Let Me Ride You Like A Cowgirl

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photo: SexArt

I want you to lie back and enjoy my show

My hips roll like I’m riding a bucking bronco. We love to find each other in this predicament, where I mount him and make him submit to the tightness of my demanding pussy. The fan spins at an accelerated speed above my head. The air hits my sweat drenched, naked form as a welcome respite for my crazed riding. His breath comes out in controlled pants.

I have a fascination and admiration for how he looks like in this moment. His teeth bite into his full bottom lip. His eyes are sealed shut with this blissful expression of submission. It’s something I could absolutely get addicted to.

I’m using his dick right now. I’m in control of how deep he penetrates me with each thrust of my hips. I want to close my eyes and just focus on every sensation.

The feel of my clenching, pulsating pussy. How it was just forced to G-spot orgasm all over his face moments ago. The image of him waiting precariously between my legs. It’s incredibly hot how he loses himself in it with every thrust.

Maybe that’s what makes this even sweeter? He forces me to give in to him. His goal is to push me over the edge. To find that spot within me that I never give to anyone. To take the unending challenge I give him and to accept it. Each and every time he seems to adore my wildness.

He cherishes the marks I give him. I look at my own fading bites from his teeth with a minx-like smile. They cover the base of my neck, and the tender underside of my left tit. They hide underneath my work clothes as something only he and I know about.

As if reading my mind he asks me a question. His eyes are still closed. He’s so focused on my movements.

“This is payback, isn’t it?” he asks.

I cause him to gasp the next moment. I deliberately clench my pussy around his dick. I make sure it’s suctioning his dick in further just so. My hips raise up like I’m posting in an English saddle. The next second I bring them crashing down to fully, absolutely force him to penetrate me the deepest he can go.

He slides satisfyingly further within my insatiable pussy. It swallows every inch of his dick with a hunger. He gasps and tilts his head further back against the mattress.

Everything about him right now is saying he surrenders. There’s something so kinky and wonderful about his giving in. The way his head tilts back. His breathing and how he’s trying to keep it controlled.

I feel every excruciating inch of him inside me. At times his dick twitches within the tight clenches of my pussy. I make sure to hug it even tighter. He gasps and grunts underneath me. Each noise he makes is only an accelerant for me. Like he’s the gasoline and I’m the match looking to light us on fire.

“You could say that.”

I throw my head back with a wild tussle of my hair. I found the perfect rhythm for riding my body deeper into his. My thighs grip him tightly. The muscles twitch as they hold him even tighter against me. My pelvis grinds into him like accentuating a hidden point.

Take it, take my breath, my scent, my wetness, my tightness, and fucking revel in it. Just like I do with you. The unsaid demand stays stitched on my lips. I’m a woman on a mission to break him.

He licks his lips like he’s trapped within a sort of drought. Like my coming, his coming, will replenish the moisture to his lips and tongue.

I want to kiss him while I fuck him. I realize that my rhythm will be thrown off. His dick will lose its depth within me if I do. But holy fuck does he look so tempting. I want to shove my tongue within his mouth. To hover a tit just barely out of his reach. I want to bite his shoulder while I possess him.

I find the temptation to be closer to him is too much. I lean in toward him. My pelvis lifts up so that he’s shallower within me. NY knows exactly what to do. I egg him on in case he has any question.

“Use my pussy right now. Fuck me as hard as you need to, want to, it’s yours.”

He holds onto my hips. I flick my tongue against his shoulder. His dick thrusts up into me and it’s incredible. He holds me closer to him while he penetrates me even deeper.

My teeth nip that perfect little part of him made for my mouth, right above his collarbone and the curve of his neck. I’ve bitten this area so many times when he’s fucked me ferociously. It’s all I can do to keep myself from screaming out. I sink my teeth deeper into his skin. I can taste the combination of our sweat, and it tastes like the elixir of life.

I know I’m going to mark him again. As if reading my mind he does the same. I gasp as I feel teeth against this sensitive area. I know that in the morning my workmates will ask me about the marks. He seems to love the area above my collarbone.

I’m groaning, moaning, building up to another orgasm. The sensation is like a tidal wave looking to crush me from the inside out. The electrifying edge of my G-spot orgasm hums within me. I tune into it and cry out into his shoulder. This only seems to fuel his thrusts as he holds me down by my shoulders. All I can do is feel us and how he’s using me right now.

I use his skin to muffle my screams. He seems to take advantage of my falling over the edge again. His pace quickens to where I’m just clenching, squirting, pulsating all over him. My voice hits a high pitched, helpless edge. I know my neighbors can hear me upstairs and downstairs. I don’t give a damn whether they hear this side of me. My thighs twitch and tighten around him.

He forces me to give into my orgasm until he decides to repent and give me time to breathe. When he stops I’m nothing but a shaking mess. I can’t feel my fingers. My hands tingle and go numb from the whole experience.

We’re entwined still with our breath echoing in each other’s ears. I can taste how delicious he is in this moment. I want him to give into losing control like he just made me.

“Come inside me. I want you to fill me up.”

My request comes out in a feeble tone. He growls in that way which is such a turn on to me. Something like a deep rumble within the back of his throat. I know that I’ve woken something cerebral and animalistic all in one. I can’t wait to use it until he releases himself within the confines of my demanding pussy.

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