The Mistress of the House

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Shy, curious maid Crissy is propositioned by her rich, powerful employer, Veronica Grand.

Every other Saturday, Crissy cleaned the home of Veronica Grand, the owner of one of the many luxurious estates that dotted the coastline of the river running along the quaint, country town she grew up in. The job was mostly just dusting surfaces and changing the sheets in the many unused rooms; Crissy wasn’t even sure why the woman needed a maid in the first place. But it wasn’t as though she was going to talk herself out of a job — it was good money.

Veronica was a stern but fair client. The older woman wasn’t overly fussy, didn’t make too many demands, and tipped well. The only rule Crissy was supposed to follow was simple: never enter any door that was locked. If she came across one, she’d simply leave it be, move on with her duties, and not ask any questions. This arrangement was fine with Crissy, and so she had been showing up dutifully for almost two years straight, carrying out her job quietly and picking up her stack of cash on the table by the front door as she left.

Crissy showed up at the house on time, as usual. Veronica was on the phone when her maid entered, and shot Crissy a silent wink in greeting. Crissy smiled and nodded, trying not to stare at the mature beauty and unbridled confidence Veronica always exuded…or her pillowy, heart-shaped ass being plumped up perfectly by the way she leaned against her desk…or those ample breasts threatening to pop free of that deep V-neck…

Crissy shook her head to clear it and, quietly chastising herself, got to work quickly — dusting and scrubbing to distract herself from the attraction she felt for her employer. She cleaned in a manic frenzy, happy for something to focus on. Then, she headed up the grand front staircase towards the first bedroom door.

It was an intricately carved set of double doors that Crissy always assumed was the master suite. She almost didn’t even bother trying it — this door was always locked — but did so anyway and found it locked as usual. So, she passed over it and began changing the sheets and fluffing the pillows of an unused bedroom. But when she came back out into the hall, she noticed the double doors of the first room were slightly ajar…

I could’ve sworn it was locked…it’s always locked.

Crissy stared at the cracked door for only a moment longer before shrugging and walking over with her cleaning supplies in tow. The rule was to avoid locked doors, and this one was wide open. No questions asked. She pushed her way in and took in her surroundings.

It was the master suite, all right. And it was huge. It was draped in rich shades of purple, from lavender to an almost-black plum. Gold accents on the bedspread, curtains, and expensive-looking, soft rug sparkled in the dim yellow light from sconces on either side of the canopied bed. There was a marble fireplace, lit, off to the right and a door to what she assumed was the bath to the left. Soft, indulgent furniture and sophisticated art pieces were scattered to and fro, and on the ceiling was a beautiful wall-to-wall mirror with swirling patterns along the edges. It was a stunning room, and she marveled at its opulence, finding it almost as gorgeous as the mistress of the house herself.

Crissy sighed dreamily at the thought of spending the night in such a gorgeous room. She walked the length of it, taking in the details of the marble fireplace and decorative fixtures. Her heart nearly stopped completely when her eyes fell on a shadowy structure in one corner. The flickering light of the fireplace danced across it playfully, seeming to beckon her forward. Crissy crept closer and sucked in a breath when she realized what it was…

A pillory

“Interested in trying it?”

Crissy nearly jumped out of her skin when she turned around and saw Veronica emerging from the bathroom wrapped in a silky black robe. It hung slightly ajar, and Crissy averted her eyes as best she could, but she couldn’t help catching a peek at the pretty, hairless slit at the V of the other woman’s thighs. Her breasts were loose too, and the robe clung to every gorgeous inch of Veronica’s lovely, wet skin.

“Miss Veronica!” Crissy gasped, blushing a bright red. “I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean to — ”

“Did I accidentally leave the door unlocked?” Veronica asked nonchalantly, leaning casually against the doorframe. “No need to apologize. I was the one who was careless.”

“Still, you seem to be in the middle of…” Crissy trailed off, not sure what to say.

