“Cum in me, please.”

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“Cum inside me, please…”

He knelt before her as if to worship her. Her eyes were fire in anticipation of this man’s love. She twitched uncontrollably, almost imperceptibly. But he noticed. He felt her, he knew her intimately, but they had never been this close; not physically, anyway. But the connection was there, the fire burned, the touching of hearts and minds complete — all that was left to do was consummate this match. This heavenly connection, this divine union. This spark that was about to combust.

She swore she came just ever so slightly thinking of what he was going to do next. Without breaking eye contact he slid her skirt above her knees and tenderly kissed her vulva. She was beyond wet, she was soaked. The desire consumed her but he was so tender, so perceptive of her need to feel this moment, draw it out. For it had been so long in the making, rushing was out of the question. It would be easy and the lust within could be succumbed to, ever so easily, but no, they would not rush, not now. Not with this delight of a soul kneeling before her.

His tongue reached out as his fingers parted her and he gently embraced her clitoris. Swirling, engulfing, drinking, feeling, embracing. Hands cupped her from behind and he pulled her forcibly closer to improve the angle and devote all his attention to the task at hand… her divine pleasure. Being an empath had its advantages and right now was one of them for him. He felt her as though he was she and she him. Delightful union.

She threw her head back and grasped his hair, pulling him into her more deeply, and came on his mouth, hard. Her hunger grew and his attention did not skip a beat. He knew she needed so much and was all too happy to give her what she needed, craved. Fingers continued running through his hair as his tongue searched, implored her body to respond; and it did. Waves splashed on his shores and smashed violently against his body, crushing him, pounding him into her submission. He surrendered to her power. Serving her, attending her, adoring her, absorbing her, inhaling her raw musk, drinking up her moistness and cleaning her as she came again.

His hands gripped her ass and squeezed the sweet cheeks that turned him on so. His lips grabbed her pussy lips and engulfed her more, eating her whole, gorging himself on her powerful femininity, alive, throbbing, calling him into her. To jump in head first and drown in her. His heart pounded as he felt her. Skin on skin, fire, electricity, current flowing from one to the other and back again. They flowed.

He was swollen, rock hard with aching, raging desire for her. His ministrations with his tongue and lips made her want him deep inside her next. It was her turn to get on her knees, peeling his clothes off like a delicious piece of fruit to eat. Her mouth salivated at the thought of tasting him. Sweet oral fixation. The sight of his member at its full length made her gasp. There was no taking all of this with her mouth, but her pussy would. And she decided to play and tease the man.

Inhaling the scent of his manhood into her nostrils, she eased her mouth over the top of his glistening head, and then withdrew. Looking up at him, she smiled like the Cheshire Cat, and — all the while not taking her eyes off his — took as much of him in one gulp as she could. He moaned. His body collapsed in the pleasure of her. With her fingers, she played his body skilfully, like a fine instrument. He was so beautiful to her. Not some beach tanned muscle magazine kind of man, but a real one with scars and marks and signs of age. He took good care of himself and she admired the lines and curves of him, and she took him again.

The room began to smell of the two of them, and it was intoxicating to them both. They inhaled deeply, in sync, as if reading each other’s thoughts. They had gotten good at that but now with lovemaking this was a whole new arena for their passion. The sensual beats of old skool R&B tracks filled the air as she indulged her need of him in her eager mouth. She delighted in thoughts of this shaft sliding in and out of her.

He read her, and with as much strength as a man can muster in such a moment, pulled out of her honey mouth; he lifted her up and eased her beautiful body down on the soft nest that was her bed. They locked eyes as lovers do, and kissed one another deeply and achingly slow, with such fire and passion they shivered together in the delight of one another.

In time he would know her, but for this first time he grasped his member and eased it gently between her petals and into her. She threw her head back violently into the pillows, arching her hips up to meet his thrusts into her. They stopped and held each other. Gasping, losing air from their lungs, they died in each other’s arms. And the pushing and pulling men and women do continued.

His hands slid over her breasts and tweaked her nipples as he gently extended his entire length into her and held it there. She came very, very hard. And he just held his body like a rock for her to cling on to as the sweet, delightful spasms passed over her and the tsunami of orgasm left her panting from its force within her.

She fell deeper in love with him in that moment. His gentle, powerful, tender care and generosity of pleasure was unlike anything she had ever felt. So many one minute men, and later a husband who just lost himself in work, children and life. He was once so good, but it didn’t last. As her mind wandered, the man felt her shift and thrust himself hard into her to shake her back into the Now. And it worked. She was thinking to herself, “How am I gonna deal with this …” The thought disturbed by the onrush of passion and heat between them again. He played her like the fine thang she was and she surrendered now to his force.

