A Sweet Treat

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It was near closing time at Helen’s Sweet Treats when the bell chimed, announcing the arrival of a plumply built strawberry blonde woman who couldn’t have been more than twenty-five. Helen, the co-owner and number cruncher, smiled and gave a little wave.

“Welcome to my candy store. We’re having a special tonight. It’s 25 percent off of any of our truffles.” Helen gestured to the few remaining chocolates under a domed glass lid.

The young woman glanced from side to side, hardly looking at the tall, muscularly built, dark-skinned woman behind the counter. “I’m not sure if this is the right place. You know what? Never mind.” She turned to leave.

“Are you here for the First Time Special?” Helen’s voice was low and now had a hint of sexiness about it. And no small amount of command.

The women stopped, her hand on the doorknob. She looked over her shoulder, blue eyes peering from under straight bangs. “Yes, ma’am.” She looked like she didn’t want to answer the question, but something in Helen’s tone pulled the words out of her.

“You’re in the right place.” Helen smiled and gestured. “Come here, dear. What’s your name?”

“Candace.” The strawberry blonde turned and walked back to the counter.

“Hmmm, well, Candace, welcome to my shop. You’re in the right place. We have several services we don’t exactly advertise broadly. Just a moment.” She looked over her shoulder. “Bren. We have a special customer.”

Bren, the second half of the dynamic duo, came out of the kitchen. Jet black hair was tied back into a ponytail with red ribbon. Warm brown eyes, the color of the ganache used to make her truffles, smiled and her trim figure was covered by an apron dusted with powdered sugar. “Really? How lovely. Welcome to our shop.” Bren put her arm around Helen’s waist and the two women exchanged a brief, but warm, kiss. “My love and I were hoping someone would stop by this week.”

“Just so I’m clear. You two are the ones who can teach me how to…” Candace stammered over whatever words she was going to say next.

“Make love with a woman.” Bren nodded. “Or to see whether or not you even like it. You pay us and we help you to learn more about yourself and about any future partners you might have.”

Candace smiled and blushed deeply. “Then I’m in the right place.”

Helen patted Bren’s backside. “You get her paperwork started and I’ll lock up.”

“We do it here?” Candace looked from one to the other.

Bren nodded. “Above the shop. We don’t live there, but it’s a nice place for our side business. Did you want to do this tonight?”

“If that’s okay. I’m afraid I’d lose my nerve.” She produced her ID and a quarter of an hour later, the three women were upstairs seated on a plush couch with three glasses of wine in front of them. Soft music played in the background and the lights were low.

Helen had changed into a red silk peignoir and Bren wore a black bra and panty set that was simple, with just a hint of lace. Their new client sat between them and had yet to remove her jeans and Star Blazers tee shirt, but her Converse sneakers were near the door, per Bren’s requirement.

“How do we start?” Candace looked from woman to woman, this time with an undeniable hunger in her eyes.

Bren and Helen exchanged glances. Bren’s hand rested on Candace’s knee and Helen’s arm was around Candace’s shoulders. Long fingers, the color of warm mahogany, moved down to cup Candace’s full breast. “Let’s start with this.” She massaged the firm flesh.

“And this.” Bren’s hand spider-walked up to Candace’s jeans button. It unsnapped them and moved the zipper down, revealing creamy skin and a pair of sheer white panties. “How pretty.” Bren leaned in to kiss Candace.

Candace’s full lips met Bren’s thinner set and the first kiss was soft and warm. After pulling back for a second, Candace bit her bottom lip. “Oh, that is nice.”

Helen pulled off the dark tee shirt, revealing milky skin. The bra Candace had on underneath matched her panties and held back breasts that begged to be used as pillows. There was a narrow dip below her rib cage and then back out to wide hips. Now behind the full figured girl, Helen began kissing and nibbling Candace’s shoulders as she eased the straps off and down. “You taste so good.”

Bren, who had resumed kissing and biting Candace’s lips, nodded and moaned in agreement. After some wrangling, finally requiring the three women to stand, she pulled Candace’s jeans down and off. Those white panties were already damp and Bren could see a tiny patch of dark hair. She pulled the panties off quickly and buried her nose in the wet golden-brown curls underneath Candace’s soft stomach. “If you taste as good as you smell…” Bren said before diving in.

