He Fucks Us With His Words

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The Art of Having Sex with Heath ዟ

Heath fucks us with his words
Pounding us with his verse
He creates huge waves of empathy from us

with a thousand tongues

Oops, did I say tongues?
I meant a thousand poetic letters chosen with tenderness from the beautiful alphabet he draws his strength from…
Yes, exactly…
This is what I meant

But ooohhhhhh la la, it DOES feel like he is eating us out!
Taking us to new levels, making us shout
As we close our eyes imagining how he is hung
Anticipation and breath filling our lungs
As we turn the page and read more poems
Stuffing our faces under his scrotum
Burying our mouths deep in his work
Getting dizzy as he writes of women and their worth

Fantasizing between the lines
Unbuttoning our clothes, we unwind
Making love to us blind
Blowing our minds
Bowing to his pen
He fucks us again

We put Heath on a pedestal
Painting him on a totem
Our hearts he has stolen

Lying back and reaching down
Turning us on with his use of nouns
Finding our way to our already soaked mariposas, we finger ourselves
While reading of soft skin and deep care, a tenderness we all wish to share
He eats us out with his song
How he can keep us gripped for so long
We ride his waves of emotions with synonyms
He takes us over the edge crescendoing us with his violin
Fantasizing that we are the ones that actually get to fuck him

He flips us over, we are caught off guard
Forgetting that he is still in charge
He bends us forward and we blow him hard
Getting as intimate as we possibly can
Finding it hard to believe there really exists a man
That appreciates and treats women with such care and respect
Living his days to fully protect
The ones he falls for
What we dream is that it’s us
Burrowed in his sheets
We turn up the heat
Getting pounded and drilled with the utmost care
A time to take it hard
A time to take it bare
A time to simply pierce his eyes while he gently plays with our hair

Huddled under his skin
Feels like sin
To be so safe
To feel so protected
Feeling all of the universe
By being so connected
Wrapped underneath
This poet named Heath

He whispers to us with his words
He bares his soul, he gives us all his passwords
Naked on the page
Until he is drained
Sometimes with a broken heart
Which creates some of his best art
As he rips his emotions apart
When some girl walks off with his heart that she bogart

That’s when we wrap our arms around him
We praise how brave
And want to take him to our cave
To give some love back
When he feels under attack
By the breakup blues
We hear his tune
We want to make it better with kisses
And make him forget whoever he misses

He comes back strong
He heals himself with his pen
Giving us power when we ourselves need to heal again
Piecing himself back together we give in
Sweaty with sin
Stained with Cognac
Reading verse after verse of grief written with Beethoven Soundtracks
Dreaming of him
Giving us all a ride

From hermit to bold
He heals for all of us
We exhale in zen
We breathe for him as he does for us
Dizzy from all our fuss
We clean up our sweat and pussies full of dew
He moves us because he gets so naked, he gives us a full view
We get lost in his love and breakup letters
And in the end we all heal better

He loves us all
More than we know
For we are his friends, his fans, and his tribe
We hold space for him
We ride the same vibe
Kissing us with his prose that he scribes
We align with dear Heath in joy and pain
As he drills us so hard it drives us insane
We take him so deep… together we came
Orgasming in unison like singing birds
Elated, because we feel so heard
He loves us so much
He can never know enough
How moved we can be
With his words we see
How real he is
And how much he gives
We are grateful we get to relive
His stories
And we relish his poems in all their glory

With each rhythm you produce
Sweet erotica you induce
Publishing your work
That speaks to us
That speaks to me
Making love to every inch of our minds
Exploring new avenues every time
You pen is your erotic tool
Our knees buckle every time like a fool
As you kiss us with your words
Please know dear Heath you are always heard

Love, this Medium tribe

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