Breakfast, served

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I am sitting at the table as she starts scrambling my eggs and playing with my sausage. It is the second scrambling she is doing, for early in the morning she made scrambled eggs with cheese and ham for me. But now she is on her knees under the table opening up my legs to get better access to what she wants.

I feel sexually objectified, and it is such an exhilarating and powerful feeling to have. The way she sometimes just wants me. How we will be walking through the supermarket aisles and she will grab my rod, and then make me hug her from behind just to feel my hardness on her thighs. I love when my girl starts her sexual overtures towards me.

Like a ninja, she will move just when I am not expecting it. The surprise factor makes it way more interesting. Like the time when she wore her dress with no undies and led me out of our door. She innocently held her hands against the wall, a view screaming to me to just doggy her right there.

I move my chair back so that she has enough space to maneuver. She has opened the slit on my boxer shorts to get what she wants out. I can feel my dick reacting to her, with these little spasms which I cannot control. She is interviewing him now. Asking a question and waiting for the next spasm. She has managed to turn me on immensely in just a few seconds.

I stand up and grab her hand. There is a sofa by the door waiting for us. I love the easy off dress that she is wearing. It is a white linen dress that she had been looking for. We went to the shop she likes in that shopping center near Nice and found it. The last one left. Destiny had it reserved for her, and for me.

After the dress, my boxer shorts and my T-shirt fall there is nothing left on us. I place her on the sofa, with her butt on the edge and her legs up. I enjoy her expectant look, waiting to see what am I going to do to her. I start moving the tip of my dick over her clit and her labia. I am holding her legs and looking at her facial expressions as this is happening.

She reaches with her hands and grabs me by my butt. She tells me how she loves the way I move my hips. I move my head down and reach her lips. It is a kiss of fire, wet contact full of passion. Her mouth exploring all corners of mine. As we are busy with that kiss, my shaft finds her wet entrance and parks into position. I wait there patiently.

She grabs my waist with her hands and pushes me inside of her voraciously. It is one of these moments when her wetness, both inside and outside is overflowing. I move slowly in and out of her, making sure she can feel my full length. I love her expressions as this happens:

“Oh fuck, Teddy, just like that”

When it comes to giving pleasure I am the obedient kind. I feel her hands move up my back and grab my face. I look deep in her eyes and we melt in the next kiss. My hands are holding the back of the sofa, and as my feet scramble for support I move my knees up to the sofa. We have found the perfect position.

We are a fucking machine now. Her legs crossed on my back, holding me in place. My rod feels so deep inside of her. From the way she closes her eyes and the expressions on her lips I can feel how she is building up the energy that she will be releasing in her upcoming orgasm.

She slaps my butt. It has been a while since she has done that. It does not hurt. I have never been into that, but I know that she likes it at the height of the moment. I move my head down to feel her face on my side. Her cheek on my shoulder. I want to hear her heavy breathing close by.

Her panting is giving her away. I hear her primal roar as she orgasms. I stop for a second with my rod all the way inside of her. As if giving her something to hold on to as her body discombobulates out of control. I love her uncontrolled shaking. And how she grabs the energy to rub her hips on me to get the remaining spasms of her orgasm.

But I am also building up, and I start stroking in and out of her right away. She looks at me and understands immediately what is happening. I can hear her moans of pleasure every time my dick pulsates inside of her.

“Oh Teddy, it feels so big”

are her words, and they turn me on so badly. I am building up fast. I can feel the point of no return approaching. She is moving her hands up and down my back, at the pace that she would be jerking me off. She moves her head up to kiss me and I have to close my eyes for focus. She murmurs:

“Give it all to me, I want to feel how you come inside of me”

It is devastating. I feel the last pull of my rod and know that I will be coming soon. She feels it too because she just grabs me by the butt and moves her legs up, to make space even deeper inside of her. It is a blast, a mind blowing moment. My juices start flowing inside of her, and she uses her hands on my butt to extract the next jet, and the next one, and the next one. She is literally squeezing me dry.

Afterwards we are riding in the car to her French class. The colors of summer are idyllic on this winding road. The freedom, the feeling of peace. The communion with nature with my girl next to me. I turn to look at her and observe how the wind is playing with her hair. She is looking at the horizon as she has her hand on my head and is playing with my hair. She calls my name:


And her voice is all I need to hear to know how crazily in love I am with this fantastic girl, and to understand that the secret ingredient of our rock star sex is love.

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