Along for the Ride

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Part two: Leanni keeps the fun coming…

After a quick breakfast the next morning we went down to the lobby to wait for the car. The doorman opened up the back and Leanni slipped in while I went around to the other side. Her agent smiled at her as she took her seat. He greeted her with a good morning as he handed her a sheet of paper. It was a little dark in the car so she couldn’t read the sheet. Leanni just held it until her agent stopped talking. He talked about the people at the meeting and who was going to interview her. Once her agent stopped talking I felt an eternity of silence fall between them. Then her agent moved into the seat beside Leanni with the kind of impulsive decision he was fond of making without asking for permission. My wife glanced across at me with that look in her eye. It meant I had to nod my permission for her to do something outrageous. I smiled and nodded as I moved to the seat opposite them.

Leanni worked her agent’s pants open so she could handle his cock. In a matter of moments she had him hard in her fist. She leaned on him and started whispering in his ear. Her hand was working up and down while her lips were forming words right next to his ear. Sitting across from them I was trying not to move or speak. I loved watching her tease and flirt with these unsuspecting men. She got such a thrill from their reactions. Her agent was totally intimidated by his powerful and beautiful client. His erection grew longer and straighter as she worked him up and down. Then she coaxed him with anxious little pleading moans of excitement close to his face. Leanni was enjoying this display of sexual power and seemed to be having a wonderful time watching my reaction. She saw me shift in my seat to let my erection grow inside my slacks. Her agent was throbbing with anticipation while her hand was giving him pleasure. The resulting mess was fairly well contained. His come flowed like cream from the end of his erection. Leanni knew there was nothing more to say and switched on an overhead lamp to read the list of things on the paper while her agent put himself back together.

Leanni was escorted up to the the company offices with me a few steps behind. Along the way we stopped to meet the head of the company funding the movies. Leanni knew, from reading the material, that this CEO was a big fan of her films. So he was an important person to pay attention to. Like the talent she is, it was only a short time between the formal handshake to an offer to spend some one-on-one time with him. I am always amazed at how easily Leanni turns the conversation into a light and bubbly exchange in which whatever some man says becomes the most interesting thing. She also uses her laughter to disarm any tense situation. For Leanni to offer to spend a little time alone with him was about the best thing she could have said.

During the meeting Leanni listened to everyone and answered questions directed toward her with skill and a clear understanding of her role in the process. She was the star attraction for the film’s intended audience. For Alex, the head of the company, funding an X-rated movie starring his favourite Asian actress was a wet dream coming true. Now Leanni had to appeal to the dreams of the other people around the table. Whatever they needed to hear she was going to make it sound entirely reasonable. It was an award winning performance to all those businessmen in suits who likely had been doing a little research of their own before taking this meeting. The board room table concealed my cock growing between my legs as I watched Leanni explain what kind of money they were going to get. The men were mentally undressing Leanni as she stood at the end of the table. Even I was visualizing my cock going through the lovely lips of her terrific smile.

She then locked eyes with Alex while she finished their pitch. This very exciting woman at the end of the room was a bundle of sexual energy. She was everything Alex hoped she would be. Leanni was going to fulfil his deepest fantasy by starring in his film. Leanni shook everyone’s hand in turn before we were escorted out of the building and off to her interview.

It was an interview with an adult entertainment program on cable. This was one of those interviews where they asked all about “how her career was going” and whether “she expected this new film investment was going to boost her popularity.” It was the same kind of thing she’s been asked about before, including the usual questions about whether she “would ever consider getting a boob job to make her more appealing” to the producers. And this interview was just like that.

I had a strange feeling about the interview even before it started. I noticed the camera guy was engaged in a fairly intimate conversation with his host while his hand was on her thigh. The audio guy jumped up to seat Leanni and put on her microphone. Then he talked a little bit about only looking at the host. I decided the woman was a little more than just excited to meet Leanni; she seemed to be a fan.

About halfway through the interview the host had trouble concentrating. Leanni’s laugh had the usual bubbly energy which she naturally displays. But the more enthusiastic Leanni was, the more the host seemed to get flustered. It went like that until the interview ended. Then the host leaned forward and put her hand on Leanni’s leg. At first it was a somewhat intimate gesture, as if they had just become the best of friends. But when she did not move it I wondered what was going on.

