingers circling on her throbbing clit. The keyboard is next to fall down, the mouse clanking right over it.

When she finally reaches her peak, I can feel her pounding contractions right through the harness. Her back arches and winds, taking all of it inside. I fuck her right through her orgasm as I reach mine shortly after, pressing my breasts on her back, my hips shuddering over her ass. We are both screaming and moaning. She bites her hand, scratching at the desk. We are breathless and frantic, breaking everything around us.

I bite my lip, catching a glimpse of wetness leaking out of her as I slowly pull out. I can’t help but lean down and lick her clean. Her sweetness mixes with the taste of friction from the dildo. It’s a pleasant smoky taste. I suck it out of her and lick my fingers clean as well, already planning where I will fuck her next.

When she finally faces me again, she is red in the chest, table lines all over her stomach, hair wild and wet… the most beautiful sight to me, ever. Her eyes are glassy, like she just smoked a pound of grass, the look of sheer satisfaction gleaming from her face.

She perches up on the desk and wraps her legs around my waist, caressing my back, languidly kissing my lips with little breathless moans, as if she just got done crying. Her pussy still thumps a little on my stomach as she regains her cognizance.

I hold her close and glance over her shoulder at the trainwreck we made from all the rough exertion. What can I do but laugh? It’s not the first time, and won’t be the last. They are just objects, after all. They can be replaced. And I’m sure the hentai game would have been really fun too, but it just doesn’t compare to the real thing, with a real woman, in the real world.

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