Can’t Get Enough

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photo: SexArt

“I shouldn’t be here,” I say as I slip down my panties.

She walks over and takes the lacy bundle in her hand. She puts them in her front pocket and presses me against the door. “No… you shouldn’t.”

“It’s wrong for me to just come over wearing this. I know how much it tortures you.”

“So wrong,” she whispers. Her hands slide up my little black dress and hike it above my hips.

I press my cheek to hers, feeling the heat of her skin warm my own. I imprint a glossy red kiss to her neck and moan softly. “I just can’t leave you alone.”

“Why would you want to?” she asks softly, massaging my hips.

“Because… you don’t belong to me.”

She kneels on the floor and kisses my thighs. “Oh, but I do…” Her fingers ease inside me as she kisses my pussy gently. “And you are mine.”

I’m not sure now if she’s talking to me or to my pussy. All my reserve slowly melts away when I feel her tongue touch my clit.

She sucks it softly and inches her fingers deeper, curling them inward to catch my G-spot. Blood rushes through my veins. My senses heighten to the point where I can hear my heart pound in my chest. I can hear my soft breath rasp to a ragged desperation. Her tongue feels like a liquid vibrator as she coaxes my clit. She speaks to it like a lower ear, and I feel every word.

My thighs shake to her touch. I’m almost afraid to touch her, feeling her exuding power over my body. But she, too, is a lost cause against the simple taste of my flesh.

I can hear it in her voice as she whispers and moans… moans then whispers again. Every word almost aching as they confess their dire need and affection.

My hands muster the strength to grip her long lustrous hair. I gather every silken strand and wind it around in a fist, then use my other hand to press over my knuckles to bury her face between my thighs. She sucks my clit harder as her tongue whirls slowly.

I feel the wetness from her mouth and my cunt leak down together in a unified flow of sensation. Slowly but surely, I edge closer to climax. My hips roll forward to welcome the seductive rhythm of her mouth. Her tempo slows, the more my legs shake. I begin to groan dramatically, feeling my primal urges take over my usual inhibited poise. I thrust my pussy up and down her swirling tongue until my body releases the aching build of lust I’ve held in for days.

My legs give way as soon as my climax peaks and her tongue slips through my inner pulses, joining her fingers in a tight wet trap they can’t escape.

Her face follows my pussy as my body slides to the floor. My legs no longer able to stand the force of my orgasm. She keeps her fingers deep inside me, even when I pull her face to mine. I kiss her passionately and taste my sweet essence on her tongue as it slides around mine.

She runs her tongue down my neck, making the thin straps of my dress fall over my shoulders. I feel her teeth sink into my flesh. Her canines puncture through as if my skin was paper thin. The suction of her mouth nearly makes me cum again as small trickles of blood run like red tears down my chest.

I grip her head with quivering fingers. I feel like helpless prey, being embraced deliciously by a creature of the night. A little bit of my life drains as she swallows a mouthful from my open veins. Then, she withdraws slowly.

She looks at me in a way that’s both frightening and erotic. I lean in to lick her ruby red lips, then kiss my life back from her. I caress her neck and slide my fingers gently to her crown. Her hair is damp. Her skin glows to a blush rose. Her powerful kisses feed my mad hunger.

I grind my bare pussy to her pelvis, smearing my wetness all over her pants. She grips my ass tightly, grinding right back. Friction builds. My skin sticks to the cloth like a suction. My lips spread apart, letting my swollen clit rub on her crotch. I feel another climax rise quickly.

I’m bouncing up and down like I’m riding her cock, and my breasts escape. My nipples graze her cheeks and she catches one in her mouth. Her soft lips make me wet with want. I start to quiver all over. My heart beats rapidly, trying to chase my climax.

She grinds hard from underneath and waits until my moans get louder. Then, she scoops my thighs in her arms and lifts me to her face. She keeps her long tongue erect so it slides from my clit to my hole, then back again. The sensation is so sweet, it makes my chest feel weak. I lean down on all fours and plant my hands on the ground, my back curving and arching blissfully. It feels like my body will detonate at any moment.

As I reach the very peak of climax, she slides her tongue slowly down to my ass and slurps my dripping juices slowly, trailing them back up my clit. She sucks it so tenderly, my thighs tighten against her cheeks. I grip her hair hard and fuck her mouth as she stretches her tongue as far as she can inside me. My moans turn to screams, then aching cries. I feel like I’m jumping outside of my skin, then back again. Bellowing primal wanton sounds.

My voice is unrecognizable to myself. It takes a tone of despair unlike anything that’s ever slipped past my quivering lips. A cry for help in need of no rescue. A sickness with no remedy. I am sick for her touch. She’s my medicine. I would die without it. I simply can’t get enough.

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