Evening Delight

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photo: SexArt

“Honey?” she calls out from the bathroom as she finishes putting up her hair for the morning. “Can you pick me up after work tonight?”

“Of course I can,” he calls back while picking up his things for work. “When will your car be ready?”

“Day after tomorrow.”

“That sucks. Who’s going to pick you up?”


“OK, hon. This will work.”

She can hear the aggravation in his voice even though he tries to hide it. She comes over to him and wraps her arms around his shoulders, leaning in close. “I know it’s a pain, but I promise to make it worth your while.”

“Really?” There’s a spark in his eye as he considers what this may mean.

“You’ll see,” she whispers as she presses her body even closer to his. They stand for a moment drinking in each other’s presence.

The day goes by. He goes to his work, and she gets picked up by her friend for the evening shift.

He starts to drive home, frustrated that he’s going to have to fend for himself for a few hours, and then go back out again to pick her up. So, he changes his mind. “I don’t have to go home.” He drives to the restaurant.

He opens the door and his heart skips a beat. She can still do that to him. She’s right there at the host stand, looking over paperwork and seating charts. She hasn’t seen him yet, so he just stands by the door a moment, taking in the sight. She looks up and that sunlight smile he loves so much transforms her face from the beauty of concentration and responsibility to the beauty of devotion and delight.

“What are you doing here?” she asks.

“Can’t go home,” he says. “Damn woman up and left me alone for the night!”

“How completely irresponsible of her!” she jokes back at him as she gives him a quick kiss. “I still have a few hours before we’re ready to close. You going to stick around?”

“Of course. I’m going to hang at the bar with Stefan. If he gets a rush, I’ll help sling the booze.”

“Don’t scam too many comps off him. I have a profit margin to look out for,” she warns him gently. “Besides, you do not want to be tipsy.”

Again, that snarky, “Really?”

Again, that grin. “Really.”

He goes to the bar and gets comfortable. Stefan pours him a Jack and Diet. “Go easy on me,” he says, “she’s complaining about profits again.”

“That’s just an excuse,” Stefan grins, “she runs a tight ship here. We’re doing all right.”

He and Stefan clink glasses in salute and Stefan goes back to the other customers.

He spends the evening chatting with the regulars, watching the news and sports on the TV, even though the sound is turned almost all the way down. Every time he’s in here he admires the short short skirts the waitresses wear, and the revealing way they button their shirts. It’s all for tips, he knows. She’s the manager, though, and she can’t dress like that, even though she’s told him before that she wishes she could. Her skirt is a little longer, but still shows off those beautiful legs. Tonight she’s not wearing hose or stockings, but a lot of times she does.

He thinks for a moment about the fine collection she has of garters and thigh-highs. Tonight she’s wearing the black skirt, the one that’s real tight on her hips and has that slit in the back that might run up just a little bit too far. Even without anything protecting her feet, she chose a pair of her strappy heels, showing off the delicate way her legs transition into her feet. Her toe ring catches the light in some parts of the restaurant. Her blouse is the black silk one she likes so much. She says it’s comfy, even if it’s a pain to clean. The other problem with it, she says, is that the buttons are spaced so that it’s either spinster or slut. At the moment, she has the blouse set on spinster. She has her hair in a businesslike ponytail, with the two wisps of bangs that hang free and frame her face.

The evening goes along. The waitresses come over to flirt with him. He knows when they want to talk about serious things, and is always happy to do so. They also know that he has a really hard time maintaining eye contact with them sometimes. Some of them go out of their way to make it difficult by leaning in just enough to show what style of bra they’re wearing. Some of them, when really wanting to cause trouble, will flip the back of their skirt as they walk away, letting him see the style and color of their panties.

Sometimes, if he gathers too large a flock of the young chickies, she comes over to shoo them all away and back to work. She thinks it’s funny.

“Are you done harassing my staff?” she asks near the end of the night.

“They started it.”

“Yes, yes, yes, they always do.” Exasperation. “Let’s go home. Bill said he’d cash out and close up.”

“Great idea.”

