Adrenaline Rush

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I know the secret

I know why spanking thrills you so



I can feel it thrum against my fingertips

When I put you across my knee

And grip your flailing hand behind your back

I feel the echoes of your racing heart

Pulsing as I hold your wrist

Kicking feet primed to fight or flight

Liquid fire surging through your veins

Until you pant in ragged gasps



Yet, you could be in the bath right now

Soaking in a cosy foamy dream

In some soft focus cartoon of femininity

But I know how your body really works

There’s a time for nice, and a time for pain

A delicious throbbing kind of sore

Where each smack adds more powder to the keg

And polishes your lips to a glistening sheen



A disciplinarian understands the rush’s power

A naughty girl is made to wait for what she deserves

Marinating in the hormone of shame and dread

Anxiously maturing like the finest wine

Already imagining the first whacks across your bum

A thundering heart making your whole body glow

Until, at last, I pull your panties down

To reveal your shimmering silver flow



A hot palm rests

Upon your quivering cheeks

I know your secret

How spanking really turns you on

As an aside, recent research indicates adrenaline is fundamental to the female sexual response. This might seem obvious to those of us with a kinky disposition, but the prevailing medical wisdom has long been that female arousal was best achieved by “turn on, tune in, chill out”. But this belief seems to be based on cultural assumptions rather than physiological evidence, crass generalisations that define femininity in terms of soft focus romance, candles and whispers.

But if that were true, kinky individuals would be having the worst sex in the world. Because almost everything we do seems to be designed to set the heart thumping. Anticipation and foreshadowing, tying up, sensory denial, the infliction of pain, anal penetration, shame and humiliation — these are all activities that make palms sweat and pulses race.

That’s why your partner’s panties are soaked when she’s spent the whole day thinking about the spanking you promised her. That’s why her tummy flips when you pin her down or cuff her hands behind her back, as you’re denying her primal urge to flight. That’s why she comes so hard after her bottom has been spanked until it’s hot and pink, and it doesn’t matter if you spanked her, or she spanked herself.

That’s why even just the thought of good hard spanking makes her wet. And that’s why these stories even exist at all.

Now, bend over, young lady.

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