Veronica shook her head, waving off Crissy’s guilt with a graceful hand. “Still, no need to apologize. You followed the rules to the letter, and you shouldn’t be penalized for that.” Veronica glanced at the pillory and then back at Crissy, her expression curious. “However, you didn’t answer my question.”

Crissy blushed even harder. “I…um…”

Veronica waited patiently for a few moments while Crissy stood in stunned silence. “I’m not hearing a no.”

Crissy stood there, conflicted. On the one hand, she had never been…intimate with another woman. On the other hand, Veronica’s power and beauty enticed her, and the idea of being at her mercy…helpless…

“I…ah…” was all Crissy could manage.

Veronica’s smile was amused and mischievous. “Tell you what…how about you go home early today? I’ve already set your cash by the door. I’ll be home this coming Friday evening, ready to receive any guests that just happen to stop by.” Veronica stood straight and slowly turned to recede back into the bathroom. “Either way, I’ll expect you the same time Saturday.”

With Veronica facing the other way, the spell that kept Crissy pinned in place finally broke and she scurried on wobbly legs toward the door. However, Veronica’s voice stopped her at the threshold of the master suite.

“And Crissy…”

“Yes, Miss Veronica?”

“I expect whoever shows up Friday night to be here around seven. And for them to be dressed in something…enticing.”

Crissy couldn’t find her voice after that. Instead, she fled down the stairs and through the foyer to the exit, not even bothering to snatch the cash left for her on her way out.

I shouldn’t be here. What am I thinking?

It was Friday evening and Crissy was shivering in the cool night air outside of Veronica’s mansion. She seriously considered getting back in the car and driving away. This woman was way more experienced and entirely out of Crissy’s league…she was sure she’d make a fool of herself. But two years of watching Veronica silently, playing the part of the aloof, professional maid, stealing glances and longing stares whenever she could had made her…ravenous for something. Something only her mistress could give.

You’re thinking you want to be in that pillory, whispered a naughty little voice in her head. You’re thinking that for two years Veronica showed no interest and now has invited you to spend the night with her. Don’t pass this opportunity up.

Crissy straightened her shoulders and nodded in determination. Besides, I’ve already bought this damn outfit so I might as well get some use out of it!

Steeling herself, she wrapped the trenchcoat that hid the risque ensemble a bit more tightly around her and marched up to the grand front door. She knocked politely, her heart hammering in her chest while she waited. It wasn’t long before Veronica answered, a soft smile curved on her luscious lips. Warmth radiated from the glowing interior of the foyer and she could hear soft music playing from the parlor.

“Crissy,” she practically purred. “I’m so happy you were able to make it.”

“Th-thank you for inviting me, Miss Veronica,” she stammered weakly.

“My pleasure. Please, come in.” Veronica ushered her inside. “Let me take your coat and offer you some wine. I was almost afraid I’d…” Veronica trailed off when Crissy slipped her coat off and revealed her outfit.

It was a french maid costume with a tiny black sheer skirt and apron on the front, white lace choker, garters, black stockings, and a silky lace cap on her head. The top half was nothing but elastic straps that framed her small, perky breasts with removable sheer lace panels that her nipples poked through obscenely.

“…scared you off,” Veronica finished quietly, staring.

Crissy blushed an adorable pink from her head to her toes. “It’s too much…I’m sorry, Miss Veronica, I — ”

And suddenly, Veronica had her up against a wall, parting Crissy’s thighs with her knee and capturing her wrists to pin them above the younger woman’s head. She plundered Crissy’s mouth with a demanding kiss, nipping her lower lip and tasting her deeply, moaning with pleasure. Crissy flushed an even brighter pink, and kissed back desperately, whimpering and rubbing her bare pussy against Veronica’s thigh.

“Oh, I apologize Crissy, I had meant to take this slow,” Veronica managed to mutter as she licked and kissed her way down the girl’s neck. “But your outfit surprised and pleased me so much that I can’t help myself. And now your soft pussy is rubbing against my skin, and I’m simply unable to stop myself.”

