Daddy’s Conquest

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Daddy won’t let babygirl remain unsatisfied — a bisexual cuckolding story

We’re still breathless as you turn me to face you.

A small trickle of cum follows your cock, finally spent and soft, from my ass and into the crease of my thigh. It’s washed away quickly, though, and our wet skin forms a seal as you pull me close. Tenderly, you thread your fingers into the dripping hair at the base of my skull. First drawing my mouth to yours and drilling deep with your tongue, eliciting a muted whimper from my throat as my back arches, stiff nipples tighter to your chest. And then, ever so gently, you slide my face back so our lips are just touching.

You take a deep breath, eyes locked on mine.

“Daddy wants to know if you came.”

My legs are shaking from the exertion, my ass still glowing from your slaps and the rest of me singing with adrenaline from your urgent and thorough use… I bite my lip and try to lower my eyes, but you force them back to yours with a tug on my hair.

“Tell me,” you insist.

I shake my head. Fuck… I know what this means. But I cannot tell a lie.

“No, Sir.”

I know the answer already, but I wait for her to say it. Once she does, I turn off the shower. The room is silent except for a few final drips from the tap.

I swallow over the lump in my throat and order my babygirl to her tender knees. Normally I enjoy this position, but this time… Blood rushes to my face for the next bit, and my heart drops a notch in my chest. This never fails to mortify.

I’ve learned to keep my voice even. “Spit on the pencil dick,” I say by rote. I fucking hate this part.

She knew it was coming but it’s different live, and it still takes her ten seconds or so to collect the spit and obey. She throws a guilty look my way as she expels a fleck of saliva sticking to the lip I’ve so recently savaged and bitten. She does manage to hit her target, which is shamefully small. Fuck!

It’s obviously new territory for her; unfortunately not for me. Always the worst part, fresh eyes on my shriveledness, especially from my sweet babygirl.

I close my eyes for a moment, leaning against the shower, and then…

We both jump at the unmistakable sounds — key turning in the lock, front door clicking closed and footsteps in the hallway. Daddy’s voice as he enters the bathroom, taking in the tableau of babygirl kneeling before me in the shower.

“What’s going on in here?”

The floor of the shower is cold and wet, hard against my knees but most of all, I feel your shame radiating from above. My mouth goes dry on your command but with effort I squeeze out a ball of saliva with my tongue and spit on your softness. It’s hard to imagine that this pathetic blob was capable of fucking me at all.

The room is silent as you release a long sigh; then out of nowhere I jump at the sound of a key turning in the front door. Followed by the sounds of entry and hard footsteps, and just like that we’re no longer alone in the bathroom.

“What’s going on in here?”

The roots of my dripping hair are on end and a burning chill tingles my scalp, along the length of my spine and ending with a jolt in my aching pussy. I’m almost shivering with surprise and fear. What the fuck!?! Daddy?!?

His voice is not raised but it doesn’t need to be. We stare at him with rapt attention. He’s the lion, surveying his territory. I am a naked, shivering gazelle, and you, you are —

“Boy, I asked you what’s going on here.”

Your eyes are lowered, but you raise them to him, and your Adam’s apple bobs as you swallow.

“We had sex, but she didn’t cum,” you say. Your voice is soft but steady.

Daddy’s eyes move from you to me. I’ve never felt so exposed as in this moment, wet and dripping naked with my throbbing nipples and pussy, a drop of your cum seeping from my ass onto my heels.

Holding my gaze, he takes a stride towards us and grabs you by the hair, pulling you from the shower and forcing you to your knees in front of him. His eyes continue to probe me though, beyond my nakedness and fear… no doubt he can smell my arousal.

“You,” he says to me, gaze unbending. “Stay on your knees. Rub your clit.”

He doesn’t wait for an answer and releases my eyes with a look towards you at his feet. He unzips his jeans.

“Open your mouth, boy.”

