Creep: my stolen panties

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They were alone in my flat getting nasty on my bed. Rubbing my satin panties all over their dicks as they frotted, they came in a heap of burning ecstasy on my sheets. I know this because I had cameras installed around the flat after my underwear started going missing. I just wasn’t expecting it to be my boyfriend and my neighbour…

People come and go at my place. I regularly have friends over, I have the odd party and I wasn’t about to stop that because of one thieving asshole. It was underwear now, but what would be next? So, I borrowed cameras from a friend who was into video production and he helped me set them up in discreet, key areas around my home. I placed one in the living room and two in my bedroom — one pointing toward the foot of my bed (Camera Two) as the laundry basket was close by, and one hidden in the top shelf of my bookcase (Camera One), giving an angled view of the whole room.

I checked the footage for days and it came up blank, though I did have some footage of my bedroom activity with my boyfriend, Daryl, so it wasn’t a complete loss. It was totally wrong that I was filming without his consent, but that only made it more exciting.

It was Saturday morning when I watched the footage from Friday. I was playing the recording of the living room, and Camera One of my bedroom. The footage showed Daryl, who was off work that day. I’d asked him to wait in for a new dining table that was being delivered. Everything seemed uneventful. He watched TV until the table was delivered around 11.30am. He then called someone, who turned out to be Lukas, my weird neighbour from downstairs. Lukas arrived five minutes after the phone call, and he and Daryl set up my dining table. Once they finished, Lukas rolled a joint and they smoked it out on the balcony.

Shortly after, Lukas walked through the living room, along the hallway into my bedroom. Bingo! It had to be him! I find Lukas kinda hot, but really weird, so I wasn’t overly surprised at the thought of him being an underwear thief. What unfolded after that did surprise me, though.

Lukas went into my underwear drawer and took out a pair of my nice silky white panties and began to rub the soft material between his fingers. He pulled his dick out of his pants and started to stroke it on the material. To say I was shocked was an understatement. This was really fucked up.

Daryl then entered the bedroom. To my dismay, he walked up behind Lukas and wrapped his arms around his waist, then cradled Lukas’s dick gently in his hand. With the other, he snatched the panties from Lukas’s grip, dangling them high above the tip of his cock, and brushed them from side to side in a pendulum motion, teasing him. Lukas groaned and rested his head back onto Daryl’s shoulder as Daryl continued to tease.

My stomach churned as the humiliation rose within me until it reached full blown fury. With clenched fists, my body began to shake and tears rolled down my burning face. I wanted to scream. I wanted to smash my laptop into a thousand pieces, but I just sat there, shaking and gasping for air through my pain. I took deep breaths, steadying myself and very quickly, my own body began to betray me. Blood rushed to my clit, pumping and swelling until my slit began to seep. Was this reaction normal? I thought. Why am I feeling this way after being so humiliated? To my surprise and confusion, I felt compelled to open up the Camera Two footage and play it alongside Camera One. The image on Camera Two was mainly taken up by the two of them from the torso down, as they stood side on. The sound was crystal clear.

“You just love my girlfriend’s panties, don’t you? Fucking perv.”

“Not as much as I love your girlfriend,” Lukas bit back. “I might have to steal her from you.”

Daryl laughed, pulling him in closer towards his own erection, groaning in Lukas’s ear as he did so. “You’ll have to fight me for her. You won’t win.”

“Stroke my dick off with your fingers like last time,” Lukas whispered.

Oh my God! As fucked up as this was, I was really starting to enjoy it. I reached down and began to rub my clit through my panties for some relief as I watched Daryl walk over to my bedside drawer and take out the lube we normally use when he’s fucking my ass. Coming up behind Lukas, he aimed the lube at the tip of his dick. He squeezed the bottle, allowing the lube to gently drizzle onto the tip, and trickle down his shaft. Lukas groaned softly. With just his thumb and index finger, Daryl began spreading the lube up and down Lukas’s dick, working him off slowly.

The view from Camera One was fantastic. The way the light from the window shone onto his body and the sight of his lube glistening dick at Daryl’s mercy sent shock waves through my pussy, which was now completely soaked.

I zoomed the screen in on Lukas’s cock so I could watch my man stroke him off up close, even slowing down the play speed so I could make this moment last longer. All my anger had completely disappeared in a haze of lust. I loved Lukas’s soft voice, and his moans and gasps were music to my ears as the heat in my lower belly began to swell and create a warm surge throughout my whole body. I’d never realised how sensual a creature he was until now.

Daryl sat back on the bed as Lukas placed himself between his legs, back to belly. Daryl placed his free hand on the V of Lukas’s groin, his fingertips gently touching the side of his balls and his thumb spread over the bottom of his taut abs, stroking in a circular motion. His hand began to slide up and down slowly in the edge of Lukas’s inner thigh while still stroking his dick with his fingers and he began to pick up the tempo. Lukas’s pelvis soon began to rock up at each down-stroke of those familiar fingers.

