Beach Time

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Norman loved to lie on the beach in the mornings. Since he’d come back from the war he felt he could never be warm again. The sun’s glow and the shifting shore wind made lying there the most pleasant experience in his short life.

He couldn’t remember what made him open his eyes. A change in the breeze, a shadow moving, or a soft noise may have imperceptibly nudged him to turn his head. Whatever made him look was quickly forgotten due to a strange sight not four feet away.

An entirely naked man was standing on the sand with an entirely naked woman kneeing before him. He was staring at her head, which was moving toward his impossibly large erection. The woman was unlike any Norman had ever seen in his life. She was shapely and firm, with curves in places he had never touched on a woman. Norman was totally fixated as the woman fastened her lips around the man’s erection. The man seemed pleased she was doing this to him. Norman had never even imagined such a thing. But seeing this very large erection disappear entirely into a woman’s mouth made Norman’s jaw drop in abject puzzlement.

Norman could not fathom how this hallucination had appeared. The perversion of these two brazen people on his beach shocked him into an unblinking stare. His mind was unable to grasp any of it. His stare was transfixed on the woman’s shiny red lips as they moved along the man’s hardness. Where his length was going did not occur to Norman, nor how she was able to make him fit. He was stunned into silence, observing this slow and impressive performance.

The woman’s long hair reminded him of the farm girls in the area. The man’s face wore a wide, beaming smile. The vision of the woman working the man’s erection into her mouth had Norman spellbound, until it slowly shrank from view. Starting at the edges, the image seemed to burn away like paper until it was gone. Truth was, Norman’s ability to recall their appearance came only after the strange event ended. He struggled to remember the shape of her breasts, her thighs, even her feet. The man’s appearance was even more of a mystery to him. Except for the remarkable size of his penis, Norman was unable to remember very much about the man. For a long time afterward Norman could not decide whether the people had been on the beach or inside his eyes. The one thing Norman was very sure of was the effect this hallucination had on his own erection pushing solidly against his swim suit. All Norman knew was that he wanted to feel himself sliding through the lips of a lovely young woman the way he had seen it; or thought he saw.

Edna was the most lovely woman William had ever met. Not only was she smart and lovely to look at, but she loved to laugh. Edna found William to be a wonderful and attentive man who seemed so sure of himself. William was becoming enamored with Edna. Every time they had met, or seen each other, it was at a community event, or some formal gathering where they exchanged idle chat. Today was different. A friend had invited William to bring Edna to their summer party at the cottage. Her summer dress was very colourful and bold. His jacket and tie were exactly right for the occasion. Except for a straw hat he was the picture of modern elegance and charm. Edna felt very comfortable and relaxed around William. They spent hours together chatting with everyone.

William and Edna told their hosts they were going for a walk along the beach. Soon they were following a short path down to the sand. William rolled up his pants while Edna removed her shoes. They walked together for almost a quarter of a mile enjoying the sun, the sand, and the warm wind.

It was Edna who stopped first. William took one or two steps more before he realized she was behind him. She stood staring to her right at a spot just before the trees. William looked to see what made her stop. There appeared to be two entirely naked people frolicking on the ground not far away.

William blushed a deep shade of red as he watched. Edna glanced in William’s direction and giggled when she saw his colour. It was apparent they could see the same thing. William was shocked to be observing two people running their hands all over each other. Edna asked William if he wanted to move closer. Whatever respect he had for the privacy of these people vanished. Edna held his hand firmly as they seemed somehow hypnotized by what they saw. The woman was not soft and smooth like Edna, she was firm with obvious strength and muscles. The man was like a Greek god. Both Edna and William could not help admiring the physical beauty of this pair.

The man’s erection seemed to be out of proportion to the rest of his body. It seemed to tower over the woman’s hand like a butcher sausage. Edna felt herself responding to the man’s hands on the woman’s breasts, distorting their perfect shape. Edna’s sun dress could not hide her own perky nipples. Seeing the movement of the woman’s fist pumping the man’s erection caused William’s own erection to grow under his trousers. William could not take his eyes off the way her hand moved along his erection.

The mystery couple lay on their sides in opposite directions. The man slid his fingers between the woman’s thighs. Edna gasped without realizing she could be heard. While the woman pumped the man’s penis, he wriggled his fingers between her thighs. Edna glanced up to see William’s gaping mouth. She could feel herself blush like never before.

