How Medium fucked with my sexcapade and then fucked with my whole work week…

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Medium writers — do you find yourself thinking in words ever? You are not writing on paper or on a blank screen, just in your mind, as you go about your day?

This happens to me. Mostly it’s cool. Gives me ideas. However last weekend, I reconnect with my man. We are making out. We are fucking. You readers know me. I am fierce. I am an Eckhart Tolle fan. I strive to be present more than not. So I finally get to have sex again and I am enjoying the hell out of it, but I am not exactly present. In my mind the words come to me. And they are bad, and I don’t mean naughty, just bad. Like insert emoji eye roll here. Actually, I’ll do it !

His one-eyed monster enlarges in my mouth while I suck him off…

I squeezed my peaches around his head…

I face fuck him while he jerks off his throbber…

He squirted his hot mother load giving me a pearl necklace while thrusting in my squeeze box…

His warm jizz squirts all over my face…

My love juice gushes and makes it hard for him to breathe as I sit on his face…

Here is the thing, the writing, it just ‘ain’t good’ at all hahaha. It’s just wrong, cheesy shit that comes to my mind. I can’t help it though… it just showed up, all while I’m making out wanting to be present!


Then this week….

Working from home this week! Wooooooo lots of calls and emails to make, trainings to record, administrative bullshit to do. The kids are out of school, so around part of the time — in between camp and friends — so in and out of the house, which makes it harder to take the mom hat off and put the work hat on. But I blame Medium for keeping me really distracted and great at procrastinating this week. There is some really bomb ass writing going in the Medium world this month. Heart felt and Heart work. However there is also a lot of hot, hot, hot writing coming out of MyErotica and Poetry Under Cover! Enough to keep my clit at attention and throbbing. It’s been quite the longggg dry spell for me taking time for myself lately in this capacity due to the writer hat, mom hat, work hat, and every other goddamn hat I wear. Seeing my man this past weekend woke her up though and my clit has been screaming at me all week to pay attention!

I am enticed with the images,

I am wet with the words,

I can’t get out of bed,

The silver bullet is working overtime on the highest speed,

I make myself cum hard, yet I’m not done, that’s not the usual…

I have to go at it again. And again.

I see Rose’s name pop up and I get turned on, and I have never even been with a woman (except for one make-out session at a Lady Gaga concert in Vegas… hmmm ok Rose MyErotica I need to write that story up, separately).

Avoiding emails, avoiding clients, wait, fantasizing about clients, like what if I offered myself, legs spread, to get sales? Hmmm that would make a great erotica story too!

She went into his office, he shut the door, he asked her, “What’s selling lately?” She aggressively placed her ass on his desk in front of his chair, hiked up her pencil skirt, and told him authoritatively, “I’ll show you what’s selling baby…”

Oh shit, I need to write that fantasy up!

I get up to shower off, but by the time I’m done the bed and the bullet are calling my name again…

“What’s that, Mr. Principal? I’m going to get an F for cheating? Well I just don’t know Mr. Principal… I sorry I was so, so bad by cheating, I feel so very terrible about it… hmmm it’s true I can be a bad girl sometimes. Let’s go in your office and talk about it… You see Mr. Principal, let me just slide my ass down on your desk real quick and I can explain, I can be bad, but I can be hella naughty too… And I’d love to know how can I possibly do some ‘work’ to get an A+? Do you have any ideas? I’d sure love to watch your hot cum land on my eager tongue… would that be ok with you Mr. Principal? Maybe your secretary can come in here and eat me out while you do that?”

Fuck — ok I REALLY need to get to work now, surely someone must be trying to reach me…

“Ding Dong… oh hi Pool Boy, you are here to clean the pool? Great! Man it looks really hot out there — do you want to come inside for a minute for some lemonade? Pool Boy, you do a great job cleaning my pool, thanks so much. Do you know what, Pool Boy? If you don’t mind, I have something else that could really use some cleaning up. You see, my pussy has just been gushing all day. It’s just so damn wet I can’t even focus on anything. Pool Boy, the husband is away, do you think you can take a few minutes and clean up my pussy for me, baby? With your face? I’ll let the husband know I think you deserve a raise…”

Ok now for real, I’m ready, back to work we go right? Where is my work hat? What the fuck? I know it’s around here somewhere.

“Hey thanks for seeing me on such short notice. My car really needed a lube job, how long is it going to take? 45 minutes? No problem. Hey sir — would you mind if we spoke in your office for a minute privately? Great! Thanks so much! Here is the thing Mr. Jiffy Lube owner… see I have no money. What? No, no I know, I feel really badly, I am so, so sorry, it’s just, my car really, really needed a lube job. The thing is, while your guys are out there working on my car, giving it the oil change it needs and adding fluids, I’d sure like you to give me some fluids, and I’d like to offer you the best lube job of your entire life… maybe you can give me a freebie on the car and you can take me for a ride? On your cock?”

Ok. Now. FUCK! But…

Hey Mr. Trainer at the gym! Thanks so much for meeting me so late tonight! I am super pumped to work out! What’s that? Oh you love my orange shirt? Thanks so much! Wait what? OMG you are right! Haha — I DID forget to wear a bra today! What do you think? Do you like how my nips look? Tan, and yup, why yes they are DD’s. Good eye Mr. Trainer! Ready to eat? What? Damn Mr. Trainer — I feel like you are distracting me haha! Oh hell yeah, that feels good you brushing you fingertips on them, oh yes! Your hot breath through the fabric feels great…”

Ahhh words. Ahhh Medium. Ahhh working from home. Ahhhh my OOC (OUT OF CONTROL!!!) fantasies. Ahhh Single mom. Ahhhh the silver bullet.

Sigh…. Be Fierce 

This piece is 10% inspired by this line…

I just lie around on the couch eating bonbons and masturbating.”

From Anna Grace’s great piece:

What Does a Single Woman in Her Forties DO With Her Life, Exactly?

And 90% fiction (and all those fantasies go on in my head all the time). Just don’t tell my mom. Or my boss.

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