Sex on a Dirt Road

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He lives in a small town, just off the 95 running north east of Baltimore, Maryland. I drive two hours to get to his house, but I want to drive five. I want to enjoy my adrenaline a little longer — the wetness seeping from my pussy to the car seat, and the butterflies fluttering around my stomach.

When we first met I was nervous driving over. I wasn’t the type of girl to fuck someone on a whim. Part of me felt like I was an actress driving to my trailer and prepping my lines in the car. I was going to play a part, someone that wasn’t me at all; yet I was drawn to my character. I liked her adventure. Some people think that when you do something out of character, you’ve changed as a person. Change is such a harsh and misused word. I am grateful for the ability to grow.

I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve fucked but there are few things that have changed since the first time. I still get butterflies on my drive over. I still get orgasms that drive my head deep into his bed. I still grasp his back with my fingers, clawing for stability.

Aside from his sculpted body and delectable cock, there has been one anchor that has made our sexual adventure last longer than most. Something that can make any sex connection more durable: trust.

I trust him. From the first time I let my clothes touch his floor, and my lips touch his cock, I felt comfortable. I didn’t feel I needed to prove anything. I didn’t feel that he needed something more than what I presented to him at any given moment. Sure, he’s easygoing; but trust is different. He drives me down dirt roads I’ve never been on. He slams me against walls and fucks me from behind. He pulls me into dark corners. He wraps his hand around my throat and makes me beg for release.

He’s a fucking gentleman.

“Let’s go to your bedroom,” I whispered as my eyes closed, with my head resting on his chest. I wasn’t feeling well that night. I ate pad thai a little too quickly and I didn’t anticipate the butterflies mixing poorly with my dinner. He let me lie on the couch for a while.

We get up and he leads me to his bedroom. He draws me in delicately. I climb into his bed and he looks at me as he rests his lips on my face. It’s hard to tell if he knows exactly what movements make my pussy drip but his pause is what turns me on. I decide to lick his cock; I want to rip into him and force him to enjoy pleasure with no effort. He decides against it and pins me down. We enter into a battle of control as I fight whatever preplanned movements I had marked in my head.

Silly Ally. Don’t you know planning takes all the fun out of it?

I rock back and forth with him as he rests me on my bare back. He removes my bra, my final article of clothing. He tosses it to the side like he never wants to see it again. I see a glimpse of his cock exposed and I immediately think about it penetrating me. I have to have it. I feel every piece of him entering before he moves it close to me. I feel the tip come in with a brush of wet cold warmth against my skin. I feel the pressure of his cock pushing past as it spreads me open while closing me up simultaneously.

A wet cock is like a bar of chocolate melting inside your mouth, as saliva swallows it down. Coating its way through your veins with delight.

He pushes and pulls his cock in and out as my body moves freely. My breasts bounce to the beat of his cock. He makes me moan and drains me of all senses as they escape into the world with an audible orgasm.

He stands up and pulls me into the hallway. He makes me face the wall as he slides his cock in, whispering his breath against my ear. He pulls out and turns me around.

“Come and find me,” he says as he turns around and walks away. He continues down the hall past the kitchen. I hear the door click as he hops into his car. He waits for me to follow.

We drive to a deserted area past his house. He doesn’t say a word the whole ride. We sit there naked and exposed to each other. He pulls over to the side of the road, takes off his seatbelt and exits the car. He rushes into bushes. I run after trying to keep up. He pauses and turns around to face me. I collapse to the ground, my knees hitting the dirt below me. I feel the warm summer air. The smell of sex and fresh air has me wet. I take his cock in my mouth and lick him to the beat of the night air. He lies down on the ground and lets me finish him inside my mouth. My face and hair covered in dust. My mouth full of cum. I felt like an animal.

A beautiful animal.

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