Dinner At Marley’s

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Marvin Meyer: Unsplash

I have prepared your place so that you may sup at my table. It’s clean, shaved, sweet and oh so delectably edible. I have been eating my pineapple .

I eat right so that my pussy can be your delight. My own fruit is sweet and ready to be devoured by your mouth, my sweet savage.

I’m awaiting your gentle touch, your tongue, the warmth of your saliva running down the split of my fruit.

You don’t deserve this dessert. That’s not the reason you’re being fed, my dear. *I* need this.

You kiss my neck ever so gently, melting all of my worries and cares away.

You lick your way down to my nipples, giving each one of them the attention they so require. You deserve an award for your attention to detail. You fondle and cup each of my tits so lovingly and tenderly. Just the way I like it.

My gorgeous tit mounds sit atop my chest waiting to be ravished. My tits sit high like two freshly baked muffins in need of your sweet lips. Sink your teeth into me. Take a bite, please.

The tapas platter is divine, but I’m hungry for you. I know you’re hungry for me. I know you love big, freshly prepared meals. Your meal awaits.

Move down please, travel the path to righteousness. Taste my sweet waters. Gently work your way to my delightful fruit bowl.

Take your time, it’s a marathon not a sprint dear.

You’re teasing me, and I like that. Your tongue feels so good on my weary body. It’s getting weaker.

Finally, you’ve made it to my fruit bowl after crossing via the stairway to heaven. My gates are wide open for you, my love. Eat until your heart is content.

Your licks are delightful. Your warm hands feel so good on my body, gently rubbing my thighs and my stomach. I can’t wait to cum in your mouth.

You’ve found “my” spot. My honey hole, My sugar bowl. My fruit basket. It’s like a drug, and you’re addicted. My juices flow from my pussy, welcoming you. The desert is no more.

Your eating quenches my thirst like the first rains flowing into the riverbeds of the Serengeti.

Lick me, baby. Suck my fruit. I’ve waited so long for you to arrive here. Take your time, there’s no need to rush. Time is standing still just for us.

My pussy is all yours. Touch me. Eat me. Suck me. Insert your fingers inside of my valley. Show me the way to the light.

You feel so good. Where have you been all of my life? I close my eyes as pleasure takes over, taking me to ecstasy. All of a sudden I feel another set of lips on my body. But how can that be? I can’t open my eyes. It all feels so good to me.

I’m overcome with emotions. This unexpected trespasser has turned this dinner for two into a communal meal. Have your way with my body. There is plenty here for everyone to enjoy. The kisses, licks and sucks on my tits feel so tender.

Heaven help me!

I don’t know who this stranger is, but they clearly have been around a girl’s body before. They feel so good, doing everything just right.

My body is super sensitive now. You both are too much for a girl to handle. I thought I was a big girl, but you’ve broken me down into nothing more than a bowl of jelly.

The attention to my pussy, with two hands working the bottom half of my body in conjunction with the soft lips and two hands working the top part of my body, is sending me over the edge. My river is ready to overflow its banks.

Ahhhhhhhh, I’m cummin. I’m cummin. I’m cummin baby. I’m cummin.

The fruit in my basket has ripened. It’s finally burst. I squirted all over your face, your hands and your plate, just the way you like it. I hear my diners slurping the fruits of their labor, and they’re not done with me yet. You two are sending me over the edge once more.

Oooooooooooooooooooo, boy! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I’m cummin.

My tits are flapping, my body is convulsing, and my mouth is moaning. Dinner has been served, and my guests have been fed.

I open my eyes. My two guests greet me with deep, long, passionate kisses. They are happy I’ve finally arrived.

I came to dinner at Marley’s full but hungry, yet I leave empty and so satisfied.

Dinner is always great at Marley’s. You can always dine here. My fruit basket is full. Like fine wine, it only gets better (and sweeter ) with time.

I need to attend to my guests now. They are ready to play, and I am the host of this play date. I simply can’t keep them waiting for me, nor do I want to.

The night is early. His cock is long and strong. Her pretty pussy is fat and wet. It’s going to be a good night.

I’ll be back……… soon.

Y’all cum back now, ya here?

Thanks so much for reading. Like my work? Then follow me. I’m as nasty as I want to be, and then some. #yolo

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