Let’s Fuck in the Morning Light

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How would you like to wake me up?

The tendrils of sleep grip me like fog. It feels surreal to have him in my bed right now. My hand rubbed his morning wood that was covered by my velvet-soft blanket.

He forces my legs into that contorted pretzel position. His arm slides underneath my left thigh. Like I’m a fish that has been hooked by him. NY dives his face into my pussy. His teeth nip my lower abdomen as if it’s a hidden message.

His finger rubs against my clit. It moves in deliberate circles as if taunting me just so. I toss back my head back with a sigh. His index finger pushes inside my pussy. I gasp and he begins finger fucking me.

I’m backing away from his thrusts. I can sense him taunting me with a silent question. Why are you running away? My body submits. I feel it building up into a G-spot orgasm.

His tongue laps at my clit. It’s like he wants a front row seat to being drenched by my pussy. I let out a growl and try to fight giving him what he wants. We are in a constant battle for who will submit to who. The electricity builds up within my core and spreads out to my thighs. They twitch underneath his arms.

I let out a guttural scream. My breath and moans hit that beautiful crescendo, where they grow in intensity until I’m shoving my face into my pillow. I try to muffle my sounds. He finger fucks me harder. My body backs away from his thrusts.

“Where you going?”

I merely whimper. He hesitates with the plunging of his finger inside. My thighs relax and I take a deep breath in. He senses my unspoken submission and returns to thrusting his finger inside.

Another orgasm builds up upon the first. I grit my teeth and feel my body drench him. There’s this view of his face poised to catch everything. To lick, lap and devour every bit of my sweet essence.

NY pulls his face away from my pussy. He shoves my legs even further apart. I feel like I’m on a platter for his consumption. His lips press against mine in desperation.

“Fuck me. Please, please,” I beg.

It’s said between pants and our gasping breaths. I can taste my sweet, subtle taste on his full lips. His scruffy beard catches my aroma on the tips of the hairs. That look right before he pushes inside me is a thing of beauty. Like the ultimate submission to my tightness and dominance of this part of me.

We both gasp at the sensation. He builds up his thrusts. There’s that incredible push where he reaches the end of me. My pussy still twitches from the sensations of my orgasms.

“You own this pussy,” I whisper.

I’m surprised by my admission. It’s part spoken, part gasped. The way he’s fucking me, I relax my leg muscles to be pushed further back. My ankles are near my ears in this contorted position. I want him to fuck me until I squirt again.

His eyes widen and close. He fucks me even harder. My legs stretch further back with my flexibility. I pull him closer to my body. NY’s teeth brush against my shoulder. I feel myself losing it as they sink into the junction of my shoulder and neck. His tongue flicks against the skin. I drag my nails down his back with a growl.

We’re entangled together. His breath plays against my ear. He’s breathing at a rapid pace.

“This tight little pussy is mine,” he mumbles against my ear.

His tongue envelops the lobe of my ear. It flicks inside with a sort of possession. I embrace him closer. My nails claw down the length of his back. I can’t help but bite into his shoulder above his collarbone. He groans at my bite and lets out a guttural groan. I know he’s fully lost it and he pulls out barely in time.

“Get over here and drink this. Every last drop,” he commands.

I jump up from my position. His cum oozes out of the tip. I see him griping the head to stop it from escaping fully. A little escapes onto my sheet. I know I need to move fast to catch the rest.

I lean forward and grab a hold of his ass. My head twists sideways and I milk him as he cums. His taste is that subtle sweetness with that perfect consistency. It spurts down my throat and I make sure to swallow consistently. The way he gives into my demanding blowjob is part of the hotness. I can’t help moaning.

I know NY is watching me from above. My eyes dare to look up. Those large, brown eyes watch me with this amazed look. He makes a satisfied growl at my busywork. I refuse to let go of his dick until I know I’ve sufficiently cleaned him.

Even after the fact I lie there underneath him. He is above me, on his knees in the bed. His erection stays within my mouth until I feel like he can’t take anymore. Once it finally is removed from my mouth I sink onto my bed. I squirm with an ecstasy-induced sigh.

He bends down and kisses me on my lips.

“That smirk of yours,” he says.

“You have no idea how delicious you are.”

“Obviously not,” he says with a chuckle. He flips down near the edge of the bed. We stare into each other’s eyes with that spent, satisfied sex grin.

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