Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, part 2: The Pool

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Sal and I walked to the lobby to take in all the sights and sounds of the resort. I was excited to be at Hedo. It was a little overwhelming because neither of us knew what to expect. This trip was really going to test our relationship boundaries, but I had faith in the process. Sal wanted to go to the pool to chill — and look at new vaginas he hoped to conquer, I’m sure — and to have a stiff drink to take the edge off.

We walked over to the tiki bar to order our drinks. The polite Jamaican barman asked what we’d like.

“I’ll have two shots of Absolute, two of your local favorite beers, and two Jamaican Waterslides please,” Sal said. “Is that ok with you, babe?” he added, turning to me.

“Sure babe, you know I’ll drink pretty much anything,” I said.

I needed everything he’d ordered and more. I was so nervous. We had to be open. I had to expand my mind. I am going to fuck and perhaps be watched by Sal. I may have to watch Sal fuck someone else. Sal is actually going to be gawking at other women to fuck. Oh. My. God! What did I sign myself up for? My mind was racing. I needed those drinks like yesterday.

Sal charged our drinks to the room as he’d left his wallet there, just in case we found ourselves in some consensual compromising situation. We found a table and two empty lounge chairs near the pool.

The pool was quite lively, and everyone except the staff was completely…NUDE. On our way to the pool, somehow we’d missed the fact that we were on the nude side of the resort. No clothes were permitted. I turned to Sal quickly, eyes bulging. As I looked at Sal, his eyes were everywhere. Did I say everywhere? I knew looking at Sal’s face that he was like a hog in slop, and we weren’t going anywhere.

“Babe, you do know this is the nude side, right?” I said.

“Yeah, I know,” Sal replied nonchalantly.

“That means us too,” I said with a question in my voice, uncertain what Sal would say about being naked in front of complete strangers.

Sal took a deep gulp, and then a deep sigh. He placed his drink on the table and stood up. He began to take off all of his clothes slowly. I stood up as well to do the same. We were completely overdressed, and making a spectacle of ourselves. Everyone else had come in “Cum Fuck Me” attire which consisted of easy access pieces like robes, lingerie, skimpy two piece swimsuits and the like. We hurried to get our clothing off to avoid make fools of ourselves.

I noticed Sal had his eye on this little young tenderoni alone in the pool, and she knew it. She was topless with only a hot pink swimsuit bottom on, just clinging to the side of the pool enjoying the warm air and sun on her back. Sal stripped slowly to show off his nice physique and beautiful skin. She knew he was watching, because she was watching the both of us.

After taking off my last article of clothing, I took my seat so that I could scour the area for my whore snack.

“You ok babe?” Sal asked, checking in.

“Yes, sir. The question is, are you okay?” I asked him, noticing he was starting to get an erection.

Sal smiled, embarrassed. I rubbed his hand to let him know that it was ok. I wasn’t angry or upset, surprisingly. I felt like a researcher making a new discovery about a subject I cared deeply about. As I reassured Sal about his cock and his eye issues, he continued to watch the pink swim bottom chick. I locked in on a nice looking white guy who was sunbathing. His tan was beautiful and he was alone. He had on sunglasses and appeared to be asleep, which meant no pressure for me. I could admire the hunk with no issues.

Meanwhile, Ms. Hot Pink pants had taken note of Sal’s big hard cock. He was stroking it for her like a peacock, showing her what she had done to him. Ms. Hot Pink was smiling. She knew what she was doing. She was attracted to Sal, and I was intrigued to see him in action.

I continued to go between Sal and Ms. Hot Pink, and the hunk asleep on the lounger, when suddenly, Ms. Hot Pink came to join us. She was gorgeous. Her body was perfect. Her hair was long and she had lovely skin. She looked like she had just finished college. Her breasts were beautiful. They were youthful and perky tits, pre-gravitational pull stage, unlike mine.

Sal continued to stroke his dick as he watched her. These two are going to fuck, I thought to myself. The question is, am I going to be included? I would just have to sit back and watch this thing play out.

