Dripping in Finesse

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It’s been a while since I’ve gone out by myself. I decide to roam the city on my only night off this week, to be out and about with no worries or obligations. I’ve worked hard, need to let loose, and let my freak flag fly!

I run into a chic little dive bar across from some random golf course and they are playing that Bruno Mars song that has been infecting the radio with earworm for months. I’m a proud product of the 90’s, so I admit, I love the song. It has me grooving along, pulling out old dance moves that are never supposed to be seen in public.

I join in on a hilarious commotion in the center of the dance floor, a twerk pyramid. A base made up by three women, two in the middle, and only one more person to complete the top… Me!

I climb the firm curves holding steady, and manage to balance myself on my hands and knees, using the girls’ backs to prop me up. I am swerving my hips and popping my ass, stripper style, having a ball, on top of the pyramid.

When the song ends, we all come down carefully. I’m getting high fives from the beautiful strangers around me and head to the bar for a round of shots. A row of tequilas later, two of the girls from the pyramid pull me into a bathroom stall. Double D breasts squash my back, full soft lips kiss my neck, hot firm bodies press tight just — Drippin in finesse. It don’t make no sense!

I pin the girl in front of me to the wall and reach my hand straight down the seam of her pants. Her pussy is hot, lips wet and swollen. I press my fingers firmly between her slit and rub her clit slowly as I kiss her candy-flavored lips. The cutie behind me unzips my jeans from behind and goes straight for the money shot. I gasp, feeling her fingers inch deeply inside me, grazing my G-spot just enough to tease. I reach behind with my other hand and pull her panties to the side, right under her skirt. I flex my ankles up and down, fingering them both as they pin me close between them. They are so wet, I can hear their pussies squelching around my fingers over the loud music.

The stall now feels like a sauna with all three of us crammed inside. I keep my fingers flicking rapidly, concentrating on the spots that have them both moaning the loudest. Then, I hold my position and finger them harder and faster. They hold me tight as they reach their scream-filled orgasms.

The girl behind me kisses my neck softly as the girl in front of me meets her lips beside my face. One is still circling my clit as the other slides her fingers in and out slowly. I have my hands to the wall, moaning loudly. My body tightens, welcoming their fervent hands. After a while, I can no longer tell whose fingers are where. My hands scrape the stall as the girls finger me to an almost unbearable throbbing climax that damn near topples me over.

They slowly release me and we start fixing ourselves up again. We have make-up smeared all over our faces and our hands are drenched and sticky. The three of us giggle girlishly as we each take a sink to wash our hands and fix our faces. Only then do we finally exchange names and the cordial nice to meet you’s.

I feel relaxed and at ease. It’s nights like these that make hard weeks worth while. I don’t go out much anymore, so it’s nice to take time out for random silliness.

Something really must be in the air tonight, because as soon as I get outside, I check my phone and see notifications from Medium. I scroll down to read multiple comments and see my former certain special pussy literally begging me to come over.

I am in such a strange mood and something she said made me laugh. I suddenly wasn’t angry with her anymore. I am horny as hell, too! The hot heavy session I just had makes me want to keep fucking for the rest of the night. But I don’t want to take any strangers home. Besides, I think I will have more fun playing in a familiar pussy playground.

I start a kinky game and tell her to prepare herself just the way I like. I want her pussy strapped to a toy and cuffed to the bed, while I pretend to be a burglar.

I reach her house quickly… maybe too quickly. When I let myself in, I find she is still in the shower, shaving her legs. I was expecting her to be ready. Although I’m slightly disappointed, I let it slide for now, considering it’s been a while since I’ve basked in the sight of her beautiful silhouette through the shower door. It’s a sight I am quite fond of. I like the view of her curves through the steamy glass, her hair dripping over her shoulders, that gorgeous body of hers just aching to be touched.

I keep my eyes on her from across the room while I quietly undress. I brush my teeth, wash my hands thoroughly, then join her in the shower. I take the shaving razor from her hand and softly kiss her ankles.

“Sit,” I say sternly.

She gasps as I smooth my hands up her torso, helping her to her seat at the edge of the tub. I turn the shower off and switch the water to the tub faucet. I kneel and take her leg in my hand. I start grazing the razor slowly up her leg until it’s nice and smooth. I spread her thighs apart and start working on her pussy. She usually leaves a cute little strip in the middle, but I want her silky smooth tonight. I carefully spread her lips and shave the soft curves of her mound. I press the top of her pussy back, then shave down her tight, thick pussy lips.

I keep a watchful eye on her expressions as I smile back seductively. I can see her lips gleam in wetness from the inside. Her clit is poking out past the hood and her hips are thrusting forward. I know she’s ready for me, but I don’t want to miss a spot.

“Don’t move, Princess,” I whisper.

