At last, episode two: watch me fuck your girlfriend…

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When I woke up the next morning, Adrienne wasn’t in my bed anymore and it felt oddly cold and empty. I frowned, determined not to dwell on this disturbing thought too much. This had only been a one-time thing, right? Before I had reached a conclusive answer, I heard her voice from behind the door; she wasn’t alone. Deep in a laughter-filled conversation with another woman I couldn’t see yet, she came in, bringing coffee.

When she saw me still lazing around in bed, her shiny blue eyes grew brighter and she sauntered over. “I thought you might want some coffee,” she said, giving me a quick peck on the lips and putting the cup on the nightstand. “Oh, and I guess there’s some explaining to do too.”

A woman appeared in the doorway and said hello. “This is Kyra,” Adrienne continued, as I took a good look at her. She was petite, with an open, friendly face, deep brown skin and thick curls. I was greeted with a pearly-white smile.

Adrienne plowed on with her explanation. “You see, she’s my girlfriend, well, we have an open relationship, really, and I felt bad, because I fucked you last night but I didn’t tell you about Kyra…” She trailed off, seeing the smirk on my lips I was unable to contain. She was so cute when she rambled.

“Come here,” I said, opening my arms. She fell right into them, letting out a sigh of relief. “We just met again after all these years. You’re allowed to have a life of your own, you know.” That earned me a deep laugh that sent little shockwaves all over my body. “The question is, what do you want to do about it?”

Adrienne gave me a puzzled look. “What do you mean?”

“Well, did you have something like this in mind?” I asked, dropping the sheets that were clinging to my body. This was no time for false modesty. That being said, although I took care of my body I couldn’t halt the passage of time and I knew not everything was as youthful and unblemished as it had been ten years ago. But feeling two pair of eyes drawn to the sight of me naked like moths to a flame did a lot to alleviate my fears.

“Here’s the thing,” Adrienne said, passing a hand through her unruly hair. “Kyra’s a shy one, she likes sex but it won’t happen overnight.”

“Okay, then, what’s she into?” I asked, genuinely curious now.

Adrienne looked at Kyra and the fondness in her eyes was obvious. “You want to watch, don’t you?” she asked.

Kyra nodded, moving closer so Adrienne could stroke her cheek. “Yes. That is, if you don’t mind,” she said, looking at me with inquiring eyes. Did I mind her watching me making love to Adrienne, eating her out, making her cum?

I answered her with a hot kiss on Adrienne’s pliant lips, which she reciprocated with enthusiasm. “It would be my pleasure,” I said warmly, wanting to convey all the heat and arousal and affection I was feeling.

“You know, I haven’t tasted you yet,” I continued, my voice ripe with the promise to change that. The way Adrienne’s cheeks grew rosy and she bit her lower lip told me she must have had similar thoughts.

She turned back to Kyra. “You want to watch her pleasure me, babe, don’t you?” Kyra’s face-splitting smile was all the answer we needed.

“It’s only fair,” I said. “You didn’t let me get you off yesterday. We should do something about that.”

I took her hand before she could reply and kissed her. She had been out of my life for so long, and now I’d found her again, I was going to enjoy every last bit of that privilege. She was amazingly responsive, her tongue battling with mine for dominance. I pulled her on top so she was straddling me.

“You have way too many clothes on,” I said when I came up for air again. “Let’s fix that.” But before I could do anything, two small hands had grabbed Adrienne’s tank top from behind and pulled it over her head. To my delight, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Adrienne looked behind her. “Kyra…?” she said. This was clearly not the first time they’d had fun with a third party but it was just as clear that this was not how things usually happened.

“You always take care of others first,” Kyra said. “Let us take care of you this time.” She wrapped her arms around Adrienne and kissed her neck. Adrienne sighed with pleasure and for an instant I felt like I was intruding on a private moment between the two lovebirds. But then Kyra looked at me and murmured, “You too.”

