Gloria’s Secret, part seven: Morning

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It was a Monday morning. Lem straightened his jacket. Gloria handed him his briefcase, followed by a kiss, and walked him to the door.

“Don’t forget to pick up some milk on your way home,” she reminded him.

“I won’t, darling. Don’t wear him out, you hear.”

He gestured with a glance of his eyes upstairs; Gloria caught the gesture with a chuckle.

“Don’t worry about him. He can handle me for sure.”

Lem admired his wife in her silk robe, then turned and walked out of the house. Gloria watched him get into his car and waved goodbye to him as he drove off. She shut the door, then returned upstairs.

Morris was in bed with the sheets draped over him. Gloria hung up her robe and got onto the bed. Morris did not stir even as she caressed his arm. Not to be daunted, she pulled back the sheets, exposing his nakedness. She snaked her fingers around his penis. It felt cold in her hand; she’d soon fix that.

Gloria changed position and drew closer to his crotch. She rolled her tongue around the tip of his penis, and inhaled the exotic musky smell that wafted from his pubic hair, before tasting his cock. Morris awakened and caressed her hair as she went on massaging his balls while feeling his member become hard in her mouth.

“Morning,” Morris murmured.

“Morning, babe,” said Gloria. She turned around to face him while still cradling his cock. “I needed me some morning snack. I hope you don’t mind.”

No way was Morris going to say no to that. Gloria continued enjoying every inch of his throbbing cock, loving the smell of it, loving the way it kicked against her chin as it grew more turgid.

She dove a hand between her legs to rub her pussy.

She moaned as she felt herself become wet.

She could not wait to get his cock inside her.

Gloria slid forward on top of him. Morris held her by her waist; his cock found its own way inside her pussy. Gloria flung her head backward, loving the exquisite feel of his prick slipping inside her pussy. She worked her hips up and down and side to side as he went deep, brushing against her cervix.

“Aww. . . you’re so big, darling. Uuhhh. . . Uhhhh. . . so fucking good.”

Gloria gasped and continued mouthing off her train of thought as Morris started jerking his hips, pounding her pussy hard. He squeezed her tits in both hands. She caressed his arms and torso. She loved the feel of his shoulder muscles — so strong, so black and beautiful — so unlike her husband’s flabby body, which she so despised. Gloria fell into Morris’s arms; she could remain here all day with his cock jammed inside her and she would not miss a thing.

Their tempo increased. Their fucking became rough and energetic. Gloria loved it. Morris turned her over and they wrestled for dominance. Morris grabbed her wrists and pinned her down, overpowered her, and fucked her harder. Gloria hooked her legs over his backside.

“More,” she gasped, jerking her hips in sync with his movements. “Give it to me, darling.”

Morris grunted against her face.

He breathed upon her lips.

Her lips opened and accepted his kiss.

He slipped his hands underneath her buttocks and pressed her lower body against his. He fucked her as hard as his thigh muscles could muster. Gloria felt his cock expand in her pussy and knew he was about to cum. Morris pulled out and came forward and jerked his cock frantically against her face. Gloria already had her mouth open. His first salvo landed on her tongue. Morris groaned as he went on jerking his meat, pumping spurt after spurt of semen down her throat. Gloria swallowed every drop.


The sound of the doorbell signaled an end to their morning tryst.

“Who the devil could that be now,” Gloria huffed.

“Probably your husband forgot something?” asked Morris.

“It wouldn’t be the first time. Don’t go anywhere, darling.”

Gloria kissed Morris, and put her robe back on. The doorbell sounded again as she went down the stairs. She peeped through the window before opening the door.

“Rachel,” she said.

Thank you for enjoying the tale. Coming soon . . .

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