An Offering: chastity and lust

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Shallow breaths
As she steps closer
His chest rises and falls
The anticipation that floods his mouth
Her voice
Hypnotic and low
Binding him to her

A deep, shuddering inhale
As her nails lightly drag
Down the front of his throat
As they journey to his chest
The force intensifies
And red trails are left in their wake

A muted gasp
As twin metal clamps
Sink into tender nipple flesh
The chain between them
Of his status in her world
The only world that matters

Spine and cock stiffening
As her fingers glide downward
He widens his stance in response
To her light slap on his inner thigh

Suddenly she moves
So that her body is close
He tries not to think
About the softness of her breast
As it presses against his arm

Warm breath caresses his ear
As she murmurs
“I believe that you brought an offering?”
The tone self-assured and casual
She is well acquainted with the power
That she holds

Incapable of words, he nods
And trembling hands extend
Equally afraid that she will accept
And that she will not

She deftly plucks
The Kali’s Teeth from his palm
Along with the accompanying lock
And steps back
Observing him with a smile

“What is it that you offer?”
“Say it.”

Teeth tug at his lower lip before
The answer rips out of him.
“Please. Please accept
My ch-ch-chastity.
Do with me what you will.”

The words harsh and brittle
As they hang in the air between them
Both of them aware
Of the raw need
Pouring out of him like
Blood from an open wound

A crescendo of laughter
Her response
To his soul
Filleted bare

She steps forward
Gripping his face lightly
Her eyes like magnets
Pulling him into her

Tumbles effortlessly
Into the universe
Her gaze

“Do with you what I will?
“I believe that’s a road already traveled…”
She speaks breezily
As her hand drops from his face
To his cock that is extended
In the space between them
A barely audible moan
As her fingers encircle
First, the cool touch of her skin
Then followed by the steel
Of the chastity device

Summoning him with her eyes once again
A challenging look
Then with no words
And a faint sound
As the brass padlock clicks home

Stepping back to admire her handiwork
She lifts her arms and pulls
A fine, tightly woven gold chain necklace
Over her head
The tiny key dangling from it
Coming to rest between the swell of her breasts

She moves toward him again
Intoxicating Goddess on the prowl
Teasing her nails over the head of his shaft
Knowing that it will respond
And that as it does
The steel teeth inside the ring
Will bite
She revels in that knowledge
And extends her tongue to
Slowly lick up the right side of his neck
Tilting her pelvis against him
Eyes glittering as she hears another moan

She begins to speak casually
Tormenting him
Telling him of the fine orgasms she had that morning
Alone with her toys
Keeping her body close to his
Luring him deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole

Unable to not respond
His cock
Expands and contracts
Expands and contracts
Again and again
In a maddening circle
As she tempts him to fullness
The teeth of the device
Sink into his erection
Chasing it away
Pearlescent tears of frustration weep
From an appendage that belongs
Totally to her

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