Weekend at Charles’s place, part one

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It was a weekend afternoon and my wife and I were heading to her lover’s place. This was her second encounter with Charles. Her first time had happened in a hotel room some weeks ago, our preference as we like to keep things as far from the kids as possible. That night had cemented the relationship in ways even I had been surprised by. Usually Juliet was shy unless her buttons really got pushed. But Charles was far more patient with her than I had anticipated. Since their first date she hadn’t stopped talking about him. She had been looking forward to this weekend break, and I had too.

Every now and then I glanced at her to see how she was doing. She was tapping her fingers on her thigh and singing along to the R&B music streaming out of the stereo. I could tell she was fighting her nerves.

“You alright, babe?” I asked.

She looked at me, her eyes bright and sparkling like I just caught her doing something. She had done her hair and painted her nails to look good for Charles.

“Yeah… yeah, sure, of course, I’m alright,” she muttered. She looked away for a moment then returned to me: “You think leaving the kids with Sheryl was a good idea?”

Sheryl was our neighbour’s teenage daughter whom we’d asked to babysit our twin tots while we were away.

“I think it’s a terrific idea, and Sheryl will be perfect with the kids,” I said. “Nothing we should worry about.”

“I know, I know… it’s just… Oh damn, I’m sounding like a Grinch, aren’t I?”

I sniggered. “A beautiful Grinch out to pay her lover a visit, that’s what you are. You called him yet to let him know how far away we are?”

“I’ve been texting him,” she showed me her phone, laughing. “He says he’s home alone and waiting.”

“I’ll bet you can’t wait to lock arms around him.”

“You know it,” she leaned over and kissed my cheek. “I never thought we would make this happen, but we did. I’m so glad you’re with me on this.”

“You know I’m always with you,” I wrapped my arm around her; I inhaled her white rose-scented perfume. “This is us together. Let’s make the most of it whenever we can.”

We got to Charles’s home in no time. He was sitting out on the front porch and got to his feet when I drove into his compound. Juliet had unclasped her seatbelt and flung the door open before I’d even applied the handbrake. Charles came to her and she called out his name before jumping into his arms. I came from around the vehicle to shake his hand.

“What’s up, white boy?” he said to me. “Hope it wasn’t hard finding my crib.”

“Nah, it was easy-peasy,” I said, then gestured at my wife. “Looks like someone’s happy to meet you again.”

“Aww honey, can’t you tell,” Juliet cooed, smooching Charles again.

“Well, how about we go inside,” he said. “I’ve got nosy neighbours and they love to talk.”

“Hold on one minute,” I said and opened the trunk and took out a picnic basket and a travel bag which I had stocked with some of Juliet’s clothes in case she wanted to change outfits.

As soon as we were inside, Charles assumed the role of lord and master, with Juliet and I as his pleasure servants.

He locked lips with Juliet as they went into the bedroom. He lifted her into his arms, and his hands rode up her panties, caressing her butt. She wrapped her arms around his neck, still kissing him. I set the basket and the bag down and sat in a chair by the door. I stayed at a small distance so I could have the pleasure of watching without making Juliet uncomfortable with my presence. My hard-on was alive inside my jeans and I could not wait to free it.

Charles dropped Juliet on the bed and went on kissing her all over. They gave each other a couple of minutes of foreplay, then Charles rose to his feet and beckoned me over. I slipped off my shoes as I climbed on the bed and knelt before him.

“Get me out of my jeans, white boy,” he demanded.

“Yes sir,” I said and undid his belt buckle.

Juliet knelt beside me as I unzipped Charles’ jeans and shoved them down his thighs. His ten-inch pounder slapped my face, stunning me with pre-cum. I took his cock in my hand and into my mouth it went. Juliet’s face was close to mine as I sucked her lover’s cock. Then I gave it to her to enjoy as well. We took turns sucking his cock. Now and then we’d share a kiss with his cock in between our lips, then we’d trade towards sucking his balls and shaft. Charles caressed our heads and prodded us not to stop.

Then Charles told Juliet to get out of her clothes. I helped with undressing her until she was left in her pantyhose and bra. Charles rolled on a condom. He lay on the bed stroking his cock, watching Juliet finish undressing.

When she was naked she dived on Charles, while I went back to my chair. I took off my clothes and put on my wife’s bra and panties, and sat watching them fuck. The whole time I stroked my penis, gasping at the sight of Juliet’s butt bouncing down on Charles’s cock. Her moans became frenzied when he worked up a faster tempo, fucking her harder.

I jerked off and shot my load over my thigh and on the carpet and yet I was not done. Neither were they. Charles turned Juliet over and she locked her ankles over his thighs while he slammed down on her. Juliet scratched his backside and shoulders and hollered at him to fuck her harder. She was his whore, his bitch, and she was my queen and mother to my kids, and I loved watching her get fucked.

Charles groaned when he climaxed and pulled out of her when he was done. I came to the bed and ate Juliet’s pussy. She felt warm and succulent against my tongue. Charles slipped the used condom off his penis and gave it to me. I drained the condom’s contents and thanked him for it.

“Don’t thank me yet, white boy,” he said to me. He went and got his phone out of his jeans. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

I was confused and looked at Juliet, wondering if she had any idea what he meant. She smiled at me and said: “You’re about to get your wish, darling.”

To be continued . . .

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