“Uhhh!” Lukas gasped. “ You’re such a fucking dirty tease… do you tease your girlfriend like this?”

“Fuck, yeah… I tease her clit with the tip of my finger like this.” Daryl began to drag his finger painfully slowly up the base of Lukas’s shaft until he got to the top, then began to tickle the tip of his dick, gently dragging the side of his nail around it, causing it to flinch under his touch. I shivered as I watched, my memories of the exact same feeling created by those fingers causing a guttural groan to escape my lips. Daryl moved his other hand under to cup Lukas’s balls, making him groan again.

I zoomed in closer, until all I could see was dick, balls and hands. I fingered myself as I watched my boyfriend’s slick, lube-covered hands expertly work off my neighbour’s dick, pumping it harder in his fist, as he played with his balls with the other hand. Lukas’s dick and balls glistened in the sunlight, as did his abs and inner thighs, completely covered in oozing lubricant. The sound of their moans and the squelching lube was too much, so I ceased pleasuring myself before I convulsed around my fingers. I wanted to wait for the finale, which I was sure was not far away judging by their panting.

I zoomed back out in time to see Daryl pull away from Lukas and reach for the discarded panties. “Put them on,” he instructed.

“Do you think they’ll fit?”

“Barely, if at all, but isn’t that half the fun?” Daryl smirked.

Lukas took my underwear and stepped into them, sheepishly at first. Looking at Daryl’s aroused expression soon re-established his confidence and he slowly slid them up his thighs. Lukas was fairly lean, but he was broad, so the higher they went the tighter they became.

“Fuck it,” Daryl said, “rip ’em if you have to. Just try to get them up against your dick. I wanna see your dick against them.”

Lukas pulled harder, causing the material to stretch beyond its limit and small tears to form at the seams.

“That’ll do,” whispered Daryl. “Wow. That’s fucking hot. Stand there for a minute so I can look at you.”

Lukas obeyed, standing tall in front of Daryl as he sat on the edge of the bed to inspect him. Daryl started to rub his own dick through his sweat pants, taking in the sight of Lukas in my now lube soaked panties. Only his balls were cradled by the material as his stiff, oiled cock jutted proudly out the top. My panties were too small to cover any of his cock at all.

I squeezed my thighs together as I paused the footage to zoom in on my abused underwear on Camera Two. God, these cameras were good! Such a high quality image. I began to rub myself again through my panties. It felt good. I felt a strange clarity about this bizarre situation; somehow it felt right. I imagined Lukas in the panties I was wearing, too. Then I imagined him with his own pair that fitted him. The two of us rubbing our genitals together through the fabric, while Daryl watched from my bed. With Lukas being such a weird guy, what I was watching and what I was imagining was making it all the hotter.

I released pause and continued watching the footage. Daryl leaned forward, pulling Lukas closer to him, and began to kiss his balls through the fabric. Lukas hung his head back and ran his fingers through his own hair, letting out a long groan. His breathing got louder and more rhythmic in time with his pelvis as it began to thrust towards my boyfriend’s face.

Daryl stood and dropped his sweatpants and underwear before hurriedly taking off his t-shirt, revealing his muscular form — making me weak as always. He pushed Lukas onto the bed and lay on top of him as he began to grind against him. The room was filled with the sound of their breathing and sexy groans. Lukas pushed Daryl off him slightly and ripped the panties until they were barely hanging by a thread, placing them so they were covering his dick. He pulled Daryl back down and positioned him so their dicks were against each other with the thin layer of fabric between them. Their abs sandwiched them as Daryl applied more pressure with his weight and they both let out a groan in unison. The tempo of their grinding quickened and they began to get filthy with their kissing, lips no longer touching, just pure tongue licking and rotating the tips against each other at speed, like something out of a sleazy porno.

By this point, my own feelings were mirroring theirs completely as they were reduced to nothing more than hungry animals. It was filthy and disgusting and I loved it. I wanted more. I wanted to climb into the screen and jump on top of Daryl and grind my pussy against his tight ass. My tongue wanted to slither around theirs and my mouth wanted to be filled by their slick lubed up dicks. I came at the exact same time they both exploded onto my panties. I don’t think I ever came so hard in my life.

With a hazy afterglow, I stared at my screen as they lay in a post-coital heap on my bed. All I could hear now was the sound of their sloppy kisses, my own ragged breathing and my heartbeat returning to its normal rate.

These two pricks should have been ashamed of themselves, especially Daryl for stabbing me in the back like this. It was at that point that I realised I would keep quiet about what I knew and allow this sleazy affair to continue… for now…

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