“Hi, I’m Mayla,” Ms. Hot Pink said to Sal.

He looked at me before speaking. I nodded my approval. Sal smiled, not realizing he was holding onto his hard cock while asking permission to talk to (and perhaps fuck) another woman right in my face.

“ I’m Sal, and this is my girlfriend Mimi,” Sal said ecstatically.

I looked at Ms. Hot Pink, giving her a smile and a wave as I waited to see where this introduction was taking us, if any place at all.

Mayla bent down to shake Sal’s unoccupied hand. As she leaned in, her beautiful breasts fell close to Sal’s face.

“Gee you smell nice, Mayla,” Sal said politely.

“Thank you, Sal,” Mayla responded with a smile. She lingered for a few seconds too long hovering over Sal, and her breast “accidentally” brushed his lips. His dick sprang to life like it had just had CPR. I was quite surprised at how simple and easily stimulated Sal was. It was refreshing and a little scary.

“You guys care to play?” Mayla asked.

Sal looked at me with a sort of puppy dog look and asked if I wanted to play, with little room for no. For some reason, I wasn’t really into her, per se. I was into watching them interact. I agreed to play, but only if I was able to watch Sal and Mayla go at it first; secretly I hoped I wouldn’t be needed. I really wasn’t feeling it at the moment, but who knew what would happen once the sex actually got going? I gave Sal the nod to go on and put her young perky tit in his mouth. He gladly obliged.

He turned to Mayla and asked if it was okay if he touched her body.

Mayla responded, “Oh yes, I have been wanting to fuck you since you walked past. You’re so sexy. By all means have your way with me.”

Sal reached over and gently grabbed her young, full, perky, perfectly shaped tits, taking them one by one and running his tongue across them. Mayla’s beautiful olive skin glistened in the sunlight. Her face kissed the sky as Sal began gently caressing her stunning body. He had swung his legs over the side of the lounger and pulled Mayla between his legs for better access. She was the perfect height for Sal to reach all of her lovely lady parts while seated. They were also in the perfect position for me to watch and admire my play pal fuck another woman.

Mayla allowed Sal to lick her all over. He kissed and licked her stomach, gently squeezed and caressed her nipples, squeezed her voluptuous “more than a handful” sized ass, and groped and caressed her back for what seemed ten minutes. He was really taking his time and savoring every moment of this first actual Hedo encounter. Mayla was a willing vessel, turned on by the much older but respectful gentleman while allowing his girlfriend to watch. How fucking cool?

Eventually, Sal made his way down to Mayla’s twat. Ms. Hot Pink’s swim bottoms were on their way down. Mayla was moaning and grinding the air like she needed dick inside of her, stat. She was getting ready to become Ms. Olive because she would be completely nude. Sal took her bottom off, and admired her body. He told her how beautiful she was, and she thanked him. She looked over at me and I smiled. My pussy was so wet now. I reached over into my little play bag and grabbed some condoms for Sal to have for whenever he got the urge to inject his meat into her oven, and I got my sex toy out so that I could pleasure myself while watching yet another live porn show.

Sal gently pushed two fingers into Mayla’s pussy. Her pussy was so wet it sounded like water splashing. She was enjoying Sal’s fingers inside of her hot, wet, aching pussy. Sal’s cock was so straight and hard, like a missile ready to launch into outer space. I couldn’t believe how turned on Mayla was by Sal. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by watching them.

Sal pulled Mayla’s tit out of his mouth to ask her if he could eat her pussy. She happily agreed to the proposition. She propped her leg on the lounger and did some acrobatic shit in order to make room for Sal to have her for a snack. He was enjoying licking her, and she was enjoying me watching. As he was eating her pussy, she was laser focused on me watching. An exhibitionist, I see.

She rolled her pussy to his face, letting him know his work was appreciated. When he had eaten all that he wanted of her hot, tender pussy, Mayla got down on her knees to service Sal. Her warm mouth coupled with the sun shinning directly on them and the warm air sent Sal somewhere he’d never been before. He moaned deeply as Mayla’s warm mouth drooled up and down over his cock. She was no amateur either. She inhaled his cock like an addict snorting a line of coke. Sal leaned backwards in mid air with no supports to ensure Mayla was getting all the vitamin D she could ever want. He opened his legs even wider so that he could get the full benefit of his unexpected blow job. Mayla sucked, and sucked, and sucked, glancing at me as though she was seeking my approval.

