I Want to See…

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photo; SexArt

Sometimes I believe we will reach a limit where we just can’t fuck anymore, but every time I think that moment has arrived, she surprises me. We had four very emotionally and physically loaded days behind us, with more fucking than many people manage in one year. It was almost 4 AM as she told me that she wanted me to give her oral pleasure with a pillow under her butt because she wanted to see what was happening.

“I think I am a very visual person”

Was her reason. Not that I needed any explanation. I put a pillow against the headboard of the bed, and one under her butt so that her sex would be visible to her. She had a front row seat at the action.

After we have been fucking for a while I love to taste the mix of flavors that accrue around her sex. There is saltiness, probably from our sweating. And then the taste of the mixture of our cum which collects itself between her labia. So I always start by slowly licking each side, and once I have rejoiced at the taste I take a drive to the middle, towards the tip of her iceberg.

“I want to see as you lick the tip”

Was her wish. And since her wish is my command I complied. I could see her eyes looking into mine as my tongue started the slow caressing dance around her clit. I could see her eyes focusing on my up and down motion down under.

Suddenly I moved my tongue down, to her well of pleasure. It was open, as is usually the case after I have fucked her hard, and her sticky wetness was accumulating at the entrance. I moved the tip of my finger to her entrance to collect some of her syrup on it, while I moved my tongue back to focus on her clit.

She moaned a little and grabbed my head with her hand, jamming it down towards her. My lips surrounded her clit as I kept teasing its hood out of the way. At the same time the wet tip of my finger reached her right nipple with her sticky cum acting as a lubricator while I was caressing its tip. The front row spectator in her asked me to show the shape of my mouth as I was licking her.

“Show me the shape of your lips now”

I locked my lips in position and looked up. She mimicked what she saw, just to proceed to bite her lower lip in a very mischievous gesture. She took the fingers of my other hand and placed them in her mouth as I went down to keep working on her. With her hand she guided my fingers to the tip of her other nipple.

I just love the texture of her sex. The skin of her clit and its surrounding parts between her labia is smooth as silk. The accumulated wetness of her cum and my saliva is the perfect lubricant. And her anatomy just fits the shape of my mouth. I could feel the rest of her clit start bulging under her.

She moved my head up again as I was licking her clit in a sideways motion. She has told me that from all my moves this is the one that gets her, the one she is powerless against. She wanted to see what was I doing. I was of course focusing on the hoodie of her clit. The parts under it had already swollen up and I could feel the change in texture that comes with feeling skin that is usually not exposed.

As I looked up I could see the fury in her eyes. She put one of her fingers in her mouth and collected enough saliva which she used to wet again the tip of her nipple so that my fingers would keep sliding off her. My gaze was locked on her beautiful blue-gray eyes.

“Just like that, don’t stop”

Were her words. I was back at surrounding the base of her clit with my lips as my tongue was doing pirouettes around it. I could feel how she was pulling her legs wider open as if to expose more of herself to me. It was at this moment that I felt my surroundings caving in. I felt as if all there was in the world was just us. Like a little explorer confronted with a marvel of nature I took it all in, admiring the sensations surrounding me.

Making her come orally usually takes longer than vaginally. I still am in awe at the power of her sexuality. Her being able to multi-orgasm on me is extremely pleasurable. She has told me that I am a giver and not a taker when it comes to sexuality. My only reply is that I get my pleasure from seeing her pleasure.

I know I need to change something to tip her over the cliff. So I start tapping on her nipples with two fingers of each hand. Her moaning gives her away. She places her arms above her head and holds on for dear life to the bedposts.

“I’m cumming Teddy”

This is the keyword she gives me a few seconds before the big tsunami arrives. I can feel how she closes her legs and holds my head in position, as she moves her hips up and down to ram her clit against my mouth. I keep still in position, with the tip of my tongue pressing against the hood of her clit.

As if riding a wild kicking horse I hold on to her. The spasms start and her body begins twitching because of that. I hear her panting, grasping for air, just to be followed by the chuckle of a laugh. She eases the grip of her legs on me and I move up, covering her sex with my hand, my fingers curved almost inside of her vagina so that I can feel her tremors.

“Thank you Teddy. You are so good”

Are the words she mumbles as she gives me a passionate kiss while holding my head with her arms. I hold her tight while feeling the reverberations of her last orgasm as a musician rejoices in the last trembling notes of a symphony.

There is nothing comparable in life to the beautiful sight of the woman you love being overtaken by an orgasmic wave. Being the front row spectator to that wonder of nature is one of the most pleasurable things to experience. And that is something I want to keep seeing…

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