I’d thought it was humiliating before, but this goes way beyond…

Daddy spits in my open mouth as he pulls out his meat. His gaze remains fixed on babygirl, and for a few moments I can imagine her eyes behind me watching us; I hear her ragged breaths and the smacking of fingertips on clit. Then the world goes out of focus as he shoves his massive softness in my mouth, pushing and choking me with it. I’ve learned to take it better, but there’s nothing to do but yield, suck in breath when I can and survive as he grasps my head and chokes me, thrusting through my stretched jaw and deeper into my throat.

Tears and spit are streaming from my face as he thrusts and pulls, and he grows wider, deeper, thicker and harder between my lips until I can’t take anymore but he keeps going. Finally he’s full sized. He pushes me one final time, releasing my head and discarding my mouth, then steps over me to reach her in the shower.

“Time to focus on you,” he says to my babygirl, and she stares at him, speechless, fingers frozen mid-stroke.

Without another word, he takes hold of her wet body, gently lifting her over his shoulder like a sack of stolen treasure and striding quickly through the door. I get up from my knees and follow.

I’m frightened when Daddy first reaches for me, but his hands are surprisingly gentle as he hooks his thumb in the crease of my hip and lifts me to his shoulder. My entire body thrills with fear and excitement at his touch. He carries me ass-in-the-air out of the bathroom. On the way I catch a glimpse of your face, which looks as stunned as I feel.

We end up in the living room and Daddy puts me down on the sofa. My hair saturates the cushion as he pushes my face into it.

“Ass up, babygirl!” he says. He sounds almost jolly about it.

I spread my knees and follow instructions. Strong fingers caress my ass and pussy, which is hot and almost dripping at his touch.

“See this, boy?” Daddy asks. “Look at these needy, unsatisfied holes.”

Silence. My face is scarlet, blushing into the pillow. I imagine you standing next to him swallowing your shame.

“They need some satisfaction… am I right, babygirl?”

I nod, then realize I’d better answer.

“Yes, Daddy,” I say. My voice is hoarse and low, and I need to clear my throat and repeat myself.

“As he said, right?” he asks. “He didn’t make you cum?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I say. “I didn’t cum.”

A hand on my neck pushes my face further into the cushion, and before I can adjust my breathing, my slippery pussy is split wide around his immense cock. My breath stops for a moment before erupting in a half-scream, half-moan. Oh my God…

His thumb caresses the rim of my anus, the soft and hard sensations almost overwhelming in intensity.

“Don’t worry, baby,” he says softly, thrusting deep and hard inside me. “Daddy won’t stop till you explode.”

Daddy puts her face down, ass up on the sofa and runs his fingers along babygirl’s juicy lips, taunting me with her obviously dissatisfied state.

“See this, boy?”

He’s right behind her, shoving her face into the pillow. Without any more warning, he lines up and rams his fat cock inside her. Babygirl lets out some sort of primeval howl and I stare, fascinated, as he conquers her cunt and the rest of her with a single thrust of massive flesh. Part of me wants to turn away in despair but that part holds no sway in this moment.

Daddy grabs a thick fistful of her hair and yanks her head violently from the pillow, turning her face towards me. Tears streaming as she gasps from the force of it. All the while he’s slamming her, harder and harder and she pants and moans with each giant thrust.

For a moment she seems to come to herself, catching my eye and I hesitate, but ask her, “How does it feel?”

But her eyes are already glazed over again and the only answer is another moan. Fuck.

Daddy grabs her little torso in both hands, lifting and turning her to her back. He throws her legs up over his shoulders so he can drill even deeper, fill her even more. He is pounding her, staring into her eyes with a hand around her throat.

“You, little slut, will cum staring into Daddy’s eyes.”

She has words for him; he’s her Master now.

“Yes, Daddy,” she says in a tiny, obedient tone, still gasping.

The burn cuts through me — envy, jealousy, even rage. But her pussy’s dripping all over him, she’s ready to cum and he knows it too.

“Cum now for Daddy,” he says, with the deepest thrust yet. He pinches her nipple with his free hand and that detonates the explosion.

Her back is arched and her eyes struggle against him but he’s got her by the throat, and she keeps them fixed on his as she writhes against his tremendous shaft, moaning and crying out in waves of ecstasy as she finally gets release…

“Good girl,” Daddy says. His voice is tender.

