Gloria’s Secret, part 5

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Morris took aim at Zia’s pussy slit.

Lem peeped through a hole in the closet door. He breathed through his mouth.

“Give it to her, Morris,” Lem’s wife Gloria jeered as she spread Zia’s ass cheeks apart for him. “Go on, give it to her. She wants that cock of yours.”

Morris’s cock penetrated between Zia’s pussy walls. Her body jerked, then shook in response. Morris stopped for a moment as her body broke into a shiver and she exhaled a lengthy moan. Her pussy gave off an exquisite farting noise. He waited for her to get used to his girth, then slowly slipped further into her moist cunt. Zia grabbed at the sofa’s headrest. Her face curled into a mask of pleasure and pain. This is exactly what she had sought when Gloria invited her over.

Gloria fingered Zia’s anus while taking in the sight of her lover’s cock sliding all the way into her pussy. She couldn’t help glancing toward the closet, picturing her husband restrained inside, jerking off his pecker to the sight of what was being done to his cousin. She had more surprises to spring on him.

But first . . .

Morris sucked air through his teeth and shook his head side to side as he went on fucking Zia. He was enjoying the feel of her tight pussy around his shaft. Such a wonderful feeling, the best imaginable. The fact that he now had two pussies to fuck made things very pleasant to imagine. He only hoped he didn’t blow it by cumming too soon.

Gloria leaned toward him and they shared a passionate kiss. “I told you I was going to have a surprise for you when you came by,” she said.

“Yeah, you weren’t lying, babe,” he replied.

“How good does her pussy feel?”

“Uhhh terrific,” he gasped. “So good and tight.”

“Well, you’d better save some for me.”

Gloria came and assumed the same position beside Zia; she reached down and moaned as she rubbed at her clit. Morris looked at her and knew that was the signal that she demanded her turn of his cock.

Lem was gasping inside the closet. His hand was busy jerking his cock hard. Already he had ejaculated over his shorts and licked much of his semen from his fingers. But to his surprise, he remained hard. He had never been as excited as he was now. Not after watching his dirty whore of a cousin getting fucked by another man. He pictured himself delivering the news to her husband Jeff about her current activity in his home, and tried to imagine what his response would be. Zia had said Jeff was well aware of her sexual peccadilloes, so there would be no harm in him hearing more intimate details of her exploits.

He returned his attention to the sight of Morris and the two women in his life having fun in the living room while he remained hidden in the closet sweating it out. Morris was now switching places and fucking Gloria. Oh, Lem couldn’t wait for him to cum inside Gloria, so he could spend the rest of the afternoon socking his cum down her throat when she got a chance to sit on his face. But what if Morris opted to save his semen for Zia instead?

Morris balanced a knee on the sofa, hunched over Gloria and was thrusting deeper into her cunt. From Lem’s point of view, he could see his nutsac slap repeatedly against his wife’s ass while he rammed his cock inside her. Gloria was moaning her head off like she couldn’t care less who heard her screams.

“Ohh yes! Yes… fuck that pussy, darling!” she gasped over and over.

Zia came and knelt behind them, nearly blocking Lem’s view of the action, as she rimmed Morris’s ass and slid downward to Gloria’s pussy. Lem was jerking and gasping harder. He accidentally bumped his knuckles against the closet door and had to catch himself. His excitement was heading towards getting him caught. Gloria would definitely get mad at him if Morris caught wind of his presence. Not that he hadn’t pleaded with her time after time to introduce them, no more secrets.

Too late, he had ejaculated over his hand a second time. Lem swore under his breath and was busy licking his semen off his fingers as he had done before when he heard Gloria’s voice loud and clear.

“Morris darling, there’s someone I so much want you to meet,” said Gloria.

Lem felt his heart simultaneously leap and kick up a trot into his throat when he heard her say that. He could hardly believe his ears. He peeped out the hole and — too late — saw Gloria approach the closet door. He felt his penis shrink into his gut when he heard the handle turn, and the door was flung open to reveal him to the occupants of the living room.

