First Time at a Sex Club

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They had been seeing each other for a month when James first introduced the idea: an afternoon at a sex club. Callie didn’t really know what to expect. She had her preconceptions, but were they accurate? She wasn’t against the idea but she thought she might be a little nervous at first. James didn’t push the idea, casually mentioning it from time to time. It was something he really wanted to do with her. He had been before. He knew what to expect, he enjoyed it, but what would it be like with Callie?

She was different from the others. She had a confidence about her, she held herself a certain way that let people know she didn’t second guess. That was a turn-on. The sex had been great so far, and he wondered what the public element might add.

It was a hot summer weekend. They had been having fun and he brought up the idea of the club again. She said yes, but he had to promise he’d stay near.

On the drive in, Callie asked questions and he was happy to answer as well as tell her that if she didn’t feel comfortable at any point they could leave. She was excited, it was going to be fun! She started feeling sexy. They parked at a meter because they couldn’t find anything else. They walked up the street to the entrance. It was a mansion that had been converted into a sex club, in the middle of the city. If you didn’t know what was happening inside you wouldn’t be able to tell from outside.

They went through and made their way to the change room. James was very sweet, checking Callie’s comfort level with practically every step they took. They undressed and wrapped towels around themselves and headed to the outdoor pool. They grabbed a drink before heading out. It was still early afternoon so the sun was out but there weren’t many people there yet. They easily found a place to lounge and set their towels out.

She liked it, she liked it a lot. Most people were naked. Men, women, all shapes, all sizes, all ages, celebrating their sexuality and engaging in it. It was a hot afternoon so they decided to take a dip into the pool. They stepped in and it felt lovely to be skinny dipping with no worry about the people around them. They waded in and as they went down the slope going to the deep end, she straddled him and wrapped her arms around his neck. It was very interesting to look around and soak it all in. There were couples that were just lounging, there were a few women sucking their men, there was one girl on her own, naked and reading a book.

She was turned on. He was taking cues from her and enjoying her discovery. She kissed him deeply. It was like she was rediscovering every part of his mouth, their bodies tight together and slippery, moving so easily and feeling so good together. They stayed like that for what seemed like a glorious eternity, it didn’t matter that there were others around, all actions were accepted and hardly caused a stir. They finally parted and they played in the water for a while. It was a hot day and it was good to be in a pool, even better to be in it without a swimsuit.

They finally got out to dry off in the sun and feel the heat on their bodies. It was interesting to sit and watch and just take it all in. There was an older couple, age taking its toll on their bodies and still the woman was sucking her partner off and he was enjoying the sun and her lips. A younger couple was a little way down the bench seating. They both had their faces to the sun taking in the rays but he also had his fingers playing in her pussy. It didn’t take him long to lay her down on her back and start devouring her luscious lips and wet pussy.

All this open sexuality had Callie practically mounting James right there. It made her think. He was enjoying the views as well but switched his attention to her as she started to fondle him and not long after, since he was ready, swung her legs around him so she straddled him on the lounge bed. She started riding him with her eyes closed at first, feeling every inch of him inside her, but then she remembered where she was and opened her eyes and looked around at all the other openness and it made her ride him faster.

Feeling her intensity rising he responded with the bucking motion that put his cock deeper into her as she was grinding her clit into him. She built it up and rode it out. Since she was new to this atmosphere she kept her vocal pleasure down, but she was still aware of the others that had turned their attention to them. That only helped her over the edge, the feel of that cock inside her and her clit ringing, it was too much to hold on to. She let it go, knowing that he loved watching her cum.

They made their way back to the pool to cool off. It was fun to just float in the water, to feel weightless and light, absorbing the sun and the energy of the space. She needed to replenish. Oh, the feeling of being so free with her sexuality, feeling his body, all of it, running her fingers down his neck, her breasts pushed up against his chest, the sun beating down. Glorious. It felt so freeing.

It was a surprise to her to feel him rising against her. She had just been relaxing but there was no mistaking his interest in the feel of her breasts, the curves of her hips as she straddled him, those legs winding around him. As he ran his hand from her foot, up her sculpted calf, over her luscious thigh, along her ass and up that beautifully tight back, his cock grew to its full intensity.

