All Hands On Dick

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A party where I fall into old habits

Photo: SexArt: the Art of Sex

The sounds of the party float around us. Glasses clink together and conversations buzz in the background. I curl up next to him with a blanket draped over us. The chill in the air was our perfect excuse. We took advantage of our hosts’ hospitality as I shivered visibly.

Our hands explore underneath the covers like teenagers. The host of the house party flitters around the guests. She reminds me of a hummingbird flying from one flower to the next.

“We should socialize,” I mumble against his neck.

My nose nuzzles against his skin. I’m normally not an affectionate creature. Something about him just makes me want to touch every inch of him. He grabs my tit beneath the blanket. His fingers find my hardened nipples. He explores the unlined lace bra I’m wearing. I make sure to cover my reaction by burying my head in his shoulder.

“Key word is should. I’m happy with this right now.”

“Mmm, agreed.”

Our drinks sit untouched on the glass coffee table. His scent wafts up into my nose. It’s that amber scent I crave. My eyes take in the other couples. Unlike us they stand distanced from each other. One engages in conversation while their partner looks away. Most often they are playing with their smartphones.

“Do you think any of them are as kinky as we are? Do you think they love to fuck like we do?” I whisper in his ear.

He puts his arm around my shoulder and squeezes. I feel his fingers entwine in my long hair. He gives it a sudden pull. I growl under my breath. His eyebrows wiggle at me with that infuriating, boyish charm of his, like a little boy who got away with pulling a girl’s ponytail.

“Hmmm, I think their flavor is vanilla. And for fucking, by the body language, that’s a definite no.”

He molests my tit beneath the blanket. He forces my legs to spread. His finger pushes aside my barely-there thong. I feel him playing with the entrance of my pussy. I’m so incredibly wet I must be soaking the leather underneath my ass. I grope his package and play with the zipper of his pants. Our smirks say everything our lips refuse to say. It’s our little truth of how this is just the beginning of our deviousness.

“How would you feel if I just bent you over and took you right now?” he whispers in my ear.

His breath tickles my ear. I raise my shoulder to protect the sensitive skin. I feel his tongue dart at my earlobe. My heartbeat quickens at his words. I think of all of the men and women at the party watching us. He’d toss the blanket aside. My face would slide onto the cool, leather upholstery. My dress would be lifted up to accommodate him fucking me.

One of the women on her smartphone disengages from it. She glances across the room. Her eyes stop at the two of us. There’s a flash of something in her eyes. Is it longing? Or jealousy? Her green eyes narrow slightly. I lick my lips at her. She looks away like I burned her.

“Delighted, but I do believe we’d get kicked out of the party.”

He readjusts my top to cover the breast he was playing with. I feel his muscles bunch underneath me. He rises up above me. My hands pull my short dress down to cover my ass. I look up at his tall form and how the shirt grips his chest. He places the blanket neatly on the side of the couch.

“Come, follow me.”

He offers me his hand. I grin at him. There’s the side of me that always wants to do terrible things to him. I glance around and take in the room. The people at the party seem to be too enthralled with their electronics to notice us. Except for the one woman who keeps glancing in our direction. Her head nods like a bobble head at the conversation she’s a part of.

His hand is worn, a strange contrast to mine. The skin is much harder than my softness. Like a cracked desert I crave to be within. I can feel how he uses and abuses his hands at his job.

We move out of the living area like bandits looking to steal something, and stop in the hallway. He leans into my body. I wrap my arms around him. When we kiss it’s that essential, delicious feel. I’ve never had anyone kiss me like he does. Our tongues entwine, dance, fight to taste every region of our each other’s mouth. Like uncharted land we need to claim.

“Bathroom, or shall we take a chance with a bedroom?”

“Bathroom is hot. Bedroom is hot just because… oh, you know why.”

I bury my head in his shoulder to avoid his gaze. He wraps his fingers in my hair. I feel him pull my head back to look at him. His brown eyes burn into my color changing depths.

“Tell me, my little minx.”