What William and Edna saw next shocked them a little bit. The woman positioned herself over the man, who pulled her crotch until his head was nestled against her vagina. At the other end the woman lowered her head over his stiff length. It was a scene of considerable erotic power. Neither could remember just how long they watched the pair licking each other. They both felt odd when the image started burning around the edges until it was gone. William and Edna were left standing and staring at an empty spot on the beach.

Feeling flushed, aroused, and quite stunned, they went back down toward the water. They walked for a short time without speaking. Then they both suddenly started asking each other about what they saw. They cautiously shared their excitement about what the couple had been doing. Edna was unable to get the idea out of her mind of having William’s tongue rooting around inside her. She asked William if he wanted to try it. William wanted his erection handled so he presented Edna with a proposition. All he knew was they had experienced something they would never forget.

Even though Edna and William discussed it between themselves on many private occasions, they never breathed a word of what they saw to anyone else. They enjoyed a long and fulfilling marriage which was the model of sharing and compassion.

Alex loved to kiss Susan but was always unsure of her feelings. They were in his car going to the beach. He’d talked Susan into skipping class. She was sure this would mean a little petting in the car, so she agreed. Susan sometimes thought Alex loved his car more than anything else.

The beach was completely empty except for the snack shack further along. Alex was necking with Susan and she was nuzzling his throat when he opened his eyes and saw two people next to his car with nothing on. When Susan felt Alex jump she pulled her head back to follow Alex’s stare. There stood two people who were obviously a lot farther along in having sex than she and Alex were. The woman had her legs around the man’s head so he could lick her all around her pussy. The guy was kneeling on the ground and the woman was riding his face. Seeing the movement of the woman’s thighs, Susan could guess what his tongue might be doing.

It had never occurred to Alex to put his tongue down there on a girl. His first reaction was to gasp. Alex had never seen any woman like this in a magazine. He was getting turned on by her incredible body. He watched her moving up and down on her man. Susan thought she knew a thing or two about how men would get a woody if they saw a naked girl. The size of this man’s erection made her want to get closer. She was unable to move as they both watched the pair from inside the car.

After what seemed an eternity of getting licked, the woman climbed off the man. His cock bounced slightly as he stood up. He lifted one of the woman’s legs up around his hip as he bent at the knees. In one fluid motion he was gliding his erection up into her pussy. Susan and Alex stared at the couple as they were fucking standing up. Alex felt Susan’s hand fall onto his lap. He helped with one hand to open his jeans. Susan’s hand worked itself into his underwear. For the first time Susan put her hand on a real erection. She was holding it firmly while watching two people as they fucked in broad daylight.

Susan felt her breathing get faster as she handled Alex. Later on she would tell Alex it was as if time had stopped. For his part Alex was trying to get his hand inside Susan’s top to feel her breast. It was awkward to watch and stimulate each other. Just as suddenly as it started, the fucking couple disappeared.

When it was over all they wanted was to climb into the back seat together. They both knew this was the beginning of something special between them. Alex was finally sure Susan was his girl. They spent a lot of time in the back seat of Alex’s car that summer, remembering the way a naked couple had fucked standing up. They both agreed it was the most exciting and stimulating thing they had ever seen in their lives.

Tina thought a fire on the beach was the most romantic thing ever. She was in love with Brad. The sunset had been wonderful and the weed was mellowing her right down to her toes. Brad sat beside her poking at the fire. Cindy appeared behind them and plunked herself down beside Tina.

Tina was also in love with Cindy. She was the most wonderful woman she’d ever met. They’d shared many nights together in bed at college. She was never really sure if Brad knew about her and Cindy. The pot was making her head spin so she decided not to think about it.

Brad wanted to fuck Tina more than anything else in the world but he didn’t know how to ask. Cindy was amazed Tina had not figured out Brad had a crush on her a mile wide. Tina invited Brad and Cindy down to her Dad’s cottage for the weekend. Tina was hoping to talk to Brad about how she felt. Tina also wanted Cindy to be there in case it didn’t work out with Brad.

The three of them could never agree on who pointed to it first. But they all agreed it was the most mind-bending trip any of them had ever been on. On the other side of the fire two people were fucking. All three stoned people stood up at the same time to get a better look. A man built like a pro wrestler and a woman who looked like a supermodel were fucking with considerable enthusiasm. The three young people moved around either side of the fire to take a closer look at the couple fucking and grunting together with firelight on their glistening skin.