They needed to go upstairs. He wanted her on a bed, he wanted to devour that pussy, slurp it up the wetter he made it, make her cry out. He took her by the hand, they quickly dried themselves and went inside. Which room should they choose? They went for the red room at the top of the third floor. There were curtains that could be drawn for privacy but that’s not what they wanted. They wanted to be out there in plain view, he wanted her screams of passion heard down below in the bar. He spread the sheet out and asked her to part her legs for him.

She loved his passion for her, she laid back on her elbows and bent her knees and made him crawl to her, a tiger going in for the feast. He started with a flick of the tongue against her lips. He tickled her lips open with his tongue and kept delving into her. He played her clit and put his fingers inside her. The combination of the two had her building so intensely and just then he would soften both, playing with her. She loved it. The feel of him licking her, he was the best she’d had.

He started to build the intensity and he took her up and over that edge, crashing with an orgasm that ripped through her. She lay quivering on the bed but he was far from done. He looked her in the eye and slipped his hard cock right up inside her. She gasped as his enlarged head entered her hot, wet pussy.

The feel of her, she was so wet, he couldn’t help pumping that cock hard into her. They kissed hard as he slammed into her wet pussy. They realized where they were. There was another element to this. It was a sex club after all. There were others around that were aroused just by the sound of them having sex. They looked at each other and released their vocals. Her moaning and screaming at him to fuck her hard as he grunted his pleasure with every stroke. Glorious abandon.

As they lay there hot and damp with sweat they just stared at the ceiling. Soon they gathered enough strength to take a shower and then float in the pool again. The afternoon continued in a blurry haze of water fun and sex.

At one point he had to go back to put money in the meter for the car, he wanted to make sure she felt ok about him stepping out. It wasn’t a problem. In fact, while he was gone and she lay back, watching the others in and around the pool, she started rubbing her clit. By the time he came back she had her fingers in and casually played with herself.

He smiled when he saw her and knelt beside her and she offered her fingers for him to lick. Nothing tasted better to him! That was enough to bump up his need again. He took her by the hand and led her upstairs once more. This time he was going to let himself go over and fill her.

Upstairs the beds were filling up with others but there was still room for them to find their place and this time she pushed him down on the bed so that she could get that cock just a little harder. She started licking up and down his shaft, swirling her tongue on his head. She pursed her lips and concentrated only on his head and then went deep with him. He was loving it but he wanted to cum and he wanted to be deep inside her when he did.

He knew that she’d be so wet from sucking him, it always turned her on. He grabbed her and turned her around. She was facing out to the doorway and others in the room, he was behind her and started pumping his rock-hard cock deep inside her. That made her even wetter. He loved the feel of that hot, wet pussy surrounding him, feeling her juices.

There was a couple in the doorway watching them, smiling. The man started fondling the woman’s breast, pinching her nipple. James locked eyes with the woman. The man slipped a couple of fingers inside. Callie was enjoying it all, the feel of her man deep inside her as well as watching the couple watching them. It was so hot!

The feel of his cock rubbing against her, the look on the woman’s face as she was being fingered, it all just worked together, mind and body and he built up until the lion’s roar was in his throat and his hot cum was rising. Finally, he let it all go, it felt so good, the release, the heat, they heard him yell down in the bar.

They took their time gathering themselves. One more quick dip into the pool and then they would head home. It was still early enough to enjoy a nice dinner on the patio, they had certainly worked up their appetites all afternoon. They had lost count of how many times they had had sex but it was certainly the best at the end. The drove home in comfortable silence as they held hands.

When they got back to his place they poured some wine and quickly threw some dinner together. Sitting out back they talked about the afternoon. She had enjoyed it much more than she would have thought and he couldn’t deny that he was a little surprised but extremely happy that she had. The conversation continued and she started talking specifically about how hard he had been.

Well it didn’t take them long to decide to give it one more go. Where they found the energy, they weren’t sure but just looking at each other they knew they had to continue the feeling. Upstairs she quickly took off her shorts and top and lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide for him. It could’ve been a long, soft, lovemaking session considering all the fucking they had done that afternoon but just looking into her eyes he knew that was not what she was after.

It was even more primal this time. It was a mating. They went at each other hard, there were grunts, there were groans, there were her nails pressing into his back revealing the intensity she felt flowing out of her body. It was incredible that they were both feeding off each other. It didn’t take long for them to build it up. Fast and furious but still an amazing feeling. Afterwards they could hardly move. They were exhausted. Had they ever had that much sex in one day before? What a great day!

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