“I’m so glad you like it, Miss Veronica,” she panted, hips continuing to pump. The friction of her lips and clit against Veronica’s bare thigh sent sparks of pleasure dancing across her skin. She could feel herself growing wet with every stroke. “I’m sorry for getting your thigh wet.”

“You’ll clean it up soon enough.” She pulled back from kissing the nape of Crissy’s neck and let her wrists go. “Show me your breasts.”

With a dreamy, faraway look in her eyes, Crissy nodded and obediently reached for the panels covering her nipples. With a gentle tug, they came loose, baring her tight peaks for Veronica to admire hungrily. She cupped one in each hand and squeezed Crissy’s nipples.

“Beautiful,” Veronica breathed. She watched Crissy squirm and continue to pump her hips across the thigh that pinned her to the wall. Veronica groaned. “Oh, I want to see you come like this. Hands above your head.” Crissy whimpered shyly and obeyed the command, her eyes shut tightly, unable to look at Veronica. The older woman continued to play with her taut nipples, flicking and tugging and watching them bounce.

Leaning forward, Veronica captured one of Crissy’s nipples in her mouth, sucking and flicking it with her tongue. Crissy arched her back and moaned aloud, her body trembling with pleasure. She was practically melting over Veronica’s leg, her honey flowing steadily and dripping onto the marble tile. As her hips pumped, her soaked pussy was making loud, wet squelches and the scent of sex saturated the air around them.

Veronica pulled back and put a hand on Crissy’s throat. “You taste delicious,” she murmured, licking her lips. “I bet your wet little pussy tastes even better.” Crissy groaned and pumped her hips faster. “I can’t wait to put you in that pillory and lick you until you can’t stand. I should’ve done this years ago.”

“Miss Veronica,” Crissy whimpered desperately. “Please…I…” she stopped, unable to continue when she realized she was begging.

“You can come, Crissy,” Veronica said, pinching her nipples and giving one of her breasts a light but firm smack. Crissy squirmed and cried out in pleasure as her breasts bounced and trembled from the contact. “Oh, I love that.” She smacked Crissy’s other breast and it had the same effect. Crissy’s mouth was wide open now, and her eyelids parted slightly but she saw nothing as she chased her orgasm.

Still pinning her to the wall with one leg between Crissy’s thighs and one hand wrapped around the younger woman’s neck, Veronica leaned back slightly to enjoy the show. “Touch your breasts, Crissy. Touch your breasts for Miss Veronica.”

Again, Crissy obeyed, pinching and pulling her own nipples, hosed legs working hard to pump her bare pussy back and forth over Veronica’s thigh. Her cries were getting louder, sweat formed on her skin, and she threw her head back in ecstasy. Veronica watched intently as the little maid came completely undone in front of her — so different from the shy, quiet worker that had been in her employment for so many years.

“You’re so beautiful, Crissy,” Veronica purred. “And so wet I can hear your little pussy crying for release. Come for me,” she encouraged. “I want to watch you.”

“Yes…Miss…Veronica,” Crissy panted. And then she was screaming, her whole body trembling as she gushed down Veronica’s leg. “It feels so good!” she cried as the orgasm wracked her whole body. When she finally finished, Crissy slumped against the wall, legs shaking and pussy quivering against Veronica’s thigh.

“Oh, Crissy, you did beautifully,” Veronica said with a sultry laugh. Carefully, she took her hand and leg away from the girl and made sure she could stand. “You made quite a mess, though.” Crissy had the decency to blush at the puddle of her own juices on the floor and the sight of Veronica’s bare thigh shiny from her orgasm.

Veronica kept her skirt gathered where Crissy had soaked her as she strutted toward the foyer bench. Gracefully, she lowered herself onto it and spread her thighs, leaning back into a comfortable position. She beckoned Crissy with one long finger and a hungry look in her eyes.

“Now, come clean up your mess.”

Veronica and Crissy’s story doesn’t end here…there is more to come!

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