The camera guy was turning off both cameras while the audio guy took back the mic from Leanni’s neck. But the host leaned further toward Leanni to stare right into her eyes. Leanni waited to find out what this was all about. Then the host moved to kiss Leanni on the lips. Leanni instinctively moved her head back in surprise. Then she turned to see the grin on my face. The host stayed very close to her face and spoke about how this was not part of the interview and she only wanted to have some fun with her. She asked if Leanni was interested in having a little adventure. With the warm hand on her thigh Leanni gave the request her usual “what the hell” response before planting a forceful kiss on the host’s waiting lips.

Fingers were moving and hands were on her head and kisses turned to tongues dancing and licking of necks and soon the woman was pulling off Leanni’s clothes. She slid to the floor to get her head down Leanni’s thigh and began licking her pussy. Leanni looked delighted as this eager woman’s head went up and down. The two of them giggled like teenagers as three men watched the host lick Leanni’s pussy.

All I could do was watch her performance with my hard erection pulsing in time with the woman’s probing tongue. The more Leanni groaned and wiggled around, the harder my cock was getting. Eventually Leanni made her release seem like it was coming from the depths of her soul. But, I could tell, she was just acting. She’d done this before. Anyone who knew her like I did would realize she usually starts laughing and giggling out of control when she actually comes. But now she was giving this TV host a porn star performance.

Once Leanni’s ‘orgasm’ appeared to be over the crew quickly moved their host into a kneeling position on the couch so they could each fuck her. Leanni casually picked up her panties and slipped them up her thighs. After her clothes were back on she straightened her hair, put on a fresh coat of lipstick, and threw me her trademark smile before we silently made our exit. As I looked back the guys and the host were totally involved in fucking. Our part of their fun was already forgotten.

It was definitely the strangest interview she had ever been asked to do. We were driven back to our hotel where she could relax for a while until the special promotional event with Alex and company. The agency had delivered a dress to her room with a note suggesting she wear it for the occasion. After her shower Leanni tried it on. It fit beautifully. I thought this outfit was going to knock them dead.

Alex picked up Leanni to celebrate their new contract. She was dressed like a supermodel in a shimmering gown and a clutch bag. Little did Alex realize, but Leanni had not a stitch of underwear on beneath the smooth and silky gown. As much as these men knew about her professional career they behaved like perfect gentlemen around her.

Once back from the celebration Leanni was all over me. Being alone with this lively and bouncy woman was a long held dream come true for me. Leanni turned so I could unzip the back of her dress. I got enough of the dress open for her to be able to wriggle out. Leanni was totally naked in front of me. This fantasy woman from so many films was a real porn star standing there smiling directly at me — inviting me to fuck her. Her considerable sexual experience meant there wasn’t a man alive who could fail to get it up with her in charge.

She released my cock from her pants and worked it with her fist and lips. She began by licking all around the head to give me the right incentive to be thrilled. She spent the best part of ten minutes with my cock in her mouth and her hands going all over my balls and thighs to get me even harder. She was like an exotic snake slithering all over me. She started by closing her lovely lips around the head of my cock and licking gently all around. She looked very comfortable kneeling between my thighs and working my cock with her slippery mouth.

Asian women had always fascinated me. I’d shot a lot of movies featuring Asian stars. I remembered one scene which was quite well done where two Asian girls got fucked by a hunky guy. But tonight my own personal fantasy girl stepped around the side of the bed to climb up onto my lap. In seconds she was fitting my shining cock into her very ready pussy. Her night with Alex had her turned on like crazy. My cock felt wonderfully solid and longer than usual. When Leanni stopped moving up and down I immediately started thrusting my hips upward to keep the fucking going. Eventually Leanni leaned forward and wrapped herself around my body. With my cock going up and into her again and again she closed her eyes. Her head was resting on my chest so she could feel the sensation of my cock moving through the folds of her smooth cunt. It was wonderful to have my cock back inside this beautiful and sexy woman. Then Leanni started coming. Once she started giggling she could not stop. It was a sure sign she was having a wonderful orgasm.

Once her laughter stopped she lifted herself up and spun around to take my cock into her mouth again. She closed her lips around the slick head while pumping the shaft with both hands together. I really enjoy seeing her down there with my cock in her mouth. She was eagerly and quickly pumping me and giving me licks and sucks to make sure I was totally hard for her.

Leanni was suddenly on all fours begging me to fuck her from behind. After about five more minutes I felt her start coming again. I stopped fucking and just held myself deep inside her. I enjoyed the feeling of my cock inside this terrific tiny starlet. I was totally into this. Her slick pussy felt amazing around my stiff length as it tightened around me over and over. Leanni kept coming and cried out with the kind of wail only a woman entirely consumed with orgasm would produce. Within the next five minutes it was all over. We lay panting and sweating from our lust. She always made me feel like it was one of the best fucks she’d ever had.

