Chained to the Railing

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We are in the middle of a fucking marathon. This place we found has plenty of corners for us to get busy. But this tiny corner, at the top of the narrow spiral staircase, is a serious contestant for first prize. The slanted roof is to one side, while a railing overlooks the living room below from the other side.

He chained my wrists in these padded cuffs, around the rail. God, I love when he takes over the action. I lift my legs and can place them against the slanted roof. I am expectantly waiting to discover what his plans are for me on this sunny afternoon.

I can see the desire in his eyes, but I know that he will be teasing me badly. I am already wet and dripping for him, but he is taking his time with my reward. His mouth zeroes in on my nipples and wets them with his tongue in a very sensual way which makes my senses go into override.

But he has other plans in store for me. He goes down on me, circling first my labia and then focusing on my clit. His tongue gets into my opening and our fluids mix as he aims for the tip of my clit. It is wet wet wet down there; his teasing of my nipples opened up the floodgates. He takes his time and knows just when to suck and when to tickle me.

As I am getting to the plateau, I see him move up on me. His erection is more than ready for the action. I open my legs to make space for him, but instead he grabs his shaft and starts caressing the top of my clit with his tip. I am pressing my legs against the roof, and pulling my hands on the cuffs. This man of mine is driving me crazy.

I need to close my eyes and focus on this thing he is doing to me. He pulls the skin near my clit to increase the contact area. I can feel his dick making circular movements around the tip of my clit. Suddenly he starts rubbing me up and down, in short bursts. I feel the moment building up and tell him that he is going to make me come.

Mischief is what I see in his eyes. I really want him inside of me, but my clit is about to explode and melt. I’m arching my back, moving my hips in synch to maximize contact between us. It takes a few more masterstrokes from his side for me to start shaking. I almost black out. It is the first time that a dick has massaged my clit into an orgasm.

I have not finished shaking when I feel his big manhood inside of me. All the way in. I can feel his balls hitting my buttocks, and he is pinning my wrists while kissing me frenziedly. I know I will build up to the next one very soon. I look in his chocolate brown eyes, and feel his fire connect to my soul.

I feel his warm cock growing in size inside of me. He knows the pace that I need to get me to my next orgasm, and he is holding it. I can hear my panting and ask him to keep doing what he is doing. It is a flash, a lightning, an explosion, all at the same time. Suddenly my sensitiveness goes through the roof, and I have to push him out of me.

He holds me in a caring embrace, and I start laughing. Laughing with happiness, for this is a great way to spend the afternoon in this beautiful place.

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