Elation & Trepidation

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Our lips briefly find favor

And then flee in fright.

My heart jumps a beat,

Resurrecting long forgotten pangs of delight.

Far from a watchful eye overhead,

We linger in the hidden recesses of the night

Struggling to do right –

Wrestling with an angel in our wildness –

Knowing all along

The perils and pain

Of doing what’s wrong.

A siren-song filled with strife

Serenades the unsung words of the fight.

Down the rain-swept streets

My gut flurries with elation

Stirred by the frozen visage of your elusive grin

As your head turned from view.

But soon the strange recollection

Is seamlessly replaced by

Anticipation and trepidation

Of a faintly concealed

Secret revealed

And reality disrupts the dreamy melody

Like a reprise of the familiar refrain

Whose regular rhythm beats

A regular pace for the multitudes

Who march in lockstep,

Two-by-two, paired symmetrically

In uniforms of black and blue.

And then there’s you –

Like a red banner whipped by the wind

Proclaiming a victory over the malaise

We’ve been living in.

[From Lola & H.H. of mysexlifewithlola.com, and the erotica series of books: Match, Cinder & Spark]

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