Helen undid the bra strap and eased the silky lingerie down and off. She let it trail to the ground and filled her hands with the ripe pair of tits, pinching soft pink nipples between her fingers. “How is she, Bren?”

Candace moaned, her yeses high pitched and almost drowning out Bren’s answer. It wasn’t verbal but was clear enough.

Helen sank to her knees and spread the generous cheeks. She loved women with big rears and this was heaven for her. One of the reasons she and Bren did this was to give them access to body types they couldn’t get at home. They loved each other and running their business, but knew there was more to life.

She ran her tongue up and down the crack of Candace’s ass. “God, did your parents name you right, girl.”

The two older women proceeded to spend the next several minutes with Candace’s lower half sandwiched between them. The young woman shook and moaned as expert lips and tongues treated her to pleasures like none she’d ever experienced.

Bren’s tongue danced between folds and sucked on the juiciest pussy she’d had in some time. Her fingers slid as deeply as they could into the molten warmth of Candace’s depths, reminding her of the perfect ganache. She pumped her hand until slick juices were running down her wrist.

Helen mirrored the actions of her wife, her own long, curved tongue exploring Candace’s rim and the hot skin around it. She used her fingers to bring Candace’s natural lube into play. She wouldn’t go any deeper than this unless asked, and only then with some lube they kept on hand. Judging by her client’s reaction, asking was only minutes away.

Candace had one hand on each of the women’s heads, her own swiveling back and forth with lust and a desire to see everything that was going on. Emotions and physical sensations boiled through her that she’d never felt before. They tried to escape her via her voice as she screamed and begged wordlessly. But as her pleasure reached a new height, it didn’t recede.

“Fuck, I’m so glad I came here.”

“Are you enjoying this, my dear?” Helen pulled back to ask.

“God, yes. Oh, fffffffff… Fuck’s sake. Bren, keep doing that.” Candace looked down at the woman in front of her. “I don’t know what that is, but you have to t-t-t-teach me.”

Helen stood up, kissing rolls of skin and bits of spine and anywhere else she wanted her lips to wander. When she was fully upright, she hugged Candace and played with her breasts a bit more. “Would you like me to go get a toy and let you feel what it’s like to be taken from behind? Ass or pussy, your choice?”

Candace looked over her shoulder. “Can you do that? Is there more of a charge?”

Helen chuckled. “Of course not, love. You’re paying for our time and expertise. We’ll do whatever brings you pleasure.” She stepped away, while Bren stood up and led Candace to the nearby California King sized bed.

Once Candace was lying down, Bren resumed her favorite activity in the world, eating pussy. Candace’s tasted a little sweet and slightly tangy. That flavor profile was one she would come to duplicate in a candy one day. She worked hard to commit it to memory.

By the time Helen climbed back into bed with a bottle of lube in one hand and a slender dildo jutting from in front of her mound, Candace had reached the plateau and was managing some one-syllable words that sounded like “Bren.”

Together, like the well-oiled machine they were, they got Candace on one side and Helen slid the cock into their client’s dripping entrance from behind. Bren sucked on the young woman’s clit and they brought her to and through her first orgasm.

Once she was done spasming, legs shaking and sweet core quivering, Candace discovered that both women were holding her in an embrace. “I feel like you’re going to have to put me back together after an experience like that.”

Helen chuckled. “You’ve only begun to taste the confections we have in store for you.” She reached for the bottle of lube and poured a little into her palm. She used it to slick up her thumb and then, still behind their client, she ran that thumb deep into the crack of Candace’s ass. “Now, you tell me how this feels.” She found the hot hole and pressed her thumb against it.

While her wife worked the back side, Bren lay on her back and tugged Candace’s hair, leading her head between dark thighs. “I want to give you your first taste of pussy. Helen and I both agree that mine’s the finest in all the land.”

Head swimming from the sight in front of her and the sensation behind her, Candace kissed the mostly hairless mound. As her hips moved over the trail of curly black hair still present, her nose was filled with Bren’s scent. She had to admit that while she hadn’t smelled very many pussies beside her own, this one did indeed smell delightful. The contrast of the dark red inner lips against dark brown outer was amazing.

Bren had a long, swollen clit, peeking out from under its hood. Plump lips pursed, Candace kissed it. As she did, she felt Helen’s thumb press into and through her sphincter. She “ooooo’d” onto the button in her lips.

