A first time for everything…

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“It’s so BIG!” Leila squeals, wriggling and squirming as the fat head of Victor’s cock tries to push inside her pussy. I lean closer and spit on his shaft, lubing it up, smoothing my fingers over her clitoris to help her loosen up.

“It’s not like I didn’t warn you!” I say, my hand straying to her perky breasts, tweaking a nipple so she shivers and giggles; I slide my fingers back down to her clit, rubbing a little more firmly, and as her hips buck up involuntarily, Vic’s cock breaches the gap and slides a little way in.

“Oh!” she gasps, eyes wide; and then “Oh, oh, oh!”

“Feels good, right?” I ask, feeling her tender clit pulse under my fingertips as I rock them forwards and back. She lets out a long, low moan as Vic inches in a little deeper, eyes rolling back in her head.

“Oh my god, so good, so goooooood…”

The visual is delicious, Victor’s rigid dick, red and engorged, with Leila’s plump, dark pussy lips stretched tight around it, hugging it. I let my fingers slip down to the point where his cock is skewering her, aroused and amused. My sweet girl can’t be so close to cumming already, surely?

But it seems she is; suddenly she’s going wild, feet planted on Vic’s muscular ass to push him in deeper, hips rising to meet him with ferocious thrusts.

I think it’s fair to say Leila’s first time with a man is going to be a memorable experience…

My gorgeous friend Leila has been working out a lot with me recently. We train hard together, even though watching her stiff nipples poke through her sweat-damp top can be quite a distraction. To keep her motivated, I invited her to share a few of my sessions with my personal trainer and fuckbuddy, Victor.

Leila is a sassy, streetwise, supremely chill Londoner, so it’s quite entertaining to see her totally lose her cool around Vic. After our second session, having watched her chatter like a fool, drop her phone and smash the screen, then fall off the weight bench and almost cry with embarrassment, I take her for a coffee.

“So what gives, Leila?” I ask. “You’re acting like a giggly schoolgirl around Vic. If you don’t want to train seriously, don’t come, because he’ll blame me if he thinks you’re wasting his time.”

“Oh, it’s not that I don’t want to train hard,” she murmurs, looking down, momentarily shy. “It’s just… I keep having these dreams about Victor…”


“Like… sex dreams… I keep dreaming we’re working out, but we’re naked, and we’re in a sixty-nine and he’s bench pressing me on and off his face until I squirt all over him…”

“Wow, that’s pretty intense,” I laugh. “You really dreamed this?”

“Well, it started as a dream, but I might have… ummmmm… embellished it a bit when I woke up… I can’t believe I’m telling you this! Basically I’ve been frigging myself stupid over Vic ever since our first training session. I can’t stop thinking about fucking him for real.”

This is HUGE. Leila is a gold star lesbian, meaning she’s never been with a man in her life. And now she’s saying she wants to sleep with Victor, the most macho, insanely virile guy I know.

I’m a little doubtful.

“I’m not sure Vic would be my first choice, Leila. I mean, he’s a great fuck, but he’s a big guy — really, really big. And he’s kind of a brute, he doesn’t know his own strength. When you get pounded by him, you really know you’ve been pounded.” (read my story Pinned Down and Fucked if you want to hear more about that).

“Maybe so, but it’s not like I’m some blushing virgin, Rose. I mean, I’ve been fucked plenty, just never by an actual guy. I seem to remember you and Daniela doing me with a strap-on not so long ago…”

Her voice trails off and we grin at each other, sharing a very hot memory.

Anyway baby, you’ll be there to take care of me, won’t you?”

“I will?”

“Of course. Don’t you want to see me lose my virginity?”

Vic is a man of few words, but I can see he’s surprised when I tell him Leila wants him — surprised and pleased. Who wouldn’t be? She’s stunning, an ebony goddess with an entrancing physical presence, and super fun in bed, as I have discovered on several occasions. It takes no persuading whatsoever to arrange a date for the three of us at my place. I would have happily set them up and left them alone, but Leila is adamant she wants me there — “just in case it’s too much cock for this lesbian to handle” — which I suspect it might turn out to be.

So, here we are, and this time it’s Vic’s turn to surprise me, by showing up with roses and chocolates, as it just happens to be Valentine’s this week. He’s wearing a nice shirt, and greets us both like a real gentleman. I can see he wants to make Leila’s ‘first time’ special, and that makes me adore him even more.

We all kiss and cuddle, and slowly undress one another, stroking and caressing as we go. Eventually Leila and I are naked, the contrast between my fair skin and her dark skin very pleasing to the eye. Vic is down to his briefs, which are not doing a very good job of concealing his huge erection. Leila looks delighted with her choice as she sees more and more of his burly, muscular body; I watch her face as I pull his underwear down so his dick springs out, rock hard and massive. Her expression is a picture of lust.