I approved.

I nodded my head, giving her the thumbs up, and rubbed my pussy as she sucked my man’s cock. He was on a totally different planet right now. I am not sure if he remembered who I was, but I was happy seeing him happy and being satisfied. Sal tapped Mayla to let her know he was about to cum in her mouth, but she wasn’t ready for him to cum yet.

“I wanna ride that nice cock you’ve been stroking like a violin, sir,” Mayla said playfully.

Sal looked at me to see if I was okay with him fucking her, right in front of me in plain view.

I nodded once again, giving my approval.

Mayla stood up to prepare to crash land on my man’s dick while I watched. Again, she was in the perfect position so that I could look directly into her face while she fucked Sal as if she was riding a horse. I turned my body so that Mayla could watch me play with my hot, wet, pussy at the same time she fucked my lover. Sal quickly unwrapped his condom and slid it onto his already wet cock. No sooner had he finished the last roll than Mayla was on his cock like a ride at a county fair. She was bouncing around and bouncing around like a washing machine. Her perky tits were bouncing with every hump of her pussy around Sal’s long, hard cock.

Sal grabbed onto Mayla’s beautiful tits and held onto them as if they were a horse bridle. Mayla leaned away from Sal and closed her eyes, lost in the moment. She moaned with delight as Sal slung his hard cock into and out of her hot pussy. Watching Mayla was beautiful, and watching Sal was simply amazing. I kept my little vibrator buzzing right along. I had begun to fondle my own breasts, in need for a little more TLC to my own body.

Sal handled Mayla beautifully. He was so gentle, respectful and kind to her, which I am sure she appreciated. She rewarded him with a celebratory fucking. Sal began to go deeper into Mayla’s pussy. Mayla began to moan louder. So much so, some of the other sunbathers began to take note of us in our own little world. Sal continued to caress Mayla’s ass, tits, and back, while nibbling ever so gently on her earlobe. He was having the time of his life.

Mayla began grinding harder and harder onto Sal’s cock. It appeared as though we all would be cumming at the same time. I was damn near ready to burst a squirt myself. We all continued to grind and enjoy the moment until Sal, no longer able to stop his nut, screamed that he was cumming.

“Me too,” Mayla said in a high pitched tone.

Mayla’s eyes were again laser focused on me, my pussy, and making sure I was watching her with the same intensity she watched me. Sal and Mayla arrived at the same time.

“I’m cumming, oh shit, I’m cumming baby. Oh shit, I’m cumming,” Sal yelled as he climaxed into his condom. He pounded Mayla’s pussy as if he thought it was going to be the last time he saw Ms. Hot Pink.

Mayla came while Sal’s cock was inside of her. She came so hard she bucked and wiggled like she was riding on a wild bronco, still staring straight into my eyes. She fell down on top of Sal as they lay marinating in the moment. I came after Mayla orgasmed. My orgasm was intense, very strong. I lifted my legs up high so that my pussy squirts could fly out all over my lounger and the floor for spectators to see. I am sure there were some men who’d need some of those features in their lives. Mayla was still watching, and she thought my pussy squirting was the most amazing thing. We smiled at each other as we wound down side from our climaxes.

By now, the good looking gentleman who was sunbathing asleep was fully awake and had watched the tail end of our fuck fest. He looked like he wanted some of me. I wanted some of him too, if he was serving himself up. I stuck my finger inside of my pussy and tasted it for him, which was my green light to being freaked if he was open to it. He rolled over, cock standing straight in the air at attention.

Our first freak fest at Hedo had finally begun.

Thank you for reading, with my sincerest gratitude. Stay tuned! There is more freak, kink, and fucking where this came from. I tell you the truth, and sometimes that shit hurts!

Marley K.

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