Kyra was my teacher, showing me where Adrienne liked to be kissed, how she liked to be touched, what words turned her on. She showed me how she liked to have attention shown to her nipples, our mouths latching on in concert to give her the kind of pleasure that takes time and intense focus to build. We kept kissing her until she was melting in our arms, her body amazingly responsive to each of our kisses, caresses and soft-spoken promises, as if she were experiencing everything for the first time.

Kyra smiled. “I think you’ve got this now. Don’t let her down with just one orgasm, okay?” She moved back and settled in a chair, her legs spread wide, one hand lazily playing with her clitoris, while I concentrated on giving Adrienne pleasure. She tried in vain to push me onto my back and climb over me, squirming, wanting to take control, but I wasn’t going to let that happen. She had given me such pleasure last night and I intended to pay her back in kind.

I put my head between her legs and took a long, deep breath. She smelled so warm and aroused, I immediately gave in to the temptation to stick out my tongue and taste from the source. I heard a sharp intake of breath and wanted to hear more of those, so I kept licking her until I felt she couldn’t stand it anymore and then went back to kissing all over her thighs.

“That’s not fair,” she moaned. “Just make me… oh!” My tongue hit the perfect spot. She was so wet. Once again, she almost came and once again, I pulled back at the last second. I kissed her, drinking in her heat and passion and need for release. She grabbed my face, rubbing her body against mine ardently. I had never experienced anyone so desperate for orgasm and I decided to push her over the edge. We had plenty of time for more fun.

I grabbed her hips and looked into her stormy blue eyes. “Cum for me, baby. Let yourself go.”

She pawed all over my body, grabbing my neck, my ass, my tits, wantonly rubbing herself all over me, letting out hoarse moans. She was so sexy in her need to cum. Finally her body went taut, her hips lifting from the bed; she was clinging to me, as if she never wanted to let me go, and just as suddenly she let go.

I let her come down, smiling to myself. I wasn’t done with her. I started to move down her body again, taking my time. She caught my hand and said, “Shouldn’t we take care of…”

“I think Kyra’s taking care of herself,” I grinned. “Anyway, I’m just keeping my promise to her. She insisted I should give you more than one orgasm.”

“Oh, well…” Adrienne replied, and went into a giggling fit that dissolved into moaning as I tickled her belly button. I idly wondered if Kyra was enjoying the show; she was very quiet. But I had more important things to consider. Like this woman beneath me, a sheen of sweat on her skin, eyes mad with need, gripping the bed, surrendering to me.

I’d kept her on the edge for long enough, so now I elected to draw all the bliss I could from her body. I began to stroke and lick her again, and soon enough she was thrashing and moaning, letting me know how good it felt.

A noise caught my attention and I glanced up to see Kyra rocking against her fingers, obviously primed and ready. I moved so I was sitting behind Adrienne, my arms wrapped around her, one hand cupping her breasts and teasing her nipples while the other circled her clit.

“Look at Kyra,” I whispered in her ear. “Isn’t she beautiful? She’s getting off on how hot you look when you’re ready to cum.” A shiver of pleasure told me I was on the right track. “I’ll bet she’s thinking about fucking you so hard later. Would you like that?” Her hips swaying back and forth told me that yes, yes she would.

I kept rubbing her clitoris.

“I’ll bet…” I didn’t get a chance to finish the sentence. Adrienne’s body went taut as her climax hit her; and Kyra started to cum too, crying out loudly.

Adrienne gave me a scorching kiss, then rested in my arms, catching her breath. “Well, that was certainly unexpected,” she said.

“What did you think was going to happen?” I replied, holding back from chuckling.

She shrugged. “Well, sex, obviously. Just nothing so…” She made a vague hand gesture that took in our naked, entwined, sweat-soaked bodies and Kyra, still twitching through the aftershocks of her climax. I understood what she meant.

Kyra hopped on the bed and kissed Adrienne, then turned and kissed me, tasting her girlfriend on my lips. After that she put herself in the middle of us, as if she belonged there, and closed her eyes, a bright smile on her lips. I put my arms around them both; Adrienne took my hand and held it to her heart.

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