Fuck me do

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By Viliman Viliman

Maya stared at the glistening cool object at the verge of her hot wet pussy, wondering how she’d ended up doing this. She had been the most winsome girl in her small town in Gujarat, India. Her skin was alabaster, a complete departure from the coffee color of the other residents. People talked in whispers about her lineage, since her parents both had dark skin. What heightened her striking features were her full succulent breasts over a waif-like body. When aroused, her nipples were long thick brown knobs that pointed skywards. Fuck, I am getting a hard on just describing her awesome body!

But Maya was considered asexual and completely frigid. Her frosty stare could melt away the hardest erection.

Maya’s father had fallen on bad times and the family now stayed at a decrepit shanty in the town’s seediest locality. Just when it seemed that she would have to resign herself to a life full of squalor, a twist of luck transformed her life.

Victor Patel, a rich businessman originally from this town and now settled in South Africa, had returned for a holiday. He saw Maya at the village fair and was instantly smitten. He wanted Maya and that was it. Her family antecedents and social status did not matter. She would stay with him in his swanky mansion in Cape Town.

Even after the engagement, Maya’s “touch me not” attitude persisted. She wanted to save everything for after marriage. Victor gave due respect to Maya’s abstinence from physical intimacy. But he continued his subtle seduction in a bid to stoke some passion in her.

After marriage though, Maya was a different person altogether. She was simply insatiable. It was like she was on a mission to make up for all the lost years. Fortunately, Victor had the drive and the technique to keep her satisfied. In the first few weeks post marriage, they fucked the whole day like rabbits.

The sex continued to be good for the initial years. Maya had to have at least one tryst with Dickie Darling every day. The problem was that Victor worked as hard as he played. Sometimes he would come home at night dog tired, to find Maya unfailingly seductive and wanton. Occasionally he failed to rise to the occasion.

Victor thought this could not go on. He bought an office close to home and shifted base. Come afternoon, during lunch break, he would come home and fuck the daylights out of Maya. This was labelled his Noonie Special. This worked out best for them as their children were in the growing years. They were in school while Daddy and Mummy played dirty games at home in the afternoon.

For the first time in the fourteen years since their marriage, Victor had to travel for work. He would be gone for around ten days. Maya wasn’t too pleased but Victor had no choice. Maya tried to keep her afternoons busy with social causes or kitty parties to avoid thinking of her Noonies. She had become quite adept at getting off with her artistic fingers.

On day seven of Victor’s absence, Maya’s craving for something to fill her vagina and stretch her inner walls had reached a crescendo. She invaded the fridge and was rewarded by a nice, curved, tower-like cucumber. This would do just fine. She took it into her room and gazed at it adoringly. What a beautiful creation! It had been made just for her vagina. In her excitement and desperation, she had not realised that the door was wide open…

What happened next:

Ngawa peered into the refrigerator and frowned. He was sure he had kept just the perfect cucumber to embellish his signature salad dish. A strapping young African lad, he cooked part time in the Patel household while pursuing a degree in the nearby catering college. Probably Ma’am knew about the cucumber. Anyway, he had to confirm the evening dinner menu with her. He headed towards her room…

Maya brought the phallic object towards her moist pussy with some trepidation. As the cold cucumber touched her insides, she felt a jolt of tingling that made her shudder. But soon her steaming pussy had heated the cucumber to just the right temperature. Now it felt heavenly inside her. She pushed it more and more inside her and started savouring the sensation within her. She then pushed it in right to the hilt, when an orgasm racked her. As she tried to remove the cucumber embedded in her pussy, she realised with rising panic that it was jammed into her and she had no grip to remove it. She started sweating. Then an idea struck her. She pressed her lips firmly back and started bearing down. Some of the cucumber popped out like the head of a newborn baby. She then started inserting it a bit more carefully with a firm grip but at a faster pace.

In her excitement, she did not notice Ngawa had entered the room, transfixed by this spectacle. Although he knew it was wrong, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from his employer’s magnificent pussy. In no time, he had a huge hard-on that strained against the fabric of his skin-tight jeans. He couldn’t take the pressure any further and had to release his humungous black cock from the confines of his tight clothes. Soon the excitement got to him and since he had no clue how to proceed further, he started stroking his cock desperately.

As she was masturbating, Maya could hear a squishing sound. She opened her eyes and was shocked to see Ngawa brandishing his organ. And what an organ it was! The longest black cock she had ever seen, with a white glistening head. It looked a charcoal cone topped with vanilla ice cream. She had to take this fantastic thing in her mouth. It looked simply delicious.

Maya suddenly went to Ngawa and took his magnificent cock in her mouth. But the shock of such an abrupt and unexpected action went to the young man’s head. Feeling dizzy, he stepped back, slipped, and fell, hitting his head.

Maya was starting to feel dizzy too. But she forced herself to take hold of the situation. She had to get out of this mess somehow. Then she remembered Dr. Anthony Botha, the young African doctor who had just moved into their neighborhood. When they had met last, he had earnestly told her she could rely on him to help in case of a medical emergency in the family. She fished out the visiting card he had handed her and called him, urging him to come as soon as possible. Then she hastily put on a nightgown.

Dr. Anthony arrived soon, and rushed to the slumped Ngawa. He checked the bump on his head and pronounced it nothing serious. If he noticed the young man’s clothes were in disarray, he made no comment. He coolly proceeded to squeeze Ngawa’s index fingernail fold tightly. Ngawa jerked up with a start.

“You’ll be fine, my friend,” smiled Anthony. “A couple of days rest and you will be good as new. Go home and chill.”

After Ngawa had left, Anthony turned to Maya. “Ma’am, you look very pale. What happened?”

Maya weaved an unconvincing story about how she had landed in this predicament, skipping the cucumber bit.

Anthony insisted that she needed a quick physical exam. After checking her vital parameters and doing a systemic examination, he announced that he was going to do an internal exam. Maya nodded blankly.

“You are suffering from APW syndrome,” he pronounced solemnly.

“What’s that?” Maya asked, voice trembling.

“Maya ma’am, APW syndrome stands for Acute Penis Withdrawal Syndrome,” explained Anthony patiently. “Even after all this turbulence you have faced, your pussy is still dripping wet and craving a penis. I am medically duty bound to end this craving.”

He unzipped his trousers and pulled down his boxers to reveal a monster almost paralleling Ngawa’s huge cock. The difference was that this one was uniformly black and imposing. He lowered himself smoothly into her, filling her completely.

“How does it feel?” he whispered.

“Good,” she murmured.

He pumped in a few deft strokes that elicited sighs of contentment from Maya.

“I feel I have remedied the acute deficiency. Should I stop now?” asked Anthony, coming to a standstill.

“Finish what you fucking started!” screamed Maya.

Anthony realized this woman liked it straight and decided he would keep it military. He shifted gears from first to top and back, with cruising at second and third gear from time to time. The changes in pace never failed to bring out some delighted response from Maya.

As he neared climax, he called out, “Inside or outside?”

“Right in!” panted Maya.

Anthony came in huge spurts, his hot jism flooding her insides and leaking down her thighs onto the satin bedcover. Maya shuddered as multiple orgasms coursed through her.

He stayed in till her contractions eased and his rock-hard erection just started to wane. No further words were exchanged as Dr Anthony zipped up and zoomed away from the Patel household.

Happy ending

Maya ran and hugged Victor tight as he returned, tears running down her cheeks.

“Easy darling,” whispered Victor in a dulcet tone. “I promise never to leave you alone again. And if I can’t help it and must go, this will give you company.”

He handed her a gleaming black dildo with a white hood.

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