Gloria stood there smiling at Lem. Behind her, Lem saw Morris standing beside the sofa with Zia attending to his cock. There was a look of surprise on Morris’s face as he suddenly realized he had been watched the entire time.

“Come on out, honey,” Gloria gestured at Lem. “It’s time I introduce you to Morris.”

Lem stood there, embarrassed. He realized he had his thumb stuck in his mouth as he stared dumbfounded and sheepish at Gloria. She had caught him licking semen off his thumb when she opened the closet door. Lem stepped clumsily out of the closet into the living room like he couldn’t believe he was actually there. He tried not to glance past his wife at the sight of his cousin sucking Morris’s cock while Morris looked at him stunned.

“The fuck are you doing, Gloria?” he whispered to her as she led him away from the closet door. His face glowed red. He tucked his penis back into his shorts as she led him towards Morris.

“No need to be ashamed, honey,” Gloria chuckled. “We’re all adults here. You’ve always wanted to meet the man who’s been fucking me all this time while you’ve been at work. Well, here he is, our gardener.” She turned to her lover. “Morris, you do know my husband, don’t you? I’m sorry but he’s known about us for a while. I’ve waited for the perfect moment to get you to meet, and today absolutely felt right.”

Neither Morris nor Lem knew what response to give. They tried not to make eye contact at first, until Gloria tapped their arms, snapping them to reality.

Husband and gardener.

Cuck and black lover.

What were the odds they would meet like this?

“Are you boys gonna shake hands or what?” Zia asked.

“I think they have already,” Gloria answered, before turning to her husband. “You wanted to meet Morris face to face, well, now you have. If you don’t mind, I’m going to enjoy more of his cock now. You can sit down and watch and maybe get yourself a nice bonus when I’m done, or you can return to the closet where you were. I really don’t care.”

Lem wanted to say something in his defense. Too late, Gloria turned to her lover, grabbed him by his cock and pulled him away from Zia. She rested on the sofa and flung her legs apart. Morris glanced over at Lem as he moved onto his knees before Gloria. She caught the glance he gave Lem.

“Don’t mind him, dear,” she said. “He loves to watch. He’s been watching us fuck since we started. Pretend he’s not here and drive that cock inside me. I’m so fucking wet.”

Morris rubbed the tip of his penis against her vulva before thrusting all the way inside her cunt.

Awwhhhhh yeah!” Gloria whimpered. Her body broke into spasms as her lover lay on top of her, resting his arms against her shoulders and spreading his legs apart to get better traction.

“Awww . . . Aaahhhh give it to me, Morris,” she yelled, grabbing his shoulders, urging him to fuck her harder. “Go ahead, fuck me. Don’t stop . . . make my husband jealous!

Morris fucked Gloria harder, just the way she wanted. Zia sat beside them massaging her pussy and squeezing her tits while she waited for her turn. Morris pulled out of Gloria and went and fed Zia’s pussy with his meat. He hammered Zia hard, before switching back to fucking Gloria.

The whole time, nobody paid attention to Lem. He had asserted himself and was back to jerking his cock while he waited for the inevitable moment. The moment he knew was coming. He could almost taste it. Even from listening to his wife’s cries he knew her lover was bound to ejaculate any second.

The moment happened and Morris groaned and muttered expletives as he pressed his abdomen against Gloria. His hips jerked spasmodically as he emptied his nutsac inside her. Gloria held him down and locked her ankles against his thighs.

“Ohhhh fuck . . . yes, babe! Yes . . . yes, darling . . . gimme all your load! I want it all!”

Morris remained on top Gloria for more than a minute, gasping as he unleashed everything. Eventually he pulled out of her and her pussy spurted a bubble of thick semen.

Lem sprang into action and dashed towards his wife.

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