A Silk Strap

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photo: SexArt

I’m lying on my back, my hands at my sides, a silk strap running under my body and binding my wrists in place. You climb on top of me, naked, straddling me, moving slowly up to the top of the bed where you grab the metal rail of the headboard. I’m practically panting as I watch and feel you move over my body, grazing my skin with your soft inner thighs, brushing my nipples with your ass…

You settle into a kneeling position with my head between your spread legs, and lower yourself down just a little. I lift my head to taste you, desperate, but you place a hand on my forehead and push me down, holding me in check. You spread your legs wider and position yourself fully over my face, hovering just out of reach of my thirsty tongue. You hold me there, knowing it’s driving me crazy, knowing I’m feasting on your divine cunt with my eyes, drinking in every detail of your cherry red clit, your soft lips, your perfect little pink petals glistening with dew. You hold me there for what seems like ages, feeling my hot breath on you as I go mad with desire, as I feel myself getting absolutely drenched, watching you clench and flood with your own desperate need…

Finally, you lower yourself down to give me a taste, and it’s relief and gratification and ecstasy for us both. You pull away again for a moment but you want more — and this time you aren’t gentle. You bear down hard and I’m moaning into you, choking on you, drowning in your glorious cunt as you press yourself into my mouth and against my hungry tongue, feeling the pressure mounting in your clit, the burning inside you flaring. You lift off again, and now you play, teasing yourself with a finger, watching perversely and gleefully as my eyes widen to take in the sight of you. I flex my arms against their bindings, but to no avail — I am utterly in your power.

Again you carefully lower yourself, brushing against my tongue and my lips, swaying slowly back and forth as I stroke you and devour you, sometimes lightly and delicately, sometimes deeply and desperately, as you build up your pleasure to its unbearable intensity… and at long last you give in, you let me stay in that sweet spot, let yourself be taken over the edge, let yourself cry out as you come hot and wet in my mouth.

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