All Hands On Deck

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photo: SexArt

Heating things up on a cold day

I walked around to James’ side of the bed and got a pump of lube from the heated dispenser that we have on the nightstand. It’s a nice thing to have on any day of the year, but particularly so on a cold winter’s day like today. I reached down and kissed him briefly while also using my other hand to begin to pull back the covers.

“Take off your pants,” I said to him with a naughty smile and he wasted no time in wiggling out of them. “You can leave your shirt on,” I added laughingly as he began taking that off too.

“I like to be naked,” James replied and I couldn’t really fault him for that, although it was too cold for my taste to be fully nude. In fact, there was no way I was getting out of my warm pajamas right now — not even for sex, so I’d decided to give James a good old fashioned hand-job.

As he lay before me, naked, I started to stroke his cock, up and down from base to head and back again, over and over.

“Oh, that feels good,” sighed James as he settled back more fully into the pillows and closed his eyes. With my other hand, I cupped his balls, and James spread his legs so that I could reach his scrotum more easily while I stroked and teased his perineum as well.

Our cat is highly attracted to sexual energy and she hopped up on the bed and started walking over to us. James quickly set up a cat game for her on the iPad to keep her distracted. Things were starting to heat up and we really didn’t want Peaches in the mix.

James’ cock was really hard by now and I was enjoying the feel of it in my slippery hand as I jacked him. The sight of it, stiff and erect, was starting to make me wet, although I still wasn’t keen on the idea of taking off my warm clothes. He reached over and put a hand under my shirt, fondling my breast.

“Take that off,” he pleaded. “I want to see your beautiful tits.” I love to please my man, but it was just too cold. I settled for putting the front of my shirt up behind my neck so that I could at least keep some fabric on my arms and he could still get a good view, and I got back to work.

“Use your other hand to swirl around the head,” he said and I complied.

“Harder, do it meaner.” I increased the pressure and speed of my left hand as it swirled around the head of his cock while the right one continued to slide up and down his pole. James’ face contorted in a mix of something between exquisite pleasure and mild discomfort, but I knew that I’d hit the sweet spot when he told me, “Just keep doing it like that, even after I cum.”

The energy was intensifying and I knew that his orgasm was just around the corner. I was fascinated and revved up, but trying hard to not let my excitement run away with me. I wanted to keep things slow and steady, at just that pace where he seemed to be in ecstasy. James made moaning sounds and seemed to be on the edge of delight that was almost too much to bear. At last he spilled over and my hands were slippery with his ejaculate although I continued to grip and stroke him until he finally couldn’t stand any more.

“Stop, that’s enough,” he said as he shuddered with pleasure and I laughed a little more as I kissed him again. His dick was still hard and heavy in my hands, glistening enticingly, but I let it go and began to take my own clothes off. Cold winter morning or not, I was now ready to get naked and to see what would happen next.

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