The sensation of air blowing across her and the lips around it made Bren squeal in delight. “I think she likes that, Helen.”

“It’s very tight, Bren.” Helen’s tanned skin against the pale flesh separating the two woman was gorgeous. Her smile was broad and bright. “Now, honey, you’re going to feel some pressure back here as I put in a second finger. Okay?”

Candace nodded and resumed sucking on Bren’s clit. Experimentally, she added a couple of fingers to the red slit and was pleased to hear Bren’s low moan.

“Just like that, girl. If you’ve touched yourself just treat me the same way.” Bren put a foot on each of Candace’s shoulders. “I can take every finger you want to give me.”

Candace added a third and as she did, she felt that pressure. It was a bit like needing to go to the bathroom, but it felt so much better. As Helen’s fingers moved agonizingly slowly inside her, she felt the strap-on slide into her pussy. She didn’t think she could get any more full without bursting.

“Talk to me, dear.” Helen’s voice held concern.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” was the only nose Candace could make, the high pitched breathy sound of pleasure passing through her gaping lips. She nodded her head for emphasis.

Bren grabbed the strawberry blonde hair in one long-fingered hand and pulled. “Get back to work, miss.”

While being slowly fucked in both holes, Candace did just that. She sucked on Bren’s clit and kept moving her three fingers in and out.

“P-put your fingers on my clit and your t-t-tongue inside me.” Bren was beginning to lose control of her speech.

Candace, again, followed her lead and couldn’t believe how good Bren tasted. It was musky and almost savory, not sweet like her own. She curled her tongue to scoop the juices from Bren’s core while rubbing two fingers — one on either side — on the swollen clit. She watched Bren’s eyes while she continued and her heart swelled with pride as she saw eyes gleaming with lust and pleasure.

Candace was so focused on pleasuring Bren that she didn’t feel the initial tremors of her orgasm until it nearly took her breath away. Both women played tug of war with her hair and Helen was moving faster with each pacing breath. Candace’s pussy and ass felt like one giant hole for Helen to fill and filling them she was. When she reached the peak, she sucked on Bren’s clit with all the fervor she would have put into enjoying the couple’s best sugar candies.

The pressure caused Bren to sit up and wind the strawberry blonde curls in her fist. “Jesus, girl. Fuck yes.” Her hips pumped as she came.

Helen slapped Candace’s plump, pale ass hard, again and again. The sharp noise and combined cries reverberated around the room. She smiled as their newest client screamed with joy.

The combined pleasure and pain made Candace’s head spin. Between moaning into Bren’s pussy, being fucked hard, and the sharp slaps, she felt like she’d lost her mind in the best way. Not wanting to collapse right on Bren, she tried moving to one side, but neither of the women she was between would let her. Both still held her, Bren by her hair and Helen by her hips.

Bren pulled Candace’s lips back to her slit and kept pumping. “I didn’t say you could go anywhere.”

Helen was now slamming into Candace and was hitting her with the hand that didn’t have a vice grip on her hip. “You’re going to come again.”

And damn it if she wasn’t. Every inch of her body felt like it was one giant nerve ending. Her pleasure was amped all the way up. Shuddering, she came again, her mouth and nose filled with Bren’s essence. She reached up and squeezed Bren’s breasts as hard as she could and the woman only encouraged her to do it more. Harder.

The three were sweating and coming to the point where Candace felt like they were bathed in sweet syrup. Finally, once her mind could no longer pinpoint who was coming and where her body began and ended, Candace collapsed between her lovers and the two women joined her.

When she woke up, she had no idea what time it was or where precisely she was. Then she felt one person spooned behind her and another in front. Helen snored softly in her ear and she heard a low chuckle from Bren.

“Go back to sleep, dear,” the older woman crooned.

Nodding lazily, Candace’s eyes fluttered closed.

When she awoke again, it was to an empty bed and sun streaming in through a window. The note on the nightstand simply read, “Take a shower and let yourself out when you’re ready. There’s a thermos of coffee and some rolls in the sitting area. It was a pleasure sweetening your life. B&H.”

When Candace finally did leave, she was certain she’d be searching for a girlfriend with a sense of confidence and a few tricks up her sleeve. She also knew she’d be coming back to the shop, and not just for the delicious treats downstairs.

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