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Juliett and Martha were wrapped around each other in a tight sixty-nine, eyes shut and breathing in gasps; Martha’s stiff little tongue tip flicking rapidly over Juliett’s tight slit, the folds engorged and dark red, shiny with her juices. On the other webcam Juliett was whipping Martha’s pink pussy lips with her fingers; Martha arched and sucked in air, holding her breath as her climax ignited within her hips and raced down her body, eyelids fluttering and legs shaking. She still managed to grip Juliett with fingers in her anus and a thumb on her clit. She squeezed hard and Juliett moaned, feeling her own orgasm surge and break when Martha bit her nipple and ground it with her teeth, hard. Juliett’s slender body flexed and she pawed at the bed until her spasms calmed down.

Juliett looked at the webcam and spoke: “If you think that was hot, just check out Jessica’s webcam later tonight!” She buried her tongue in Martha’s snatch as the screen went black.

Jessica led me into her small house and up the stairs to her room, gabbling, “You should see the screen lighting up, this is so exciting!” but all I could see were her jiggling butt cheeks hardly covered by some white cotton panties as she bounced up the stairs.

She had a big, loose t-shirt on over nothing, really; her large soft boobs with their fat nipples bouncing underneath every time she moved. She sat on the bed cross-legged in front of her laptop, staring and tapping on the keys. The screen gave her room a blue glow, balanced by some candles she had lit.

“So we’re going to perform whatever these guys ask, right? What have they asked for so far?” I sat on the bed and nuzzled her neck with my whiskery cheeks, then reached under her shirt and gently squeezed her breast, rolling the nipple between thumb and finger.

“Oh… lots of things,” she smiled. “I said ten of them have to agree on what they want before we’ll do it.”

“Tell them we have to start with foreplay.” My fingers caressed her mound through her panties. I could feel the moisture leaking through. I looked at the screen. “Looks like blindfold is number one, Jess. Ready, babe?”

She grinned back at me, a little nervous. I gripped her t-shirt with my fingers and teeth and tore off about a foot of fabric all the way around, revealing her slim waist and giving me something I could tie over her eyes.

“Can you see anything?”

“Nope, nothing.” Her voice was shaking a bit; she knew it was coming now but wasn’t sure from where. I leaned over and kissed her, her lips melting to mine, tongue luscious and lively, her sweet breath filling my head with hazy, intimate ideas. I crooked a finger under the waistband of her panties and ran it along her slit, feeling some drops leaking out. I spread the hood and circled her clit and her hips started to roll on their own. Jess was a vision, leaning back, her wet lips searching for mine, nipples hard beneath her old t-shirt.

“Jess we have another request: hot wax…”

“What the hell is that?”

“I pour candlewax on you. It’s hot but it cools as soon as it touches you and it sticks… pretty kinky. I’ll tell them no.” I reached for the keyboard.

“It’s okay Greg, I’ll try it. You know what to do, right?”

“Sure do.” She lifted her butt and I pulled her panties off. Her neat pubes were so sexy, wet folds steaming, aromatic with her sex. I licked the length of her slit, spreading her wet lips wide with my tongue. Her slim thighs brushed my scratchy cheeks and her hips thrust her pussy up to find my mouth. Her folds tasted delicious as I licked her tender flesh, her sweet girlish scent intoxicating. I almost forgot myself and finished her off, but as she began to squeeze me with her thighs I reached for a candle and looking up I poured a few drops over her left tit, just catching the puffy nipple.

“Aahhh!” Jess gasped and arched her back, squirming until the heat dissipated. Her eyes were wild, the mask pushed off now.

“Wow!” she sat up and cupped her breast. “It’s hot but it doesn’t burn.” Her fingertips peeled the wax up from her skin, which was marked in a red, cryptic pattern. She took the candle from me and drizzled it over her right nipple, closing her eyes and looking up, absorbing the pain. I took her left nipple in my mouth and licked the tender surface, soothing it and feeling it stiffen in response. She crushed her breast to my face, then withdrew and offered up her right nipple, marked in red. I pulled the wax off gently with my teeth and then spread my saliva over her nipple, feeling the heat from the hot wax still held by her skin.

I looked up at Jessica and she was breathing deeply, her eyes shut and leaning back, feeling my tongue on her nipple; she licked her lips and put her hand behind my head, holding me to her breast. I sucked it in gently, taking her whole fat nipple in my mouth and circling the hard tip.

Jessica shivered then and opened her eyes as if she were waking up. “What’s next?”

I scanned the screen. “They want me to tie you up now.”

“Awww, always me!” Her face brightened: “Let’s tie you up instead! I can do it, I know the knots!” She really wanted to.

