Boot Camp

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I knew he was behind me. I could hear the dry fall leaves crunch beneath the weight of his combat boots. I didn’t turn back. I kept running through the woods, dodging branches and tree roots. It wasn’t easy barefoot. I wished I’d worn something to protect my feet.

By the time I reached the fence on the outskirts of camp, I was winded. My chest rose and fell as I struggled to catch my breath. Just as the cold night air properly filled my lungs, I felt him push me from behind. My face landed roughly against the chain link fence. My hands instinctively reached up and grabbed the cold metal. I felt his breath warm and moist in my ear. His boots pushed forcefully against my inner ankles, spreading my legs wide.

“Spread your legs, soldier.”

His voice was deep and strong. I did as he said and felt the cool night air run up the soft skin of my inner thighs. He laid his hand on my stomach and thrust my body against his growing erection. The length of his long, thick cock fit perfectly into the crack of my ass. I could feel its power through his Army fatigues. He’d worn them, just like I’d asked. Good boy.

I raised my hands up above my head and clenched them tighter onto the fence, grinding my ass against the bulge in his pants. He pulled me closer and ran his tongue over the folds of my ear. My pussy was throbbing. A cold breeze blew up through my panties, tickling and teasing my moist lips. His hand moved from my abdomen to my mound. First, he fondled my fat pussy through my panties. His fingers rubbed and squeezed my lips. My clit was engorged. He held onto my cunt like a handle and drove my hips hard and fast into his erection. The sound of the chain link fence bending and shaking with every movement filled the quiet night air. I hoped no one back at the barracks could hear it.

My mind wandered from that thought as he slipped his strong, long fingers down into the top of my now soaking wet underwear. His fingertips made instant contact with my swollen nub. He began rubbing in soft, slow, circular motions. My natural lubricant was slippery beneath his touch. I let out a cry.

“No talking, soldier.”

I obeyed his command and bit down on my lower lip, rocking my body in unison with his hands. He turned his attention from my clit to my dripping wet honey hole. One finger, then two. He shoved his long digits into my swollen cunt, pulling my ass into his crotch, finger fucking and dry humping me simultaneously. His other hand found my nipples, which were fully erect from both pleasure and the brisk air. He pinched them. Hard. My body jumped slightly, which excited him even more. His fingers were so deep inside me, I swore he could have lifted me off the ground.

I turned to him, as he slipped his fingers out of my hole. I removed his shirt, grabbing at his gorgeous pecs and tracing the lines of his abs. Without breaking eye contact, I took his hand and carefully, methodically licked my pussy juice off each finger. He watched me intensely.

After I cleaned up my mess, I grabbed at his belt buckle, unleashing his thick, throbbing cock. It was more beautiful than I’d imagined. I’d stared at his crotch more times that I’d care to admit. During PT training. In the mess hall. I always wanted to sneak into the men’s showers and get a look at what he had to offer. And now, standing before me was this beautiful man and his eager dick, just waiting to be sucked.

I squatted down, being careful not to allow my bare knees to touch the hard earth. I lifted his shaft, and took each perfectly round testicle into my mouth, one at a time, sucking them as I rolled them around my tongue. My hand began to move smoothly along his dick. I needed to taste him. I engulfed the head with one swift motion and took him all the way to the back of my throat. His hand instantly grabbed at the back of my hair. He’d never seen me with my hair down and ran the fingers of both hands through the long strands, before grabbing it all in one bunch and tightening his grasp. He wanted an unobstructed view while I worked.

I allowed him to guide my head and mouth — in, out, up, down. He fucked my face and I let him. With one hand I grabbed onto his tense, muscular ass cheek. I imagined what it looked like from behind. My other hand reached between my legs and tended to my dripping pussy. I rubbed my clit feverishly, faster than I was sucking him. I ran my finger down my lips and scooped up some nectar, using two fingers to finger fuck myself quickly, before returning them to my pearl. I was ready to cum.

I squeezed his ass harder as my fingers moved in expert motion over my clit. This wasn’t my first time getting off at the mercy of my own touch. He began picking up speed too. I could feel his thick cock grow an inch bigger as he neared climax. I grabbed onto his balls, squeezing and pulling as my mouth ran over every inch of his erection. He let out a grunt from deep in his throat. I felt his cock twitch and throb as a long stream of salty cum filled my mouth. It was difficult to swallow since his dick was so deep in my throat, but I managed, while at the same time rubbing myself into my own state of ultimate pleasure. I leaned into his body, steadying myself with one hand on his thigh as I came, my pussy juice slippery beneath my touch.

As both our bodies relaxed, he grabbed me under my arms and lifted me to a standing position. We made eye contact for the first time and smiled flirtatiously at one another. Without saying a word, he grabbed me by the hips and threw me over his shoulder, slapping my exposed ass. I giggled softly as he carried me back to camp.

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