Leather & Panties

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Take the next turn,” Jenny indicated. “The place is at the end of the street.”

April did just that, even though she was not completely sold on where they were going, not since viewing the area they were entering. The façade of the neighbourhood had changed two streets behind them when they left the interstate; they might as well be in another country right now, she thought as she scanned the austere-looking houses that littered the vicinity.

“Feels like we’ve been driving for ages,” April complained as she followed the directions her friend gave her. “Where exactly is this mystery place anyway?”

“Patience, my dear. There it is, right there,” Jenny pointed ahead.

The road they were on was rife with potholes and April was very mindful of her driving. She did glance at the structure her friend was pointing towards, situated at the end of the street. It was not until they drew closer and she saw the cars parked in front of the building that she got a better view, not just of the place but the name of the joint also. It gave a clear message about what they were infor.

Leather and Panties?” she said the name of the establishment and then looked at Jenny with disbelief in her eyes. “This is a fucking strip joint.”

“How long did it take you to figure that out?” Jenny cackled. “I told you it was a nudie place. Find us a place to park, will you. We’ve got a crowd waiting on us and we’re almost late.”

There was plenty of space for April to park and she went between two Cadillac vehicles that looked incongruous in that neighbourhood. Why on earth anyone would be coming to a stripper joint in the middle of the afternoon befuddled her. It was the last sort of place she would have thought they would come. But she was not going to argue with Jenny; if she said this was the place, then there was no point arguing.

“Now what?” she said, switching off her engine.

“Now we go inside,” Jenny said, and opened her door.

April got out of the car and once again felt she had made a grave mistake. She slammed her door and turned on her vehicle alarm. She admired the gaudy neon billboard of a nude woman along with the XXX insignia beside the establishment’s name.

“Will you come on and stop standing there like you’ve seen a ghost,” Jenny came from around the vehicle and elbowed her. “The party will be over by the time we get in there.”

April grumbled as Jenny locked arms and propelled her forward. They went towards the walkway, up a short flight of stairs and then past the door. Inside, they stumbled upon a huge guy who acted as a bouncer as they walked down a short corridor. The man eyed both women expressionlessly. Jenny had command of the situation.

“Hi,” she said. “We’re the 1–800-Call-A-Slut ladies, and we’re expected.”

The bouncer handed Jenny a set of keys, then opened the door behind him for them to pass through. April eyed him furtively as she walked past him.

The interior appeared seedy and as unassuming a place as April could have imagined; it resembled a honky-tonk joint, but not as low-class as she’d expected. Rock music was playing and she looked around and saw it was coming from a jukebox in the corner. There was a stage at the front and a DJ booth at the side of it. Tables were arranged facing the stage in a semicircle. Not all the tables were occupied; some had the chairs turned over with clothes draped over them. April was surprised to see some men there in business suits, looking so incongruous; though there were a few shooting pool who looked like this was a second home for them.

“Those are our men,” Jenny gestured at the table with the business suits and broke away from April to go and meet them. April remained where she was clutching her purse, watching Jenny hug the three men in suits that occupied a table. April looked about the room. Two of the men playing pool had stopped their game to stare at her.

She turned her head when Jenny called her name and waved at her to come over. She exchanged handshakes with the business men who rapaciously raked their eyes over her like they were restraining themselves from peeling her out of her clothes. April found their stare somewhat appealing. What with their thickset frames, she doubted any of them could take her on in bed for long. She discarded the notion that she and Jenny were here to fuck them, upon listening to their conversation.

“I hope you’ll put on a terrific show for us,” one of the men said. April flashed a radiant smile at him.

“I sure will. That’s what we’re both here for.”

“Okay, you gents,” Jenny pulled April away from them. “It’s time for us to get changed and give you hound dogs some raunchy entertainment you won’t be getting at home.”

“Hey, my wife would object to that,” one of the men retorted, which earned a round of laughter from his peers.

Jenny went up the stage to an unmarked door and April followed a step behind. The door opened into a narrow corridor with arrows stencilled on the wall indicating the way to the dressing area. April could still hear the men laughing amid the jukebox music.

“They’re such insufferable darlings,” Jenny chuckled. “This is the best type of entertainment they can get when away from their boring wives. We’re the sluts they want to watch, but first we need to get into our sexy outfits to make things special, you hear?”

“Whatever you say, Jen. I just can’t wait to be done here. You know where we’re going?”

“Of course, I do, silly,” Jenny said as they took a left turn still following the arrows on the wall. “I’ve been here more times than you can imagine. Now put on your game face and let’s make these peckers hard.”

They came to the dressing room door marked LADIES; another door stood opposite with the word MEN stencilled on it. Jenny stopped to try out the set of keys the bouncer had given her in the door lock. At that moment the men’s door opened and a dreadlocked black man stepped out and looked in their direction. He and April made eye contact while Jenny muttered swear words as each attempt to find the right key failed. April waved at the man who waved back at her, then disappeared back inside the room.

“There we go,” Jenny exclaimed when she finally unlocked the door and pulled April inside. “Let’s get changed.”

It took time before some action happened. First the DJ stopped the jukebox music before entering his booth to play some more welcoming electronic music. Every man in the establishment appeared to come alive then, knowing the main show was about to get started. Even the guys playing pool dropped their cue sticks and went and sat an available table before it got taken.

