Like silk: wrap it and stroke it hard

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I twirl my hair around my hand until it forms one long, silken rope, then lean in closer and wrap the shiny strands around his stiff cock. He groans as my cool tresses stroke his hot, hard flesh, glossy and golden in the sunlight.

“Don’t hold back, baby,” I tell him as my hand glides up and down, my fingers slipping over his hair-sheathed erection, blonde locks pooling at his crotch. “It’s all for you…”

I don’t believe gentlemen necessarily prefer blondes. I certainly don’t; I’m attracted to raven haired, dark eyed, sultry Mediterranean girls who look nothing like me. But I make the most of what nature has given me, as a classic English Rose: fair hair, blue-grey eyes and freckles. There’s no question my long blonde hair is a head turner.

My friend Luke (I’ve changed his name to protect the guilty!) freely admits he chose his career because he has a hair fetish. He’s worked his way up from salon junior to successful fashion stylist, but he still washes and cuts hair in the small salon he owns whenever he gets the opportunity, because he gets such pleasure from doing it; and he always makes time for me, always after the salon closes.

It’s a very sensual experience when Luke does my hair. First he will brush it with long, steady strokes, to make it shine, then he washes it thoroughly, massaging my scalp. As his gentle fingers and the warm water send me into a relaxed, almost meditative state, I am so aware of his presence, our physical connection.

“Beautiful,” he will murmur, as he rinses my hair, conditions it, rinses again. He’s standing so close I can’t help but be aware of his erection, and knowing how much this arouses him is a turn on for me too. I watch his face in the mirror as he runs the wide-toothed comb through my wet hair, carefully teasing out any tangles. The styling is the most fun, as he loves to experiment, sometimes blowing it out in bouncy curls, sometimes dead straight and glamorous. I can sense his excitement, barely contained as he runs his fingers through my long locks, over and over.

He’ll keep fiddling with my hair, not wanting to stop, until I swivel the chair around so my face is level with his bulging crotch, unzip him and take his cock in my mouth. Stroking and tugging my hair, winding his fingers through it, messing up the style he’s so carefully created, heightens the sensation for him, and he will cum with a force that floods my mouth with his hot load. Satiated, he will take his time to lick my pussy, then fix my hair and send me home looking and feeling sensational.

So I guess it’s no surprise that a walk in the woods with Luke has taken an amorous turn. My dog’s on a play date, so it’s just the two of us, hand in hand; and the way Luke keeps losing the thread of his thoughts, sentences trailing off as he looks at me, gives me the strong suspicion there’s something on his mind.

“Okay, out with it,” I say eventually.

And that’s when he tells me his secret fantasy; one that’s within my power to bring to life…

Being naked outdoors is a delicious feeling. It’s unseasonably warm for early autumn and the sun is warming my bare skin and making my hair glow. Luke calls me a ‘sexy little woodland nymph’ as he sits on a fallen tree trunk and watches me spin around in nothing but my sneakers, hair fanning out around me. He is an appreciative audience, urging me on as I hold my hair up and let it cascade down around my shoulders, turning to let him see how it brushes the top curve of my ass cheeks when I arch my back.

He unzips his jeans and frees his erection, and I kneel between his thighs and swish my hair all over his crotch, letting it fall in a silky curtain over his cock, then bunching it up and flicking, sweeping, smoothing it against him. When I wrap a thick handful of hair right around his pulsing shaft and begin to stroke, he gasps, “Yes, like that, just like that!” and I feel him shudder with pleasure. What a turn on, to make someone’s deepest fantasy a reality…

Stroking his cock is getting me aroused. I can feel wetness welling up between my pussy lips as I use both hands to jerk Luke’s hair-wrapped dick, over and over. It looks strangely beautiful, not to mention kinky, the bright blonde strands around his dark, engorged column of flesh, pre-cum glistening at the tip now and smearing over my hair and my fingers. I lean in to lick it off; how can I resist? There’s nothing that turns me on more than sucking cock, and as my lips close around the head and ease downward, taking in the mingled scents and flavors of hot skin and sex and hair conditioner, sweat and maleness, I slide a hand between my thighs to touch myself.

My pussy is soaked, getting wetter by the second as I suck his cock, feeling it throb and twitch between my lips, thick veins pulsing with life. My hair is getting drenched with saliva and pre-cum but I don’t care, I can feel how excited he is as he starts to thrust up into my mouth. I let him set the pace, fucking my mouth harder, fingers twisted in my hair, rocking up faster until he groans, “Gonna cum…”

Then I pull my mouth off him, letting his cum spray out over my hair, spurt after spurt coating my long locks. It glistens, pearlescent streaks and droplets making my hair even more lustrous in the sunlight. Luke is fascinated, running his fingers through the gleaming strands, massaging it in like the finest conditioner.

“I’ve only ever imagined how it would look,” he says, delighted.

My fingers are still pressed between my pussy lips, slipping up and down the slick groove and pressing my clit, and now Luke has me stand over him, one foot up on the log to spread me open for his tongue. I suck his cum from my hair, savoring the salty-sweet taste as he pushes two fingers inside my drenched pussy. I’m close to the edge already — sucking cock will always do that to me — and when he licks my clit as he finger-fucks me hard and fast, he hits the perfect spot. The heat and pressure and pleasure build deliciously until I’m grinding on him and cumming on his face, head thrown back to the sun, his free hand pulling my hair.

I get dressed reluctantly — it feels so good to be naked outdoors, besides which I am damp and grimy all over, a muddy little nymph now. Luke braids my hair into a long, sticky pigtail for the walk back to his car, promising to wash it when we get back to his place. But actually when we get inside and he unbraids it, he gets turned on all over again, and we fuck with me on top so my hair falls in his face, smelling of his cum…

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