I take her hand and place it on his cock, my fingers on top of hers guiding her to stroke it just the way he likes. Of course Leila is no innocent, she’s seen her fair share of hetero porn, but it’s such a thrill to know this is the first real cock she’s ever touched.

“Show me how you lick it,” she says, nervous and excited. I give her a little demo, running my tongue all around the head of Vic’s thick cock and lapping up and down the shaft. Greedy for dick as always, what I really crave is to wrap my lips around it and suck it deep and hard, but I don’t want Leila to watch that and try to emulate it; there’s no way she should even attempt to deepthroat this giant on her first try. I settle for sharing it with her, the pair of us licking it in tandem, Vic remaining stoic although I can tell from the tiny tremors and twitches of his thigh muscles that it’s driving him crazy.

“Are you ready to get your brains fucked out?” I ask Leila, although actually I already know the answer to that. I’ve had my fingers in her pussy while we’ve been licking Vic’s boner, and she’s dripping wet. All the same, I suck and spit on his dick to make sure it’s super lubed, forgetting the purpose of this encounter for a moment and sucking it deep, until he pulls me off it with a groan: too much. Even the man of steel has his limits.

Leila lies back and I watch happily as Vic inches his fat cock inside her. He has to take it really slowly. Technically Leila’s not a virgin, she has a well-stocked toy drawer and I’m far from the first girl ever to do her with a strap-on; but a real dick feels different, and I can see she’s overwhelmed by the experience of Vic’s solid body looming over her, all hard muscles and chest hair, and manly aroma. When you’re used to soft skin and breasts and perfume, the contrast must be arresting.

I use my fingers on her clit to relax her and ease the way, and when he’s all the way in I lick her there, loving the taste of her pussy on his shaft as he slides out, and her squeal of pleasure each time he thrusts back in. She cums so quickly I know he’s hit the perfect spot — a dick this big will always do that for us G-spot girls — and that loosens her up enough for him to go a little faster and harder.

Seeing her enjoying her first male lover so enthusiastically is having quite an effect on me, so I’m grateful when she pulls me on top of her in a sixty-nine. Now she can eat my pussy while I lap at her clit and Vic’s pistoning shaft; and while she may be virgin territory for cock, Leila is an expert when it comes to cunnilingus. Her tongue and fingers work their magic, making me grind on her face as pleasure surges through me. Vic supports me on top of her in his burly arms, biting my neck as I climax. He’s being so careful and restrained with Leila, but he knows I love his roughness, and the sharp pain reminds me he’s still mine.

Now I want to make sure Leila’s dream — or masturbatory fantasy — comes true. I direct Vic to lie on his back and position Leila on top of him in a sixty-nine, and he literally bench presses her, stabbing his tongue into her hot pink slit every time he lowers her onto his face. She’s trying to lick his pole on each rep, but he’s no slouch when it comes to eating pussy either, and soon has her so distracted she’s just collapsed on top of him with her face nestled in his groin as her orgasm blasts through her. Leila is a squirter, and Vic takes it full force in the face, an unexpected drenching that makes his cock jump and twitch.

I think Leila deserves to feel the ultimate benefit of a cock this size before he shoots, so I spin her around to straddle him in cowgirl, and she sinks down on it gingerly until she’s fully seated. In this position it’s like being stretched open by a solid slab of granite, and Leila is so thoroughly fucked out she can’t do much more than hang on, gasping and groaning, as Vic bucks up into her. She looks so beautiful, sweaty and dishevelled, being bounced up and down by Vic’s powerful hip thrusts until she’s numb with cumming so much, and begging for mercy.

She slides off and props herself up on one elbow to watch as I lick her juice from Vic’s cock, very slowly and thoroughly, before swallowing him deep. Now I can indulge my passion for fellatio; as regular readers know, nothing turns me on quicker than sucking cock, and I feel myself giving in to the familiar, blissful, cock-drunk trance as I slide my lips up and down around the throbbing, pulsing column of flesh.

I’m ready to suck him all the way over the edge into what I’m sure will be an explosive climax, but Vic has finally reached the limit of his patience and self control. He hauls me up on top of him and flips me rapidly, so I’m under him and take the full force of his weight as he slams his cock into my juice-slick cunt. Wet as I am, it’s still a deliciously shocking stretch that knocks the breath out of me. He pins my wrists with his big hands as he pounds into me, filling me, pressing every perfect spot from the inside out so I can’t even tell where my orgasm starts, it’s a whole body sensation. As my sugar walls contract and convulse around him, I feel his cum pump into me, spurt after hot spurt.

Leila’s eyes are wide. “I’ve see you cum plenty, Rose, but that was… intense,” she says.

“I did try to tell you,” I say drowsily, floating on a cock-induced endorphin cloud. “I guess I need to shower… I’ve got a date in a couple of hours…”

“Cancel it,” Leila and Vic say simultaneously, reaching for each other, and for me.

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