She gets that grin again, looking directly into his eyes. Her hand moves up to her blouse and in one simple flick of her fingers, the blouse is reset to slut. “Let’s go. Now.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

They walk out to his car. He has his arm around her, and she’s leaning into him as she walks, both arms wrapped around his waist. She snuggles her head against him as they walk and he holds her tight in the dark.

They have an option of a five-minute drive home, or fifteen. “Take the long way,” she says, “I want to enjoy the night and unwind before we get home.”

“All right,” he agrees.

She gets in the passenger seat and stretches out, letting go of all the tension, feeling every muscle ache, strain, and then relax. He starts the drive, looking over at her and admiring the way her lithe body moves as she works out the kinks of her day.

He’s concentrating on the first few turns out of the parking lot and on to the road, but sees her adjusting her skirt. He thinks she’s just getting comfortable, but sees clearly just as she’s slipping her panties off past her heels.

In a way that is completely unsafe for driving, she slips her legs up under her so that she’s kneeling on the seat, leaning over to him. She holds her panties up under his nose. “I’ve been thinking about you all day,” she purrs. He can smell her wetness drifting up from her hands. She teases him by draping her panties across his nose and lips while he’s trying to drive.

“You’re gonna get us both killed, ya know,” he jokes with her.

“What a way to go, but I have other ideas.”

She moves back away from him and rests her back against the door. Her legs now unfolded from beneath her and resting partly on the floor and partly on the seat and console. She hikes up her skirt a little.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” She feigns innocence.

She lifts her butt up off the seat and pulls the hem of her skirt all the way up so it’s wrapped around her waist. The full length of her legs exposed, from her heels which she still has on, to the lips of her pussy, softly glistening in the dim light of the car.

“I see you shaved for me,” he can’t help but grin.

“Not for you, silly, for me. It was getting a little out of control.”

She looks down at herself. He knows she can’t really see anything in the dim light, but she takes her hands and rubs them over her pussy, as if to examine the job she had done earlier.

She lets out a soft moan and she presses her hands together, her fingers lightly pinching the folds of her lips, putting pressure on her clit. She starts a motion with her hands that he recognizes, it’s the way she likes to get started, one hand moves down while the other moves up. Then, the other way around. She rocks her clit back and forth with these slow strokes, and tilts her head back, resting it on the window ledge of the door.

One hand drifts up to the buttons on her blouse. One by one she undoes them with the same simple flick of the fingers she displayed before. In the same way, she undoes the front clasp on her bra and pushes it all out of the way.

Her other hand has moved to put direct pressure on her clit. Two fingers, pressing hard, making small circles. It’s an even motion at first, but then becomes a little irregular as she moves fast, then slow, then stops and presses down. She had been running her hand over her breasts and nipples, but now is concentrating on one only, pinching her nipple, pulling it slightly, moving in time with her hand below.

He sees the muscles in her legs start to tense and jerk slightly. Her hand movements are more and more focused on the dual loci of her pleasure. He knows she had figured out a long time ago that her hand was just the right shape and her fingers just long enough to reach inside herself, not quite to her G-spot, but close enough, and still have pressure on her clit. She dips her two fingers into the wet folds of her pussy and presses in and down at the same time, sending her over the edge. She pinches her nipple hard as she cums, lips pulled back, breath held for as long as she can take it, then exhaled in a great sigh of relief.

She purrs with relaxation for a moment then opens her eyes to see him trying to look at her and the road at the same time. “Your turn,” she grins.

“We’re almost home, ya know.”

“That’s all right, this is just an appetizer. I’m so glad you wore a suit today instead of those jeans you wear that are getting too tight on you.”

“Thanks for reminding me.”

She slips back onto her knees, legs sideways in the passenger seat, and leans over to him. She puts her left hand on the headrest behind him, leans in to whisper and breathe in his ear.

Her right hand finds his belt and with that same creepy dexterity, has it undone with ease.

“Why do men’s pants have so many buttons to go with the zipper?” she complains.

“We like the effort. Makes us think we’re actually doing something.”