“Yes, Mistress,” she whimpers.

I flip the razor over and spread her lips with the handle, making sure every inch of her is bare. Her feet stammer as I trace her pussy slowly with the tip. I cup some water in my hand and trickle some over her skin to clean it thoroughly. I trace her puffy lips with my fingers, admiring the view of her perfect little pussy just begging to be eaten. I lean in slowly and give her slit a wet swipe with my tongue.

Her sweetness hits my senses quickly. My blood rushes and my carnal hunger takes over like a lioness licking its fangs at a gazelle. I suck her pussy softly, keeping my tongue gently circling her clit. Her legs are trembling as she grips the edge of the tub. I lick her pussy just a little harder, but keep my pace slow and steady. I want her dripping, trapped on the edge with no way out. The look on her face tells me she knows she is in for a wild night.

I stop licking right before she tips too far. I stand her up. I lead her out of the bath and walk her to the bedroom. I take one wrist and cuff it, then lay her down. I straddle her chest and tuck the chain behind a bar, then cuff her other wrist. The anticipation is killing us both. I am already moaning softly as her chest rises, lifting my entire body up when she inhales deeply.

I slide down so we’re face to face. I lick her lips and softly bite them. I trail my thumb over her mouth as I caress her cheeks. I kiss her lips as I slide down lower.

I take her breasts in each hand and take turns sucking and licking each nipple until they are rock hard. Her skin is glowing with lust, her tender flesh still dripping from the shower, her unmistakably delicious aroma taking over my sanity.

I kiss her stomach. Her body is squirming in pleasure as I nibble her waist. I slide my tongue around her belly button and leave a trail of soft slow kisses across her pelvis.

By the time I get to her pussy, she can’t keep her legs still or her mouth closed. I dig my nails down her inner thighs, making her squirm even more. I look at her irresistible pussy and lick my lips, visually savoring my succulent meal to come.

I see wetness leaking down her slit. I catch it with my tongue and lick between her lips. I press my teeth gently over her mound with my lips suctioned to her flesh. I lick deep slow circles to her clit.

I think of the Finesse song again and follow the rhythm using my tongue movements as the beat. She screams in pleasure as soon as I switch my tempo.

I press my tongue firmly to her clit and twist it back and forth, then up and down. Tears trickle down her temple, hands trembling in the cuffs, completely helpless to my touch.

I push the tip of my tongue right over her hood and slurp her pussy softly. It’s just enough pressure to get her so close, pre-orgasmic tremors thumping through her skin.

Then, I stop again. She looks at me with a crazy expression, wordlessly begging me to go back down on her. I shake my head and softly spank her pussy, making her shudder. Her hips rise and fall to the bed, trying to get any stimulation she can, even if from a breath of air. I know I’m torturing her and I am utterly enjoying it.

I straddle her waist and press my pussy to hers. I start lightly circling my hips, making my pussy grind in soft circles on her clit. I lean foward, taking her hands in mine, crossing our fingers together as much as the cuffs allow. I grind down harder, churning my own wetness with hers. My pussy tenses, feeling our clits slide all over each other. I can’t hold back anymore. Her pussy feels so good on mine! I thrust harder and faster until I explode in a tremendous climax, using her drenched swollen pussy to get me there.

I circle my hips again, then press firmly up and down, gripping her waist for more pressure. Her thighs are shaking around my waist. I lift up and see her pussy swollen to the point where her clit is turning reddish purple. I could probably blow on it and she’d cum instantly. I spank her pussy softly again, making her plead for mercy. I slide my middle finger inside her and feel her walls tighten around it.

I lean down, drape her legs over my shoulders, and grip under her thighs. I give her one last look and flash her a devilish grin. Then, I slurp her clit firmly, like I’m taking a deep bong hit. She is screaming in bliss as I keep going until my breath fills to the max. I let the sweet juices in my mouth drip right back on her pussy. Then, slurp again, harder and louder. She moans and shakes, her hips thrusting in rapid circles. I suck her pussy in and swerve my head in tight circles, moving in the opposite direction.

She cums hard, screaming at the top of her lungs, face buried under her wet hair, chains clanking on her wrists. I pinch her pussy lips together and let her thrust the deep throbbing pulses on my fingers as I drip saliva down her slit.

I smile, then slide on top of her. I uncuff her wrists and fix her hair back to reveal her gorgeous flushed face. She is breathing hard, her entire body shaking. I take her in my arms and slide my fingers inside her, gently massaging her G-spot until her pussy calms down. She moans softly, circling her tongue around my neck.

“Thank you, Mistress,” she says breathlessly. “Please, may I have another?”

I smile at her request.

“Mmm… Yes, Princess. Yes, you may.”

I slide back down and grip her thighs firmly again…

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