Hands Against the Wall

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photo: SexArt

I am on my back on the bed; she is lying on top of me, with her back against my chest. Our legs raised a little. My shaft inside of her. Her head on my shoulder, next to mine, hanging down a little. She has her hands against the wall, and uses them to push me deeper inside of her as I thrust myself into her.

It was not what we intended to do. We were aiming for reverse cowgirl, except that one thing led to the other. I am loving our new found position. I have all of her beautiful body at reach of my hands. And I am feasting on it.

I know every mountain and every valley of her figure. She is my territory, my private hunting ground. She is free as an albatross, but tonight she belongs to me alone. I am caressing her ribcage with my fingernails, and I can feel her shiver as my hands pass next to her belly button. I use my fingertips to navigate up her legs, just to come back over her inner thighs. My left hand flies over her breast and closes in on her nipple. My right hand keeps going across her elegant neck, and after a detour behind her ear, makes it between her lips.

I place my fingers in her mouth as I keep thrusting my cock inside of her. She generously pours saliva over them. When I have collected enough I helicopter my hand over her body and land at the airfield by her vulva. I start caressing her clit, until my finger finds the tip, right there where her skin parts ways. I place my fingertip gently on top and start a circular motion. I am helping her build up energy for what is to come next.

I can hear how her moaning changes. She turns her head to see me and asks for a kiss with her lips. I move my head slightly to find hers. The wet encounter of our mouths is full of passion. We are rocking the bed. We have found our rhythm and are in bouncy mode. As I push in she moves up, and takes a turn down me after I have started moving out. Then she moves down, pushing me inside of her, and before I reach the end her hips take a turn and move back up. It is a playful bounce, a loving dance of two souls looking to create something beautiful. I can hear her words:

Just like that. Don’t stop!

Of course I won’t stop, my love. I can feel how you are getting close to something and I want to experience the discharge of energy together with you. I want to feel how you start falling out of pace as you get ready for the big quake. I want to see how you have to stop kissing me to grab enough air for the moaning that you will be giving out.

Boom! it comes. Her big orgasm is there. I can feel how she arches her back, as if trying to squeeze the last drops out of it. I hold her tight by her ribcage. And my finger stops at the top of her clit. It has been an earthshaking number. The little death, as she calls it sometimes. She made it to the other side and came back to rest in my arms.

As I am holding her I can feel the contractions of her vagina on my shaft. It is extremely beautiful to be able to experience her full blown sexuality. I enjoy giving pleasure, and every time she comes, I also come a little. I honor the trust she puts in me by letting me hold her as she is in the free fall of her orgasm.

We turn around and lie in spoons. I can smell our lovemaking in the air. My girl is in fetal position and wants to be hugged now. I am happy to wrap my arms around her and hold her tight, as you would hold a treasure. For that’s what she is to me, the most precious being in this world.

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