“Okay, let’s see what you’ve got.” Her bed was so small my feet hung over the corners and she tied them down expertly so as to not cut off my circulation, then crept up to my groin and took me in her hands. She stroked me to stiffness and licked the head, blowing on it to make it sensitive, then took a candle and dripped wax along my shaft. I sucked in air and shook my head to clear the pain, pleading with my eyes.

Jessica had an evil look on her face, though. She slid on her belly up onto me and pressed her tits into my face. I closed my eyes and kissed and sucked on her warm flesh while she quickly hogtied my wrists and knotted them to the headboard.

“Wow, I’ve always wanted to do this!” She was straddling my stomach. Looking behind her, she saw me standing tall. “Looks like you’re loving it too…” She pulled the knot tight with a jerk.

“He’s feeling neglected…”

“Poor baby!” Jess spun around and was on me in a second, drawing me deep into her warm mouth, her glistening pussy just inches from my face.

“You should slide back a little, Jess.”

And then her warm folds were on my lips, reeking of sex and wet with her juices. I pushed my tongue inside her to lap up more of her delicious girl taste; I couldn’t get enough of it. Jessica paused to feel me licking her and leaned back a little. Then she pulled her firm cheeks apart and winked at me over her shoulder, squeezing and relaxing her anus.

“I’ve been wanting to feel you here all day. Don’t make me wait any longer…” She rolled her butt back on to my face, my nose between her cheeks and I licked her anus broadly, wetting it with my spit and feeling it soften and spread as she relaxed it. I had no problem inserting my tongue at least an inch, trying to screw it in a little deeper, breathing in her musky scent and drooling a little while I tongue fucked her asshole.

Then a second later she was gone until her lips found mine and we were making out.

“I wanted to taste you after you ate my ass,” she whispered. “Now it’s time for the main event. First I want to feel you inside of me…” Jessica lifted her hips up and pushed my glans along her slit. I could feel it spreading open and then I was inside her warmth. She slid down the shaft, so wet I was ready to fuck and I pressed upward; it was frustrating not to have much control.

Jessica moved slowly, pressing both hands on my chest as she lifted up and then sank down so slowly, pushing her tender folds down against me, taking all of me inside her; the tip of her tongue just parting her lips. She shuddered as she sucked in a lungful and held herself there. I flexed inside her, pressing upward and she shivered again.

“Oh! You feel so great!” She started rocking her hips and I felt her rhythm and tried to balance, so frustrated at being tied up. I wanted to rip the ropes off and throw her down on the floor to fuck her senseless; I was pulling at my bonds, thinking maybe I could get one foot free, but the knots were tight.

And she was getting to me. My joint was loving her heat; I was aching and stiff and craving release. I pushed into Jessica with powerful thrusts, as much as I could muster with arms and legs restrained. Damn the script, I was ready to blow.

Suddenly she lifted off and swung around, bottom facing me again. She reached down and raised her ass, guiding me to her wet anus, wiggled a little and I slipped inside.

“Ooh Greg, take it easy baby, I’m so sensitive since you licked me there,” she purred.

The cams were getting a show with Jessica’s knees in the air and her bottom bouncing off my hips with my joint in her ass, stroking like a piston. Despite her warning I wasn’t holding back, it just felt too good. Her pussy was on full display, the lips puffy and engorged, red and glistening wet. Her juice flowed down into her ass, greasing the passage for me.

“Jess, I want you to come. Spank your pussy for me!” I whispered and she wet her fingers inside and started whipping her clit, squeezing my shaft as she felt her climax building. I couldn’t see but only heard the wet spanking sounds and I chased my own climax, feeling it building while I thrust upward hard and then I let it go and her tight asshole got real warm and wet and soft.

We relaxed then. I was still moving slowly, just enjoying her warmth. “Jessica, lift your knees up,” I said, and she did, which spread her butt wide. I slid out of her ass, undamming the flow. Semen tricked out and down her cheeks and dripped into my pubes. The sharp smell of sex was in the air.

“I’ll give them one more little treat,” she grinned, and proceeded to scoop and lick the sticky drips of semen off of my shaft and balls, swallowing it and licking her lips. She giggled as she shut the laptop.

Later I made us grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, which we ate at her tiny breakfast table.

“Don’t you girls ever eat? You have close to nothing in your kitchen, this is all I could find!” Except for the apron I was wearing we were both naked and Jessica was sitting next to me with her legs on top of mine, wiggling her feet. She finished her sandwich and brushed crumbs off her tits, then started in on the rest of mine.

“I want to hire you to cook for me.”

“I don’t think you could afford me. Anyway my food tastes better when I’m doing it for love…”

Jess looked up at me with her big green eyes. “Stay with me tonight?”

“How will we both fit in that bed?”

“We’ll make it work,” she said with smiling eyes.

Truly we didn’t sleep much. We dozed off nice and comfy spooned in her bed, so warm; but then two hours later we were up and going at it again.

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