In the morning Leanni had a long luxurious bath. We weren’t scheduled to fly out until later that afternoon so check in was hours away. She bathed and shaved her legs and pussy before ordering room service for breakfast. We were starving. Leanni finished her make up and dried her hair and was brushing it out the way she always loved to do. It was a kind of meditation for her. She loved to stroke her hair over and over and feel the smooth texture of its nut brown softness with her fingers. Lots of men were mad about her hair. It was one of her most popular assets. When she was a dancer she used her long hair to accent her moves as well as tossing it around for dramatic effect.

Leaving the hotel I could sense various people watching us more closely than before. People might have figured out who she was by this time. Even the young man lifting her bags was giving her the once over like he knew about her. It felt nice to be noticed. Once in the limo Leanni leaned back while the driver took us to the airport.

The First Class lounge was a large and well lit area high above the ticket counters and a quiet place to wait for our flight. The place had two hostesses who greeted us, checked our boarding passes, and offered us all manner of treats and drinks. Leanni accepted a latte from our Asian hostess and we settled in a booth. Looking around for a minute she noticed I was pretending to read a magazine but was closely monitoring the movements of both the hostesses. My head would turn and follow them as they brought things to other people. Leanni watched me for a while before she suggested I had enough time to get something going with one of them.

When the Asian hostess delivered her latte, Leanni gestured for her to get closer. Then she told her how I was interested in licking her pussy. The hostess turned to look at my face. Then she realized this was serious. Leanni told her she fondly remembered getting licked by me and how much she enjoyed it. I was still watching the hostess after she left us. She was moving here and there until she came back to our booth to lean forward right in front of me while placing her hand on my knee. She looked at me as Leanni spoke. Leanni knew I could see right down the front of her blouse as she talked. Then she suggested we go to the ladies room farther along the wall and behind a partition.

A minute later I was leaning against a counter with my cock pulsing in my pants to wait and see if our special guest would appear.

She did.

While I was positioning my new friend onto the counter, so I could remove her panties, Leanni was outside sipping her coffee. Up on the counter my hostess was enjoying my tongue rooting around in her pussy. I was on one knee to lick this lovely Asian hostess. I licked as she softly moaned her approval. I nibbled and licked her in a most wonderful way. Leanni just loved being nibbled. A slathering tongue and sucking lips was not the way she liked it. She loved being nibbled and having her pussy treated to a gentle and loving tongue. My hostess was having a little trouble breathing but her slick pussy tasted wonderful. Her legs tightened up as she lifted her knees. I knew I had her right on the edge of her orgasm. I continued with a soft and slow lick from her pussy to her clit just before she put her hand on the back of my head. Then we heard the door to the washroom opening. Leanni watched as I brought this woman to an overpowering orgasm with my tongue. I was totally excited to have Leanni watching us. The thrill was amazing. This was the magical feeling my wife often experienced when she let me watch her perform.

After she came from my tongue the hostess was eager to pay me back. She shoved my pants down and knelt to get my cock into her mouth. I was already very excited to feel this inexperienced hostess trying her best to suck my cock. The hostess was desperate to fit my cock into her mouth. She started sucking on the part she could fit her lips around while holding the rest of my length in both hands. It felt great to enjoy this woman’s mouth while Leanni watched. She knew this was a bit of a fantasy come true for me. My release was fantastic. My partner was shocked to find my cock spurting so soon as she desperately tried to pump it and suck the end. My come dribbled from her chin. I was floating in heaven. Our waitress cleaned up while I got my pants zipped up. I thanked her for a great time. She went back to work and I returned to my wife.

Not long afterward Leanni finished her coffee just as the call for our flight was made. We gathered our things to get going. Leanni never missed a chance to enjoy an outrageous sexual encounter and I am thankful for it every time.

Months later Leanni was shooting her new film. Jack, her co star, was thrusting his mighty cock into her tiny pussy while a crew of six stood by capturing the action. She was half dressed and draped across the back of a couch with one camera only inches from her face and the other aimed at Jack’s cock thrusting into her pussy. This was what she did for a living. Whether on a set like today or in so many other unexpected places.

Leanni is eager to enjoy performing for as long as she can. If she ever stops loving the feel of a man’s cock going inside her pussy or if she ever stops loving to lick and suck a guy until he comes then, she told me, she would have to give up on the business. She told me if she ever stopped really having orgasms and began to fake them for the camera it would be time to get out of the business altogether. Until that happens, and while I’m still the one who gets to take her home afterward, I’m thrilled to share her with the rest of the world.

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