“Thank you, Daddy.” Tiny words again. She’s limp and gasping, with tears running from the corners of her eyes.

“Oh, little babygirl, you deserved to get filled up, and well.”

It’s as if time has exploded with me and stands still while my body recovers from violent pleasure. My mind isn’t there yet. Through my haze I see you turn towards your discarded clothes. A battered vacuum inside me as Daddy removes his giant cock, still hard and glistening with my juices. He fixes his eyes on you.

“Stop,” he says, and beckons you over. “Stand next to me.”

You obey, eyes down, and as you stand beside him, I understand your discomfort. The contrast is stunning — massive throbbing Daddy versus puny shriveled you.

“Come here, babygirl,” Daddy says. “Come here and lick up every drop of your cum from Daddy’s shaft.”

There’s no thought involved in obeying — my body moves on its own, rolling from the sofa to my knees before him. My tongue is out and eager, circling his thickness and struggling to take any of him into my mouth.

“Look at him as you please that fat cock, you beautiful slut!”

I turn my eyes to you and keep licking and sucking, my face covered in my taste, watching you struggle with conflicting emotions. I read envy, sadness, anger, shame… desire.

“Good girl,” Daddy says, and nudges my cheek with his finger so I look up at him. “Now.” He strokes my sticky chin and cheeks with his hand. “You can go kiss him and bring him to bed.” He holds my shoulder as I start to move towards you. “Or… if you need my cum on your face or in your throat, well… you’ll have to spit on that worm again.” He smiles at me, still gently stroking my cheek.

My throat goes dry. Four eyes on me — Daddy’s smiling, yours wide with disbelief at my hesitation. Another frozen moment…

But there’s no decision to be made. You are the conqueror of my heart. But right now, right here, kneeling naked and used on the floor beside the sofa with the two of you towering over me, Daddy is the conqueror of my body, and that body needs Daddy’s cum.

I gather saliva with my tongue and spit on your little worm, before turning back to big Daddy.

He chuckles as he grabs the back of my head with one hand, pulling me in to him. “Such a good little girl,” he says.

At the first hesitation, a blade of steel pierces my heart. My babygirl… and then, like an icy river through my veins, she leans over and spits on me.

The question bursts out, “Why???” but she can’t answer. Her lips are already spread wide around the tip of Daddy’s cock.

“Look at me now, babygirl,” Daddy says. “Forget about him right now.”

He’s thrusting farther into her mouth, filling it and grabbing her hair. Tears are streaming from her eyes; she’s choking. She’s never taken such a big cock before.

“Good girl,” Daddy moans, thrusting harder, deeper into her mouth and throat. Saliva is running from her pretty little lips now and mixing with the tears along her chin and neck and into her hair, still damp from the shower. Babygirl grunts and wheezes as he fucks her mouth, faster and faster.

Daddy groans and keeps up the pace. I can’t take my eyes off of them — his huge cock pounding away at her tiny mouth, stretched to the fullest around him and slobbering, eyes barely open with tears pouring out, as if his massive prick is displacing all the fluids in her body with each thrust. I’m hard again too, watching them… but babygirl’s mouth is taken now, owned.

He’s moving even faster, moaning. “Mmm such a wonderful, naughty babygirl!” He’s getting close. She’s a dripping, choking ragdoll; he’s destroying her.

One final, deep thrust between her lips. “God, baby, I’m cumming,” he says, filling her throat with a huge load. After a pause he releases her head and she crumples back to the sofa, sniffling and coughing. Still panting, he brushes the hair back from her face, wiping tears from the corners of her eyes.

He takes her face in his hand, and softly caresses her cheek with his thumb. “You’ve been so good,” he says. “I bet you’re tired.”

She nods at him, rests her cheek in his hand for a moment.

“Come, baby, give Daddy’s cock one more kiss.”

She wipes her face in her arm once more and leans forward with one sweet little kiss and slurp on his tip. He looks at me, and once more at my babygirl.

“Now, get some rest and take your slim man to bed.”

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