“Because of the whole fucking on it, using that private space for our own passion.”

We hear the sound of footsteps down the hallway. He grabs my hand and we duck into the nearest doorway. The small bathroom is dark and he flips on the light. I unbuckle his belt and pull down his pants.

He watches me on my mission. There’s this smile he wears that I adore. A sort of admiration for how quickly I disrobe him. His boxers are pushed down past his ankles. His erection juts out in front of me. I sigh at the sight. My knees touch the cold tile of the bathroom floor. I look up at him right before I dive his dick into my mouth.

His taste is that manly essence. I shove his length as deep within my throat as I can. My stomach convulses and clenches as I choke. I moan at the sensation and he grows in my mouth. I bury my face into his balls. I ride up and down the length of his dick. He grabs me and pulls me up from my kneeling position.

“Come here, you. Give me that ass.”

I drape myself over the cold countertop. My tits fall into the sink. He pushes my dress up past my hips. My panties go down to my ankles. I spread my legs for him and press my face sideways against the counter.

“Fuck me. As hard as you can,” I whisper against the cool marble.

His dick sits at the entrance of my pussy. I can see him in the bathroom mirror. There’s that blissful expression on his face before he enters me. It’s a mixture of concentration and a sort of withheld wonder on his bearded face. He guides his dick into my pussy. I feel every excruciating inch of his length penetrating me. I can’t help but to cry out at the intensity. I knew standing up I’d feel like a tight vice around his dick.

He moves at a slow pace, pushing more of his length inside. I’m moaning and gasping. He grips my hips to thrust deeper. I grab a nearby hand towel and bite into it. He keeps pummeling into me at that deliberate pace. With the angle of my hips he hits that squishy, essential G-spot, like a magical button he gets to keep pushing. I feel my body close to an orgasm. My pussy clenches and drags his dick deeper inside its pulsing chamber. His throat releases a low grumble.

“Bite that just like you bite the pillow when I fuck you. Yes, scream, cum on my dick.”

I let out a wild scream. It’s muffled by the fluffy towel. My pussy pushes his dick out by the ferocity of my G-spot orgasm. He keeps shoving it inside even as I squirt on his dick. He fucks me with a wild abandon. His fingers grab my hair and he pulls my head back.

“Look at how fucking hot you are while I fuck you,” he commands me.

My eyes open. I see the intensity of his brown eyes staring into mine in the mirror. We gaze at each other. He pulls my head further back using my hair like reins.

I’m a disheveled mess of a woman. My hair is matted and gathered together by his hands. It’s the hottest thing to watch him while he delivers me another orgasm. He pounds into me harder than ever. I feel his balls slapping against my ass crack. It causes me to feel like I’m cumming in my ass. The electricity grows within my body as he keeps me cumming.

I can feel his thighs tensing. I know he’s close to his own orgasm.

“Cum inside me. Please fill me up. Pump every drop into me,” I beg him. He quickens his pace to that relentless pounding inside me. His balls keep slapping against me. With a deep, final push he makes that essential sound of his orgasm, where he lets out that glorious growl. I twitch around his length as he keeps pumping into me. My sweaty body slides against the counter with each thrust.

We hear a knock and my eyes open wider. I see him looking at me with his dick still inside me. He slides it out and I immediately want to clean our combined juices from him. I pull up my thong. My dress is shoved down over my hips. We smile at each other as we put our clothes back on.

I open the door a crack and see the woman from earlier. Her face flushes red as she looks at the two of us. My hair is a sweaty, clumpy mess from him pulling it. I feel his cum leaking down my bare legs.

“We just finished, it’s all yours,” I say.

Her mouth falls open. I give her a little wink and grab his hand. I make sure to shake my ass a little as we walk down the narrow hallway. He chuckles under his breath and leans over to kiss me. His lips slide to my ear and he nips the skin.

“Bedroom is next. I’m not done with you.”

“I was hoping so,” I reply.

We give each other a scheming look as we consider where we’ll fuck next.

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