Mixed Signals

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photo: SexArt

Selena is the new addition to our gorgeous squad of bartenders. She’s damn good at her job and has won the hearts of our bar family in a very short time. I was taken aback by her beauty and wonderful personality. She’s easy to talk to and very sweet.

After a while, I noticed there was something between us, a connection I couldn’t quite explain. Selena and I developed communication without words. We could look at each other and have a full blown conversation in silence, even when the room was at its loudest. And the way she looked at me would still my world. This made me nervous.

As much as people pin me into this box as some type of sexual Casanova, I assure you, I’m not. At least, I don’t feel that way about myself. I still get nervous when I like someone, especially when I’m not sure if they like me.

The way she looked at me, how she smiled at me, made me feel like she wanted me. I could feel her thoughts, almost. Like she was constantly undressing me with her eyes. It was such a turn on! One problem is we work together. Second thing… she’s straight. She’s made that clear as day, although she is no longer attached.

So why the vibe? What am I feeling exactly? And was I really going to risk stirring the harmony at our haven of a bar over a crush?

It took me a few sleepless nights and rearranging my work schedule, but I was eager to figure this out. I am usually not a daydrinker, but I found myself drinking a lot these past few days to be in her presence as a customer. Then, a few nights later, I purposefully went in the bar on my night off, because I could feel her thinking about me again. I had to see her face just one more time before I went to sleep.

That night, she took me aside and told me to stay up for her after work. She said, “If you’re open to it… I’m open.” Then, she smiled at me again in that more than friendly way.

What that meant, I didn’t know. I presented her three possible options: an after party, breakfast, and/or sex. She specifically said no to partying, leaving my blatant suggestion of breakfast or private time open.

When she got off, we met up at a local diner and had a very awkward breakfast. Now that we were in closer vicinity, I suddenly felt my usual suave and charm forming into bundled nerves. I was fidgety and incoherent. Not myself. She sensed it and also began to feel unsure. So, we wound up splitting ways that morning and didn’t speak about it for days.

My next DJ shift, she stayed at the bar a while. My other coworker, Ally, took over. I don’t know what Ally was on that night, but she was hyper and silly. I had to snap out of my subdued mellow cloud in order to match her energy if we were to mesh well for work. I ordered my emergency concoction of vodka, Red Bull, and shots of Southern Comfort to get me in the mood to party.

I felt better. I kept my ears focused on the music, pretending Selena had left. I just sang my heart out and drank until my face numbed. The weather that evening was horrible, so we had no patrons. I was all alone with Selena and Ally, but they were both far away.

Suddenly, everything around me seemed to blur. The bar was melting like a Salvador Dali painting in the background. I pictured Selena coming up to me and seducing me. I felt flames rise from the pit of my stomach to my brain. My fingers numbed and my heart beat rapidly.

I imagined us making our way outside to that small park bench in front of the bar. Her straddling my lap and kissing me hastily, her hands reaching up my shirt to grab my breasts. I imagined squeezing that tight ass of hers and rocking my hips between her legs, fueling a fire within me that was way beyond my control. I was getting so hot just thinking about it.

I blinked my eyes rapidly, shaking my head, trying to stay focused. The major force of my fantasy just took me through some type of out of body experience. I took a break in the bathroom and checked myself. I was so wet, I had to slip my panties off and throw them away.

As I leaned down to wash, I felt hands moving up my waist from behind. Slender fingers rising slowly up my stomach. A sharp but gentle squeeze to my breasts. I had my eyes shut so tightly, I still didn’t know if it was real. I was afraid to open them.

I had to test myself though. If I was crazy, so be it. Slowly, I let my lids relax and open. Soft lips pressed behind my neck. My eyes focused in the mirror to see my reflection. And there behind me was the lovely Ally.

“Your voice is so sexy,” she whispered, “I got so wet just listening to you.”

She hooked her finger to the neck of my blouse and kissed my shoulder.

“I see how you look at me,” she whispered, “how you sing to me from afar.”

“Ally… I’m not…”

“Shhhh…” she said, covering my mouth. “I know. I won’t tell if you won’t.”

Her hand inched below the seam of my pants. I closed my eyes again and held on to the sink, spreading my legs to let her touch me. Ally was pretty sexy, too. I couldn’t bring myself to stop her. Her hands and lips touched all the right places. And even though it was Selena I had a crush on, I’m not such a fool as to turn down a gorgeous babe who knows what she wants. She didn’t have to know what’s going on in my head. It would’ve ruined it. For her bravery, I was going to bless her with all of my attention.

I turned around and hoisted myself up on the bathroom counter, pulling her closer with my legs. We kissed like teenagers at a drive in, tongues whirling, hands groping wildly.

She unzipped my jeans and peeled them off roughly. Then, had me kneel up on the sink. She kissed up my thighs, then pushed me back to the mirror. I had nothing but my ankles to hold in this position as she had full access to my pussy. Her long soft tongue swiped up my clit, her full lips pressed to my flesh. I slowly thrust my hips up and down, perfectly in sync to the rhythm of her mouth. She licked, lapped, and sucked my pussy to shivers.

I was about to get down when she suggested I turn around again. My legs were split over the sink, my pussy directly facing the faucet. She turned the water on high. The warmth and pressure hit the sweetest spot on my clit. She kissed my back and shoulders softly while the water surged down between my lips. Then, as I inched closer to climax, Ally reached around my waist and softly massaged my pussy while biting my back. I moaned loudly, my hips shaking. I faithfully followed the sweet pressure of her hand until it led me over a cliff of pleasure.

I carefully got down and led her in the bathroom stall. I undressed her from the waist down and lifted her leg over my shoulder. Ally had a very sexy tattoo hidden on her inner thigh. What it read had my blood boiling in lust. I kissed over the ink and gave her thigh a pleasant bite. Then, I gripped her hips firmly and licked her pussy from side to side, using the back of my tongue to spread her wetness and keep her open.

I must’ve been hitting the jackpot of spots on her pussy. Her arms were shaking like crazy, gripping the silver bars for dear life. She was cursing in low sexy whispers as I continued waving my tongue from side to side over her swollen clit. I licked and licked until her hips jolted in my face. I had to hold her tight to make sure she didn’t fall.

She lifted me up and pushed me against the stall, kissing me again, sharing her fiery wetness on my lips. Her fingers were trembling on my face. I kissed her softly, trying to calm her down, soothing her hands in mine with light presses. I held her close and let her hold me.

“You beautiful thing, you,” I smiled, kissing her forehead.

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