Give It To Me Hard

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You say you will punish me, please do

He lies on my bed completely naked. It’s his second time at my new home. Isle’s arm supports his head as he leans back. It’s a cocky, self assured position that is annoyingly hot. I take in the beauty of his lanky body, his long tree limb legs. His erection bobs in the candlelight.

This night feels different to me. I approach him with tentative footsteps. There’s the curly carpet that caresses in between my toes. The candlelight adds an element of romance. The scent of pumpkin and vanilla fills the air.

There’s this hesitation before I gorge my lips on his dick. I’m savoring the view of him in my bed. I straddle his waist and slide my hands down on either side of his hips. I kiss his stomach in a hot trail leading down to his substantial cock. His legs open up to give me better access.

I lick the base of his dick. I drag my tongue up the thickness of it. The next moment I force it deeply into my mouth. A moan escapes my lips. It’s only been a day since I’ve had this glorious piece of him in my mouth. I revel in the sensation of it. My tongue traces up and down each side.

He was the first person I allowed into my home. It feels like longer than the day we’ve not seen each other. I take his dick as deep as it can go. It hits the back of my throat. I impale myself on it and breathe through my nose. His scent fills my nostrils. It has that addictive, smoky quality. Like he’ll always burn me each time I submit to him. But it feels so good to be lit alive by what we do.

“Spit on it, go on MD,” he instructs.

I giggle a little at the command. I’m never able to do this and I look up at him. My tongue brushes the edges of his dick. I build saliva up around where I’m licking.

He takes me and tosses me to the side. I laugh at his strength and assertion. I slide into the position he always loves and I adore. My elbows slide under me. There is a wiggling of my ass in the air. His cock plays with the entrance of my pussy. It traces around the edges of the lips. A brief brush against my ass. I tilt my hips up to accommodate him.

There’s something about that first push inside of me. It’s like my body yawns open. My whole world and the feelings within me explode alive. I’m so painfully present in this moment. I gasp sharply and he thrusts into me. He sets a steady pace and deepens his thrusts.

“You know how I like you. Get those arms behind you, MD,” he instructs me.

I listen to him and try to position my arms behind me. My neck cranes to the side. He hits further within me. I’m suddenly pulled up and he tosses me onto my back. We’re near the edge of the bed. The wooden bedstead touches the base of my skull.

He tilts my legs over my head. I’m in a bent up position like a human pretzel. He plunges within me. I let out a scream of ecstasy. I’m sure my pussy is squirting now and I moan wildly.

“Let your eyes roll back in ecstasy. There you go,” he whispers hotly in my ear.

Fuck. I allow myself to listen to him. I’m brought above my body and I fall deeper within it. My body is nothing but a hot wired electricity system. I literally roll my eyes back into my skull.

He’s so close to me. I feel him watching me intently. Isle is enjoying the view of me losing my shit. I scream, moan, writhe underneath him.

“Am I more than just this dick?” he asks.

I’m thrown off by the rawness of his question. The vulnerability spins me off kilter. I open my eyes.

The stare he’s giving me makes me feel like a woman who is being owned. He’s a certain sort of special: intelligence, intuition and worldliness. Isle is also the closest I’ve ever gotten to a bad boy. He’s unpredictable, wild, impossible to tether.

“Of course you’re more than your dick.”

“Who owns this pussy?”

“You do, you own it. It’s yours to do whatever you want with. Fuck me like an animal, Isle,” I gasp.

He drives deeper within me as I admit this. I feel like he’s going to split me in two imperfect halves. Each pulse is something that reaches the edge of my pussy. I consciously clench around his length and it intensifies everything.

He disengages from me. I see him lean back on the bed. I know what I want and I push him down. My hips straddle him and I grin down at him. My hair falls and covers my face like a veil. He pushes it out of the way so he can look at me.

I’m acutely aware of the gentle gesture. The way he brushes the locks out of my face. His fingers glance against my cheeks briefly. I lean my oval face into his touch. We never stare at each other like this. It’s rawly disconcerting and incredibly hot.

I grip his dick and try to get it within me. It resists me as it moves this way and that. I finally force it in me with a shudder.

My hips start riding him. His cock enters me and pumps in. I rise up only to fall on it fully. I move like I’m on one of those mechanical bulls. His brown eyes close in obvious ecstasy. I’ve never ridden him like this before. The process of impaling myself on his hard length gets me grinning excessively.

“Oh, so that’s what’s going on. Mmm, look at that,” he whispers huskily. He sounds surprised.

Isle lets out a sudden growl at my hips driving him deeper within me. He drags me down so I’m incredibly near. I smell him everywhere and his scent overwhelms me. He wants me close to him tonight. We entwine like passionate lovers.

“Stay down here with me.”

He whispers in my ear. I squirm and sigh. I kiss him on his neck. My kisses trace up to his chin and he groans. There’s this overwhelming urge to kiss him. He looks me unabashedly in my eyes. I dare to keep looking into his beautiful, wide brown eyes.

His gaze is a never-ending turn on. The first moment we met it was the mystery behind them. The wild insatiableness I knew that was there even though I’d just met him. He intrigued me, fascinated me, scratched my neurons in a way few do.

This kind of sex is something to get addicted to. The vulnerability of his voice, questions, and his gaze pushes me over the edge. He holds me close to him as he pumps within me. I feel his sinewy, tightly wound body pressed against my curvaceous softness. His arms feel like tight vines pulled around me. I keep kissing him and occasionally sink my teeth into the junction of his neck.

He takes a tit within his mouth. I gasp at the sensation because I love it. I always want him to fuck me and have one in his mouth. Isle sucks it with a gentleness as he keeps thrusting roughly inside me.

I feel him move me off him. He instructs me onto my knees again. This time his dick traces, purposefully, against my ass. I moan and want him to fuck it. In the next instant I know that he’ll split me in two if he tries to get in.

“Where’s the lube? Did you unpack it?”

“I don’t know where it is.”

His dick pushes gently at my puckered asshole. I moan and sigh at the same time. I back away from it with a laugh.

“You know you’re huge. You’ll destroy it if you get in. But, we can try and see if that’s true.”

“I’ll take it slow,” he murmurs softly.

I’ve enjoyed anal and admitted to him I’ve done it before. But, that lube is an essential element. I stay still as he pushes halfway in. It feels incredible, intense, wonderful and too much all at once. I buck forward and he groans behind me. I can hear him lamenting that he was almost in.

“Well, I’ll just have to give it to that pussy hard if I can’t have that ass. Problem is, you like that.”

“That’s a problem?”

“Nah, because I like giving it to you hard too,” he admits.

He flips me so that I’m on my back again. Isle pushes my ankles near my ears. My toes curl as he prepares to plunge within me again.

We’ve been fucking for an hour and a half straight. I wait for him to give it to my pussy hard. There’s a part of me reveling in the knowledge that he’ll be trying to get me to say Uncle again. And I refuse to this time as I grin up at him.

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