“Uh huh.” She’s undone the buttons and zipper, finding him very hard in his boxers. “I see you wore Spongebob boxers today.”

“It was a Spongebob kind of day. You know my legs are too short and there’s not a lot of room between me and the wheel, right?”

“I’ll manage,” she says confidently.

She rests her arms on the small center console and bends down to find the tip of his cock with her lips. He’s right, there isn’t a lot of room, but she knows this is just for tease. She purses her lips together and kisses the tip of his hardness, just to make the sensation of contact. She licks her lips and opens them slightly to feel him and she slides her lips down just a little bit.

She knows she’s very close to his sensitive spot and this is driving him crazy. A little further and she can feel that ridge she loves so much slip past her strong lips. That’s far enough, she thinks to herself. She tightens her lips a little to make a strong seal and sucks in slightly. She can feel the reaction from him as his cock seems to grow even harder. She swirls her tongue first over the tip of his cock. She can taste the faint suggestion of pre-cum and smiles inside.

She flattens out her tongue and presses against the underside of his cock’s tip. She knows this is making his eyes roll back in his head, so she goes easy on him. Would be an inglorious way to have an accident. Soft motions, suggestions of further things to come.

He pulls in to the driveway and this part of the evening will come to an end soon. He parks and shuts off the car, but she’s still holding him with her hands and lips. He leans back in the seat and with his right arm reaches down her back, stroking her through her blouse that’s in disarray. He can just reach her lower back and the top of her butt. His short fingernails trace small scratches there where a tramp stamp would be, if she had one.

She sits up and looks at him. “Let’s go inside.” They rearrange their clothes just enough so that they can make it into the house. And up to the bedroom.

She has her clothes off immediately with a quick flick of her shoulders and shrug of her hips.

He notices that she doesn’t make any moves to take off her heels. She’s too quick for him and before he can start on his clothes, she’s on him. She takes his jacket and tosses it over onto the chair in the corner. She stands in front of him and does a little hip swing dance while untying his tie, and unbuttoning his shirt. She pushes his shirt off his shoulders and lifts his t-shirt up over his head. She pushes him to sit down on the edge of the bed and squats down to remove his shoes. He looks over at the dressing mirror and can see her body perfectly as she balances on her shoes, her legs folded up underneath her, the soft curve of her butt and hips.

Her small breasts are mostly obscured by the motion of her arms, but he can see her sensitive nipples growing hard and looking like they need attention. Her hair still in the ponytail swings back and forth slightly as she focuses on untying the shoes and taking them off his feet.

In this profile, he is completely taken once again by her beauty.

Her hands reach up to his hips and in a graceful motion she removes his pants. She gets up for a moment to put all the clothes over on the chair together. She’s nothing if not a little OCD about some things. He smiles.

“Now, where was I?” she asks with a grin as she catwalks back to him still on the edge of the bed. She looks down and with mock distress, “Did I leave you with that?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, you did. What are you going to do about it?”

“I have an idea.” By this time, she’s made herself comfortable again at the end of the bed. This time, sitting cross legged on some pillows she keeps in the room for just such on occasion.

“Well, well, look at this,” she whispers with a mixture of delight and anticipation. She starts with a light touch up his legs and to his cock. She rests one hand on his outstretched leg and with the other takes him firmly in her grasp. She stops for a moment to admire again how he’s built, how lucky she feels to have found him that fits into her hand, her mouth, her body so perfectly. A portion of her mind wanders again into the contemplation of “people being made for each other.”

She teases him with a flick of her tongue across the tip of his cock while she squeezes with her hand. It’s a slight reaction, but she can feel him tense slightly. She likes making him do that, and he plays the game by trying to control how he reacts. He’s terrible at it and they both know it. It won’t be long before he completely gives in to her and her actions.

She gets down to business. A long slow lick down the underside of his cock from the tip to the base, her hand holding him in place. She licks her lips and takes him sideways into her mouth as if she’s about to take a bite from the middle of a sandwich. She does bite down, just slightly, to send that sensation through his body. Her wet lips slide back up his cock to the tip where she takes him in completely and starts to move her lips and tongue up and down the tip of his cock. She loves this feeling and wants it to last, but this is not the night to take this all the way to its otherwise normal conclusion.

