Black Negligee part two

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Mya’s POV

It was a good thing I caught up with Becky before she went out. I was glad I rescued my high heels from her before she got a chance to ruin them; I couldn’t wait to try them on for my darling, Royce.

“Honey, I’m back.” I entered my home and hung my jacket up, then went straight into the living room.

And that was when I stopped.

There was my Royce, who I’d been expecting all morning — and kneeling in front of him sucking his cock was my wimp of a husband, Jimi. Surprise lit my face but only for the brief moment it took for Royce to crack a smile at me and for Jimi to resume his sucking duty.

“Hiya babe,” said Royce. “Come on, bring your booty over here and give your Master a kiss.”

I let my shoes fall from my hands and covered the distance to Royce in seconds. Our kiss was urgent and strong. I breathed into his mouth and allowed him to suck at my tongue. I lolled my head backward and moaned as he slobbered down my neckline. I looked down at my husband, enjoying his slurping groans from sucking my lover’s cock.

“Where’ve you been, bitch?” asked Royce.

He had a handful of my ass in his hand and I cooed against his ear while he kept squeezing my butt cheek through my jeans.

“I went to get my new pair of high heels from a friend.” I managed to pull away from him so he could get a better look at the negligee I was still wearing. “What do you think, babe?”

I posed for him and even held up the hem of the negligee so he could see I had nothing on underneath. I noticed Jimi, too, was watching. Royce followed my eyes and looked at him and slapped the side of his head.

“Who the fuck told you to stop sucking my cock, white boy?” he barked at my husband. “Keep sucking that dick!”

Jimi went back to his dick-sucking. I didn’t want to be left out of the fun, so I came and joined him. Jimi made room for me and took a final couple of licks before putting my Master’s cock right into my mouth. Royce caressed my head and pushed me to take more of his shaft. He loved it when I deep-throated him — he taught me how to do that. I was a novice when it comes to sex before I met him. The stuff he had trained into my head, into my heart and mind, I know I’m never going to forget.

“What’s my sixth lesson for a slutwife, bitch?”

I looked up and answered: “To get a Black-Ownership or Queen of Spades tattoo to show the world what I am and who owns me.”

“And where’s your Queen of Spades? Have you gotten one yet?”

I smiled and lowered the top of my negligee to reveal to him the black Spades tattoo nestled above my breasts.

“I got it done a couple of days ago,” I said. “It fucking hurt.”

“Damn right it’d hurt. But looks sexy now, don’t it?”

“Yeah, it sure does,” I smiled, and went back to sharing cock-sucking duty beside Jimi.

Jimi loves it whenever I get to share my Master’s cock with him; he’s seldom content with merely sitting back and watching us fuck. Though he knows the rules — when it comes to getting the lion’s share of blowjobs, that’s left for me. I let him fondle my tits and kiss my ass while I was choking on a mouthful of Royce’s meat.

“Let’s take that pretty white ass of yours upstairs, bitch,” said Royce. “Hold on a minute.”

He sat down to work his feet out of his shoes and take off his jeans. He removed his shirt and medallion neck chain.

“You take care of my shit, sissy,” he snapped at Jimi, who bowed his head obediently.

I took Royce’s hand and led him up the stairs. He had his hand all over my rump while I stroked his cock; pre-cum squirted out of the tiny slit in his penis.

“You make time to shave your hairy tush, bitch?”

I giggled. I go crazy when he calls me dirty names. “Yes, I did. Jimi helped me out with that. Don’t worry, he’s been a good boy since.”

“He’d better be.” Royce glanced over his shoulder and sneered at my husband trudging up the stairs behind us with Royce’s clothes. “He knows I’d knock him out cold if he’s been violating where he ought not be.”

“You know I won’t let him, don’t you, darling.” I stopped to kiss him. I was so wet already.

In the bedroom, Royce came at me from behind. I shouldn’t have been surprised, except the way he grasped my tits let me know he had been wanting me so bad since last time he came by. That was four days ago, not that long, but when it comes to me wanting that Black Cock medicine he provides, it felt way too long.

He pushed me onto the bed. I looked up at him stroking his massive hard-on for me.

“Where the fuck are you at, sissy?” Royce barked at Jimi, who hurried his butt over and knelt before him to suck his cock. I got heated watching my husband slurp his tongue around my Master’s shaft like a lollipop. I wanted that lollipop too, except I wanted it inside me.

I spread my legs for Royce to see how neatly shaved my pussy and ass were. “Your Bitch-slave is horny and waiting, my love,” I flicked my tongue at him.

“Step aside, sissy,” Royce pushed Jimi away from his crotch. “About time a real man gets to play.”

Royce got one knee on the bed. He spread my thighs apart and I held my breath as I watched him guide his thick Black sword into my cunt-hole.

I squealed.

My body broke into a shiver.

His cock felt enormous inside me . . .

I beat my head side to side and dug my fingernails into his arms as he pulled out for a moment then went deep inside me again.

“Omigod! Omifuckinggod! I’ve fucking missed that cock of yours.”

He leaned over me and dug his hands under my shoulders. I pulled him towards me and opened my mouth to accept his tongue. His kiss was nourishment from the pain I got from him stretching my pussy. I breathed into his mouth. We became one, gliding against each other, swimming against a lust current.

String of words flew out of my lips that I couldn’t control. I could hear myself saying them, but I couldn’t stop them… I didn’t want to stop… I didn’t want my Master to dare stop fucking me…

“Fuck me… Ohhhh god, I’ve missed you… Awwhhhh!”

I held onto my Royce, my lover, my Master… my everything! I held onto him tight. I was lost at sea… I was drowning… he was here finally to rescue me. I wanted him more than he could ever have wanted me. I knew he had other women around demanding his time, but I didn’t care. Finding him was the next best thing to my husband allowing me to enjoy the best fuck I could get anywhere.

I looked past Royce’s shoulder to find Jimi on his knees by the bedroom door holding his now caged penis in his hand; obviously he had done what my Master had demanded of him, to always wear his chastity cage when we fucked, and also to remain by the door out of sight and not a peep from him until we were done. My husband is such a dedicated slave, just like me.

All praises go to Master Royce for making him into what he is now.

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