Her hands glided over his back and arms, feeling his muscles taut and strong. His body was beginning to sweat from the exercise of delights. Their skin shimmered and reflected back the curves and edges of their love in the flickering candlelight. Their heat and passion rose and fell like an ocean storm. Inhaling, exhaling, rising and falling. Breathless and full of hope they stared into each other’s eyes as they ground down on each other.

She made him submit now and moved on top of him. Pushing her hands down on his chest, she fucked him hard. He was strong and let her. Pushing up to meet her, he held his form tight and taut with ass in air as she rode his manhood. Then randomly let his body fall to the sheets, and she groaned as the length of the man penetrated as far as it could. And it touched her G-spot and again she came. He wrapped his arms around her and held her as she shook, guiding himself to control the swelling and desire to spill his seed into her.

He slid out and went directly down on her and let her take him in her mouth again. They tasted each other, the combination of their musk and juice was invigorating. She licked his shaft like a lollipop and he ate her like passion fruit, savoring the woman as if he’d never had one, EVER, or would again. It was all the moment. The moment of lovers and their time, the clock meant nothing and time just fell away.

Once he knew she had tasted herself on him, he slithered away and went down on her again. He had shaved very close so the feeling was smooth and tender for her. Their cologne and perfume mixed with the intoxicating smell of sex lingered in the air. This was new for her. “I could get used to this,” she thought, as his tongue and fingers parted her womanhood and entered her moistness. He was an artist of the passion type. Feeling her, he could pick up on what tickled her fancy, and her pleasure was his. The softness of her, the beauty of her shaved flower was a sight and taste to behold for him. He could indulge her for hours and hours, and would.

He settled in as the feeling of cumming himself passed. His cock was still rock hard but he was controlled, letting her loose hers. It was power to drink. It was breathing in new air, filling him up as he continued to slither over her with his tongue. Just the tip now, rubbing her clitoris hard and making her want more. Pushing three fingers into her pussy while working her over the edge yet again. Regaining breath, she would have no more. She needed him to cum inside her NOW! And she knew exactly what to do.

She slunk away from him as a cat would, stared into his eyes and beckoned ‘Fuck me!” lifting her ass in the air, inviting him to mount her from behind. He held his ground and gazed at the woman and her beautiful round ass in the air and the petals and her curves and all that makes a woman so desirable to a man. He took a snapshot in his mind and glided his hands over her hips, following her as the curves blurred his mind. He put his mouth on her again and slithered his tongue all over her. He could not get enough. He wanted more. She protested but only for so long, as the pleasure came down like rain on a desert. Washing over her need and filling her up. And he stopped and without a breath’s time slid into her delicious pussy. A gentle easing in and out to the beat of the music, and she panted. He groaned and was breathless. The building began, the climbing, the reaching, the pulling, the yearning. His member twitched inside her as she ground down harder on him, knowing he was close.

Again he pulled out, but this time suddenly and the ache of it was almost painful for her. He apologized to her and she turned around to meet his blue eyes, so gentle and tender and full of love for her. She cried. The tears could not be held back, it was all too beautiful and it was all so impossible to grasp this was real. This was really happening and she fell further in love with him. He pulled her close and understood and said nothing with his mouth but his arms said all she needed, being held. They stayed like this for what seemed an eternity. So wonderful a feeling, connection, binding, holding, sharing.

She wiped her beautiful green eyes clear of tears, opened her body like a flower before his eyes and said to him in a low woman’s deep passion, “cum inside me, lover.” He mounted her and this time slid up into her wetness easily, unaided.

Eye to eye they moved into each other and he fell deeper in love with her and she with him. The bond strengthened and the waves crashed again on each other’s shores. He moved the hair away from her face and palmed the bundle to grip and pull as he pushed his cock deeper into her. Her hips arched up to meet him. And they flowed in the beat of lovers entwined. Her breasts arched upwards asking his mouth to attend, and so he did. Taking her nipples one at a time into his mouth, he pushed harder inside her. Changing his rhythm he made her cum again in the unsteadiness of it. She was pleasantly surprised at this, but hoped she and he would cum together… but that would come later. It was after all their first time. “WOW,” she thought. And no further could he hold himself and she could feel his hot cream pour into her hot pussy. And his cock shook him to his core and he collapsed panting hard onto her, spent.

She held him tight as his cock spurted out its last stream. And she was full of his love, his power, his chi, and she loved him. And she felt safe for the first time in a very, very long time. She knew he was hers and she his and they would be OK. They cuddled and snuggled together and he attended her with a warm washcloth as his seed came out of her, and she loved him more and instead of crying smiled to herself and kissed him deeply as they came face to face again.

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