Brad could barely stand up. He felt Tina beside him and Cindy on the other side of the fire. They all stared down in amazement. Cindy just started taking off her clothes. Even she could not explain what made her decide to do that. Tina was filled with a rush of excitement she’d never experienced before. She just couldn’t contain the energy and reached down to work Brad’s swimsuit around his knees. Then she took hold of his growing prick. Tina wasn’t familiar enough with an erection to do more than pump him gently.

Brad looked down at Tina’s hand on his cock, then turned to see Cindy’s lovely body. He gestured for her to come closer. Tina decided to put her mouth over the end of his cock just as Cindy arrived next to him. Brad experienced a full body rush unlike anything he had ever known. Once the rush flowed away he held Cindy’s firm waist while gingerly stroking the softness of her pussy. Tina’s mouth left Brad’s cock just as the couple changed position. The man got on his back to let the woman sink down on top of his very long erection. They quickly resumed fucking.

Tina’s mouth returned to Brad’s cock. His eyes never left the couple fucking while he enjoyed Tina’s mouth sucking his cock. His hardness was literally throbbing with excitement, which made Tina happy. Cindy knew this was what Tina wanted. Even with the magic of the couple fucking nearby she felt strong emotions for both Brad and Tina. Seeing Tina suck Brad’s cock made Cindy decided to tuck two of Brad’s fingers into her wetness. Tina was busy with Brad’s cock while Cindy showed him how to finger her pussy. Once his fingers were giving her chills she closed her eyes. Brad could not tear his eyes away from the couple fucking. Not a hand in a pussy or a mouth on his cock could break the spell.

Neither of the young women saw the image disappear. Brad was was never sure it wasn’t a trick of the fire, how it seemed the image just burned away. Considering the level of stimulation Brad was experiencing he was never really sure what he saw. Tina and Cindy were sure. It was a source of endless turn on for the two women whenever they got together with Brad. For his part Brad enjoyed fucking both of them for years afterward. Tina or Cindy shared his cock and mouth between them like a popsicle.

In the bright light of a late afternoon a couple were fucking with considerable force right there on the hardwood floor of his beachside cottage. Their fucking went from regular and steady to a jerking rush to finish. The enormous man pulled out of the beautiful woman’s pussy to aim his cock at her chest while a fountain of cum shot across her breasts. Just as his cock was about to enter the woman’s gaping wide lips, the couple froze motionless, with her hand on his erection as if they were life size statues there in the sunlight. The image vanished in a blink, leaving empty space on the hardwood floor.

A young man holding a remote control turned to face the owner of the house. The demonstration was over. Did his audience like it or not? The elder man still stared at the empty place on the floor, then took a deep breath and turned toward the young man holding the controls.

“Very interesting,” he said. “I will want some time to look this proposal over but I think this system is very interesting.”

Jared’s demonstration was over and he was still unsure if this investor was ready to finance the idea. The elder man shifted in his seat, glancing at some paperwork beside him on the couch. The young inventor had been trying to get this man to see the demonstration for six months and he still didn’t really know what the man thought of it.

Jared had designed the two people with painstaking care. He had made the guy like an action figure endowed with a double-size cock. He modeled the woman on his favourite porn star. He had always fantasized about fucking her. Jared was even working on a model of himself to use in the system.

His holographic technology was the most advanced ever. His special projectors, with the beam converters he built himself, made images which looked, moved and seemed solid. They appeared with true proportions and used light from the surrounding environment. The controls allowed for pre-scripted scenes to be uploaded. There was a limit to how many actors could appear with this prototype, but it only meant more memory and processor capabilities to be able to handle more.

Jared finished packing his equipment case. He took a second to pause and feel the warm wind from the beach on his skin, before hoisting it up into his van. The real world is such a complicated and rich experience. Jared knew more than anyone else how hollow and empty a virtual projection was.

After handshakes with his potential investor, Jared was in his truck and riding down the shore drive. He believed some day he would revolutionize entertainment as we know it.

Back at the house on the beach, the man was on the phone. He told his friend to forget about this holosex thing. He was already planning a new adult video disk system. Now that was something to invest in.

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