The curtains parted and four athletic black men strutted onto the stage carrying two separate beds. The men wore jeans, with no shirts on, displaying their hard abs and oily muscles. Colored lights lit the stage and the crowd whooped a roaring cheer as the men laid the beds side by side on the stage, then stood waiting.

Seconds later the curtains parted again to reveal April and Jenny, and immediately the temperature in the room skyrocketed. Both women wore tight-fitting exotic cabaret outfits complete with thigh stockings, high heels and elbow-length gloves. Each cleavage almost wanted to pop out of the low-cut neckline of their blouses; their skirts rode up their thighs, revealing each crotch.

The excitement and uproar in the room was at fever pitch. The men cheered and whistled at them as they strutted onto the stage. Jenny was all smiles and waved at the room like she was at a pageant. April did the same. She was expectantly nervous from the adulation but did a great job of seeming calm.

The four men led each woman to a bed; the crowd hushed as the atmosphere in the room turned super-heated. Jenny and April dropped to their knees, already knowing what was expected of them.

April turned to the man to her left and fished his semi-erect penis out of his jeans and went to work on him. Out the corner of her eye she observed Jenny sucking on a thick fat cock while actively stroking another.

The music playing had an offbeat tempo that almost drowned the erratic noise of the crowd working themselves into a frenzy while they watched the live sex show.

April barely heard their catcalls while switching back and forth as one black cock and then another got jammed down her throat. The men took turns stripping out of their jeans while their colleagues went on fucking the women’s mouths. April was lost to her pleasure once more, and knew Jenny was too. It was just like being back at the motel, where she’d serviced the group of unknown men around her. But these men were straightforward and professional about their work. They took turns grabbing her head and thrusting their cock back and forth into her mouth. April could do nothing except sputter and gaggle and cough out a mouthful of spit before resuming her work. Her eyes were glazed with tears and she could barely make out the faces among the crowd, or hear their glowing catcalls.

She took a moment to wipe her eyes and saw Jenny nearly stripped of her outfit and getting fucked from behind while the other guy went on shoving his cock into her mouth. One of April’s men positioned her on her back but sideways on the stage so the crowd won’t miss sight of the action. The man pushed up her skirt and spat on his prick before thrusting into her tight hole. April groaned from the intrusion. The man barely allowed her time to get wet enough to lubricate his cock, grunting as he thrust harder into her cunt, not stopping until he gained perfect entry.

As the orgy progressed, more people streamed into the establishment, as if word had gotten out regarding what was happening. This was not unheard of at the Leather and Panties joint. Except it was usually a treat reserved for patrons willing to pay to watch, like the suited gentlemen seated close to the stage; but this time around it was open for anyone. The drinks flowed from the bar and a woman went around serving and worked hard getting the men to quit pawing her butt while captivated by the orgy on the stage. The suited men dug out their wallets and threw wads of money upon the stage; they were riled with excitement like they were enjoy a favourite ball game.

The man who was fucking April slowed his pace and pulled out of her, opting to catch his breath while his buddy came over and took his place. April felt grateful for the brief respite, and slipped her fingers inside her cunt to see how stretched it was. The other man grabbed her thighs and pulled her towards his erection. He was grunting like a feral bull as he shoved his prick into her cunt. April groaned and grabbed hold of his shoulders as he jerked his hips down on her crotch. His colleague knelt beside her and munched on her tits, squeezing them with his hands. April grabbed at his cock and did not stop stroking him until eventually he drew closer and brought it to her face for her to jam it into her mouth.

Jenny’s sultry cries were as loud as hers. She leaned backward, resting on her arms riding one of the men in reverse. Her pelvis rocked back and forth on the man’s shaft; her feature remained curled with lust and her groans and cries served to rouse the crowd with excessive frenzy.

Jenny was still jerking her hips even when the man she was riding slowed his pace and lifted her butt. His cock slipped out of her and he grabbed it and attempted to find the entrance to her anus. Jenny crouched forward and she did the work for him, then leaned backwards once more and resumed working her hips and pelvis. The second man edged forward on his knees, stroking his girth, nearly blocking the crowd from her view. She was just as horny for what was coming.

“Go ahead and fuck my hole,” she hollered, loud enough for the crowd to hear.

The crowd went wild at her words and whooped for more action. The man rubbed the uncircumcised tip of his prick against her vulva, which got Jenny squirting rampantly all over the bed. Her head lolled and she groaned when he introduced his meat into her pussy. Jenny gasped and worked hard as both men jerked her back and forth. She did her best to keep with their rhythm even though she was climbing the wall in ecstatic delight.

April straddled one of the men and was rocking hard on the hilt of his cock while choking on the other’s shaft. Her back was towards the crowd and she caught the wave of jubilant cheering even as she was lost to her sex.

The man pulled out of her at the right moment and sprayed cum over her rump. She slid off him and he rolled off the bed while his colleague took over his former position and April mounted him in reverse. The man hooked his legs into an inverted V and pumped his hips harder, slamming her pussy. April gasped and yelped louder with each stroke he gave her. The sound of her groaning made the crowd boisterous. She barely knew when the man slowed until he eventually stopped and let her climb down from him and then stood before her and ejaculated copious cum-spray over her face. She reached for the man’s penis and sucked him dry before cleaning his cum off her face. She licked his cum off her fingers and smiled at the crowd when they cheered at her action.

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