Little by little she sucks more of the length of him into her mouth. She always like to challenge herself to see how far she can get. Some days are better than others. She can feel him growing larger and harder in her mouth. That makes her feel good. She likes that feeling.

Slow strokes with her lips and tongue, and even teeth a little. She holds his cock in her hand while she puts one last kiss on its tip, holding it firm in her mouth again, and giving it one last strong suck so as to draw all that blood and hardness into it. “Mmmmm,” she thinks to herself, “that’s it. That’s how I like it.”

She lifts herself up and looks at him. “On other days, I would want you to return the favor, but not today. You can make it up to me another time.”

He grins at her, “Any time, baby.”

She’s climbing up onto the bed with him. “Be careful what you say. You know I’ll take you up on that, and it may not be in a place that you would think of.”

She’s brought the pillows up with her and has placed them between his outstretched legs. “As much as I try to stay in shape, this is about as pornstar as I get, so you better enjoy it!”

“Baby, I love it!”

She straddles herself across his hips and lowers herself onto him. She can feel the heat from him as she gets close to taking him in, but is still surprised at the sensation as the tip of his cock finds its way into her pussy. She lets out a little gasp of delight as she lowers herself down until she’s resting on him. She can feel him so deep inside her, but there’s a different sensation she wants. That’s what the pillows are for in this case.

She leans her elbows back on the pillows and twists her legs out from under her so they’re straight next to his body. She works her feet up so that she has some leverage and, thank God for all that yoga, can push herself up and down with her legs and arms.

“That’s it, that’s the spot,” she whispers. She can feel the whole length of his cock sliding against her G-spot, in and out and back and forth. Her clit doesn’t get any attention in this position, but she knows that won’t be an issue for too long.

He holds her feet, giving her stability. She loves the feeling of his strong hands holding her in place. He loves the feeling of her muscles flexing under his grip. He pushes with her rhythm, matching her tempo, both of them building up to climax.

She’s on the edge and getting closer. He’s drawing in breath faster now as their thrusts grow more rapid. She pushes hard against the pillows to get her body moving in the other direction, and swings her feet back under her again. She throws her body full force onto his, grabs him under his shoulders, and presses her hips down on him hard, very hard. She wants him all the way inside her. She wants her clit mashed up against him. She wants her breasts pressed against his chest.

She holds him tight, breathing hard in his ear, lifting up a moment to kiss him. He kisses back with a fierce urgency, a fire on his tongue. He holds her with one arm tight on her back and neck, the other helping her press her hips onto his. Faster and faster they move into each other. She can feel it building in her and in him. Yes, yes, yes, they’re both gasping to each other. She grips his shoulders as hard as she can, and he presses her tight to his body. This is it, they know each other and how each other feels when they cum. Waves of pleasure course through her body. She feels a pressure wave of sensation move out from her clit and pussy all the way to her toes, fingertips, and face. He gives one last gasp, and lets go with an explosion of pleasure. All his body moving to the sensation in his cock as he cums, filling her with his heat. Spasm after spasm consumes his body until his strength is gone.

photo: SexArt

They both go limp. She still has her arms under his, holding his shoulders, and he still holding her across her back, but the strong grips have turned into a gentle embrace. She rearranges her legs just a little to let the blood flow freely again, but does not yet get off him.

They lie there, holding each other, feeling the afterglow pass into them, softly purring to each other.

She’s exhausted. She barely has the strength to speak. “Honey?” she is able to whisper into his ear.

“Yes, baby?”

“Will you do me a favor?”

“Of course,” he smiles.

“Take my shoes off for me.”

She’s asleep before she even finishes saying it. He holds her for a while until she rolls over to get more comfortable on the bed. He takes her shoes off like she asked, moves her under the covers, turns out the lights, and climbs in bed next to her. He loves her and adores her for all she is.

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