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“Alright, darling. I’ll be waiting for you when you get here. Love you.”

I muttered goodbye before ending the call. My heart was fluttering with excitement. I was still in my bathrobe. My hair felt sticky against my face — I hadn’t showered yet, and it was past eight in the morning; my lover would be here within the next hour. All of a sudden I felt agitated, terrified of him coming to see me. I pulled at strands of my red hair and asked myself: will he seriously want me? I’m forty-two for fuck’s sake!

There was my reflection in the five-foot vanity mirror beside my dressing table. I got out of my robe and started to examine myself. I cradled my breasts with both hands like I was weighing them up. Too big, too dumpy. Funny, he didn’t seem to complain the other night when we danced at the club. Would he still want them, up close?

I appraised the rest of my figure. Nothing about it was to my liking.

My hips were like train tracks gone astray; my gut hung over them. Pretty soon I was going to need a girdle to hold me in so I could see my toes. My legs looked stubby. My thighs, once strong and proud back when I was a gymnast decades before, had gone the way of my hips, no thanks to a loveless marriage and three kids. My eyes bore bags and crows feet. The only features I liked were my blue eyes (Emmett always complimented my eyes back when we were in love, but all of that had long gone south, so FUCK HIM!), and what I’d got between my legs.

My hand stole down my mid-section to brush past my forest of pubic hair. I really needed to shave. I looked at the time and got surprised how much I’d wasted standing there gazing at myself like a dumb Princess waiting for a magical Prince to arrive. But yes, my Prince Steve was coming. Got to get ready for him.

Into the shower I went and washed my hair, then scrubbed the rest of my body. I got out my electric shaver and got busy clearing out the bushy outgrowth on my pubis. I felt so refreshed when I exited the shower stall. I was humming to myself when I wrapped a towel around my hair and waltzed into my bedroom.


That was my doorbell.

My heart jumped into my throat — he’s here! Oh God, my darling Steve is here!

The bell sounded again. That startled me back to the present. My eyes scrambled everywhere, as I tried thinking what to do, what to fucking wear. I had nothing on beside my bathrobe and my towel wrapped like an igloo around my hair. I hadn’t expected he’d be here so soon. I needed to change into something, but I couldn’t just stand here and keep him waiting.


“Coming!” I yelled as I blew out of the room.

I had the house to myself. Emmet and I had ended our marriage months ago – so long to bad rubbish that just wasn’t going anywhere. Our kids had grown and moved on with their lives. It was time I moved on with mine. One night I got dragged to a club by a friend and that was where I met Steve, my darling Prince who was here right now at my door.

I got there before the bell could ring again, and flung the door open to stare into the dark brown eyes of my chocolate Prince. He was all smiles and I returned his with an infectious one.

“Hi,” was all I could manage to say.

“You look surprised to see me.”

“When we talked, I figured you wouldn’t be here for at least an hour.”

“Sorry, I was close by. Well, I’m here. Why wait any longer.”

He came inside and shut the door with his foot. I jumped into his arm and locked lips with him in a passionate kiss. My robe unfurled and fell from my body but I didn’t care.

I was safe in his arms.

I was wanted by him.

And I wanted him to possess me.

He lifted me into his arms and I directed him towards the bedroom upstairs.
He laid me on the bed. I held onto him while he kissed my chin, neckline and then attacked my breasts. These big, droopy breasts I’d never really liked… He seemed to love them like crazy. I moaned as he raked my areolae with his teeth. My thighs and hips squirmed under his weight. I was all hot and wet. He came up for air and I gave him a strong kiss of life.

“I want you,” I moaned.

“I’ve been wanting you since we met,” he said.

Steve rose to his feet and I impatiently waited and watched him get out of his clothes; then he returned to my arms. He kissed his way down my body. My things spread easily for him. His breath touched my vagina — I couldn’t believe it — he was going to taste my pussy! I should stop him… I should… This has gone way too far…

Ooohhhhh . . . Ooowuuuuhhhhhh . . .

Ohhh God, his tongue felt so good . . . Ooohhhhhh my Gooooddddd . . .

Aaaiihhhhhh . . . I’m in heaven!

My body tensed. I grabbed at my breasts (No, my tits! My sexy, gorgeous fucking tits!); my feet stomped on the bed… My pelvis rocked upwards. My Prince probed and pulled my cunt lips… I screamed when I climaxed.

I had died and he had brought me back to life.

Steve rose from between my legs and slid on top of me. His penis lay pressed between his pelvis and mine. I reached between us for his cock and pushed it where I desperately wanted it to go. I moaned when it struck home. I felt transformed with him inside me. I was on a life raft lost at sea; he was my life raft and I clung onto him for dear life.

We rocked.

We glided.

I kicked against him, and he calmed me down.

I was love; but he was sex. And when he exploded inside me, that was when he completed me.

We lay in bed talking and laughing. I let him play with my tits and caress my thighs while I stroked his abs and shoulders. Suddenly my phone started ringing. I went and picked it up and frowned when I realized who was calling.

“Hiya, Beth,” said Emmett.

“What the fuck do you want?”

“Listen, Beth… I’m sorry. I know I’ve done you wrong. Is there any chance we can–”

I ended the call before he could go any further, and just for equal measure, switched off my phone as well. Steve came from behind and kissed my neck and squeezed my tits.

“Who was that, babe?” he asked.

“Someone I don’t want to remember anymore,” I said, then led him back to bed.

Age matters nothing when the heart yearns for what it wants so much. Show your appreciation and clap for this story if you agree with its message.

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